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Missing Dad Poems From Daughter. Using the right words.


Missing Dad Poems From Daughter


A person going missing all of a sudden usually leaves the family with so many questions. Did they plan on going all along? Was it on purpose? Are they safe or even alive? It is not an easy task dealing with a missing family. Writing difficult thoughts is helpful in coping with some people relying on poetry. In this article, we are going to look at some of the missing dad poems from daughter essentials.

In most cases, people will write poems in efforts to commemorate their loved ones. It is important to know that the missing relative poems are not similar to the death of family poems. It is quite difficult living on not knowing whatever happened to your dad. However, you can decide to celebrate their memory, and especially the last memories you shared.

Do not get me wrong, this is not a walk in the park. Instead, it is a painful journey as much as it is confusing. Unlike celebrating a life well-lived, it is pretty difficult to deal with the uncertainty of your dad’s disappearance. It gets worse when you keep hoping that he will show up one day for years. This will affect you mentally and can lead to severe psychological issues.

The bond between a daughter and dad is mostly strong. He is the first man they get to know in life, with most girls having a close relationship with their fathers. Even though it is difficult to deal with a missing person case, poems can help you in different ways:

  • Commemorate him

It is very important to remember one who went missing. This gives us a sense of connection to them and in some cases keeps our hope up. It is quite disturbing to think about a family member who went missing. However, writing a poem about or for them is also helpful.

Note that it is not going to be easy to do this. A commemoration poem will require you to go over things you remember about your dad. Of course, you want to remember good things about him, as well as let people know who he was.

A commemoration poem should be able to narrate to people about your missing dad. People should be able to tell the kind of man he was and remember him that way. It is therefore important to keep your poem positive while showing your affection for him.

This means that even if you may have had a difficult relationship, you may choose to keep it simple and remember him as a father.

  • Celebrate him

There are so many situations that could lead to a person missing. Even though it is painful, you can write a missing dad poem to celebrate your dad. This means that you can highlight the most exciting things about him.

In this poem, you can write off the lessons he taught you when you were young. For instance, you can write about how he taught you to ride a bike. This is a beautiful memory you will be creating in your mind and that of your audience.

You can present such a poem in his remembrance day if at all your family chooses to have one. This way, you will remember your missing dad as he was. You may also prepare a celebratory poem for your missing dad on father’s day. In the poem, you should highlight some of your best moments with your dad before the traumatic event.

  • To stay hopeful

Having a missing dad is sorrowful but sometimes we have some hope that one day he will come back to us. It can actually be traumatic for the first few days, even though you may never get over it. You stay at home hoping that one day he will come home and life will go back to normal.

If you are feeling hopeful, you can choose to write down a poem outlining your feelings. These might be the feelings of affection towards him, and how much you miss him. This might also give your family the hope of your dad coming back to you.

However, it can be daunting when dealing with the grief of your dad going missing and the hope that he will come back. It can actually lead to mental disturbances when trying to cope with both. We will look at how to handle such a case a little later in this article.


Missing Dad Poems From Daughter

To express yourself

There is a big chance that you are going to be very angry with your missing dad. It may hurt even more if you were not on good terms with your dad. In some cases, you may think that he disappeared on you. This will leave you angry at him, even if this is not the case.

To deal with these feelings of disappointment, you may opt to highlight them in your poem. This kind of poem should also help you relieve some anger, as well as state your grief. You may also use a poem to highlight the feelings of regret if you were not in good terms with your dad before he went missing.

You may also express anger towards his disappearance. This kind of poem may also help you express your grief towards his disappearance. It is an effective way of sharing grief or even expressing it.


Missing dad poems from daughter on father’s day


Father’s day is an important day for us. It is the time we celebrate and tell of how our dads are amazing. However, this can prove to be a difficult day if your dad went missing. It is because of the pain that you had to go through when he left. It is even more painful not knowing what happened to him.

Watching people celebrate their fathers on father’s day can be painful when you have no idea of what happened to yours. It is a reminder, every year that your dad is actually missing. You can choose to remember him using a missing dad’s poem.

If you were used to spending this day with your dad, it becomes painful. You may not know how to spend this day in honor of his memories. However, below are some of the activities you can get involved in to remember your missing dad in addition to a poem:

Spend time with his close friend

Spending time with some of your dad’s closest friends will give you an insight into what he was like and what he loved. His friends will also be able to share the beautiful memories of your dad to keep you going. Chances are you will not spend so much time with his friends. However, talking to them could be helpful.

Avoid social media for a while

People are likely to celebrate their fathers on Father’s day. This will bring about painful memories of your missing dad, wondering where he is and why he could not be with you. There is a chance that you are going to find all sorts of celebratory messages for dad. Some people will also post photos of them with their dad in efforts to appreciate them.

Avoiding social media until all the hype is gone will keep you away from feeling lonely and left out. You may use this time to watch movies or engage in other activities like hiking or camping. Alternatively, you can write a poem to remember your beloved dad.

Allow yourself to feel

Many are times we keep our emotions bottled up. A missing dad on father’s day is not one of those days! You should allow yourself to feel all those mixed emotions of anger and resentment. You can take some time off to cry your heart out or do whatever it takes to relieve yourself from the burden of grieving.

Engage in something in his honor

Did your father love volunteering at a local community project? You can do the same on father’ day to honor his memory. Not only are you going to feel good about yourself but also you will be able to honor him as he was.


Missing Dad Poems From Daughter

Dealing with a missing dad

It is a difficult moment when you have to deal with feelings of losing someone, not to death but to God know what. It is also confusing as you may not know what to feel about your missing dad. Did he disappear on you? Did something happen to him?

You may not know whether to feel grief or hope and this can be very traumatizing. It is however very important that you take care of yourself. This usually happens just a few days after his disappearance. You may undergo grief for a long time because of a missing relative.

This kind of grief is usually to deal with or even let go since you will choose the hope of having your dad back. You wake up every day hoping to get a call from him, or seeing him at the door. You may even hope that it is him with every knock at the door. This will cause you physical and mental exhaustion.

If you are experiencing such feelings, it is helpful to see a psychologist or therapist. This way, you will be able to reach your deepest fears and thus face them. It is healthy to think about your missing dad but it is also important to take care of yourself.

Some people will get obsessed with the idea of looking for their dads. As much as this may sound exactly what you want, it may also be a dangerous move. Usually, before a person is declared missing after some time. This is after all efforts to find the person have gone futile. It is important to be hopeful but also not delirious about the topic.

It is also essential to avoid falling into the trap of blaming yourself. For instance, if you were taking care of your ailing dad and he goes missing, you should not blame yourself. It is possible to have feelings of guilt at first but you could not have known. This will need you to forgive yourself. This is quite hard to do but you should be okay after seeking medical attention from a therapist.


Am I too hopeful about finding my missing dad?


This is a question you may find yourself lingering on. Having so much hope to find a missing loved one is good but it can be destructive. You may get obsessed about finding your dad. It may be quite heartbreaking when the police stop looking for him.

A part of you may feel like you are giving up on your loved one. This may drive the need to look for him yourself which may also ruin your life. For instance, if you already have a family and such a thing happens to you, you may lose your family while trying to search for your dad. This will put both you and your family in a difficult position.

Your dad going missing may affect all aspects of your life. It is therefore important to take care of yourself both emotionally and psychologically. It is okay to feel grief or hopeful but also seek help and support from friends and family.

You may not be able to stop thinking about your missing dad until you realize what really happened to him. However, you can take it to a missing dad poem from daughter to express your feelings. This gives you free space to let yourself remember and celebrate your dad the way you want to. In fact, you do not have to tell anyone about it rather it can be your way of expressing yourself instead.


In conclusion


Dealing with a missing person is not exactly an easy task. It can be heart-wrenching and you may have mixed emotions about it. However, with the right coping method, it will get easier. It is important to talk about your feelings, and especially if you are experiencing difficulty in daily life activities.

You may also consider partaking in physical activities to keep you from depressing over your loss. Looking for closure may also help and writing your heart out in a poem or journal. You should also consider seeking professional help from a therapist to help you get through the loss. It is not an easy thing to accept that dad went missing just like that.

Feelings of grief can bring a significant change in your life. It is therefore important to depend on the support of your loved ones or join a group experiencing the same. It is advisable to exercise and also stick to a balanced diet to avoid stressing so much since it can be disabling.

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