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Using Modern Funeral Poems


A funeral service is for family and friends to remember the recently deceased. Losing a loved one can come as a huge shock. But at the same time, while dealing with our grief, we have to take care of numerous other activities to organize a funeral.

At that point, we may not know what we are dealing with; we may just go through the motions. But it’s a week later, and when we have a chance to sit back and reflect, we realize how attending a funeral can help us get through it. It can help us cope with our loss by sharing it with the attendees.

Some may have noticed there has been a great shift lately in the trend of how funerals are held. A multitude of belief systems and modern living prevailing in our society are the reasons behind this. In recent years, funerals have dramatically moved towards the celebration of life rather than mourning the death.  


modern funeral poems


There has been a considerable increase in the number of personalized funerals. Furthermore, you wouldn’t believe that almost half of the population now looks to include their favorite poems, songs, hymns, or even sports anthems in the service. This has clearly revamped the traditional funeral and turned it into something that will memorialize the life of a person.

Back in the day, a funeral service used to be a grand affair, as the Victorian funeral. However, by the mid-twentieth century, it became a low-key ceremony. Afterward, the beginning of the 21st century saw a rapid expansion in regard to the types of funerals available. Now, there are a variety of choices we can choose from.




As the name suggests, there’s nothing personalized about it. It’s simply based on the Christian belief and is carried out in a church or a chapel. It includes reading funeral poems and singing hymns during the service.




In a humanist funeral ceremony, a loved one, rather than a minister, leads the service. These are often described as ‘D.I.Y. funerals.’ Even though some people think that this has gone too far, it has entered the mainstream in recent years.

It has become quite common for a funeral service to be led by a non-religious ‘officiant.’ But an atheist hesitates to include religious texts or hymns. Thus, they opt for modern funeral poems, reflections, and music.




This type of funeral is usually held in a parish hall or a community center, and sometimes, if the funeral is small, it can be held at home too. During life-centered funerals, the ceremony is done by a civil celebrant, and it includes both non-religious and religious material.  




For a bespoke funeral, you can create a completely personalized service by customizing various elements of different types of funerals.


The Celebration and Personalization of a Modern Funeral Poem


In recent times, we have witnessed a lot of personalization regarding funerals. However, this has been happening for centuries, as shown in the splendid public funerals of the Duke of Marlborough in 1722, the Duke of Wellington in 1852, and of Sir Winston Churchill in 1965.

Reading hymns and religious quotes was still a part of the funeral then; it has just been replaced by modern funeral poems to add a personal touch to the service. And why shouldn’t it? Time and again, reading poetry has proven to be a great way to celebrate the wonders of life by helping us connect to those around us.

It helps us to express our feelings if we cannot otherwise convey them directly.  The lines of poems that we recite display the great affection and the deep emotions we have and feel about the death of our loved ones.

There has been a change in the dress code too. Traditionally, funeral attendees are supposed to wear black. However, nowadays, you would also find them in something bright and colorful. In essence, they aim to celebrate the life of a person rather than mourn their death.

At the graveside, people are now choosing to include elements like releasing balloons rather than just having mourners throw flowers and soil into the grave. Many even choose to release white doves at the funeral, as a symbol of peace and new life.

Also, cremations are becoming far more popular than burials. The ashes of our loved ones can be scattered in any place that means or had meant a lot either to them or to us. We can choose to scatter the ashes at their favorite holiday destination or their favorite walking spot. What’s more, there has been a substantial increase in environmentally friendly funerals too.


The Funeral Service: Doing It Our Way


Planning the funeral our way can prove beneficial both for us and our family.

For instance, we can create the most meaningful send-off for our loved one. This is not a chance we get all the time.

We can add a personal touch to the funeral, including the service itself and the reception. It will help reflect the character, unique attributes, and life of the deceased. The best way to do this is by including poetry, music, readings, and eulogies.

It’s a great way to capture the spirit of the person lost and express the feelings of the people left behind.

But finding the right words can be tough, especially when sorrow engulfs you. Nonetheless, we have a few tips to share in order to help you find the appropriate poem to read at the funeral.


How Do I Know It’s the Right Poem for the Funeral?


If you haven’t noticed, there are a few funeral poems that can instantly leave you in tears, while some leave you in deep reflection.

It’s safe to say that looking for the best modern funeral poems is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Grief can be hard to articulate in words, especially when we’re already going through an emotional rollercoaster ride.

The poem should express gratitude for the deceased who meant a lot in our life, and at the same time, display our pain and despair too. In fact, many people also prefer to talk about the hope of beginning a new life.

There are various poems – some help express sorrow and comfort, while others focus on loss, grief, mortality, and death.

Some like to recite the favorite poem of the deceased. It’s considered a good choice because it gives an idea of what kind of person he or she was to those attending the service.

Another great idea is to select lyrics from a favorite song of the deceased that speaks about the philosophy of their life. It can say a lot about the personality of the loved one.

But what perfectly qualifies as one of the best ‘one-of-a-kind’ modern funeral poems is the one that can draw a lot of tears and smiles when reading with utmost love. Each word should reflect one’s true inner feelings. You can even frame the poem and read it over and over again, or print it on keepsake memorial mementos, which will go to the attendees. Also, adding a few lines of your own to the funeral poem you’ve bought can make the whole experience a truly personal one.


Things to Look for While Selecting Funeral Poems


We understand how finding the best modern funeral poems can actually get you all overwhelmed.

But we’ve decided to make it a bit simpler for you. To decide if the poem feels right or appropriate for the situation, you should check if it resonates with your feelings.

Remember that it should speak warmly and gently about the deceased. It should be able to convey what they meant to their family and friends. The poem should also try to speak about the wholeness of their life and how they respected what was given to them. In essence, it should honor the way they lived their life.

It should also reflect on what their life meant; what they did and how they were a dear soul that will be missed. This goes without saying, but make sure to mention how they will always be remembered. And then, end the poem with a farewell note.

In the end, it’s your choice, and you can choose any poem you think it’s right. The above points are just to help you understand and acknowledge your emotions.

This is because a well-chosen poem will offer immediate comfort. It also sends out a beautiful reminder for you to remember your loved one long into the future.


Types of Modern Funeral Poems


If you’re trying to find the right modern funeral poems to pay your tribute, or you’re looking for something inspirational that you can read at the funeral, here are some types you can choose from.

Personalized Poems

No doubt you will find hundreds of famous authors and poets who have written more than thousands of beautiful poems regarding life and death. What’s more, you can easily get appropriate poems for the event.

However, combining the funeral poem you’ve bought with a few lines of your own can help you connect with others on a deeper level.

This whole process can also be therapeutic, spiritually helpful, and beneficial to you.  It allows you to vent out your feelings that otherwise could be hard to express.

Funeral Poems by Popular Poets

As we have said earlier, you can find many poems written by famous authors and poets. The best part is that you can choose a poem based on the relationship you had with the deceased. It could be anyone – your mother, father, grandparents, or friends. These poems help depict the sorrows of death, as well as the celebration of life.

You can take out a few lines from your favorite poems and incorporate them in your own way.

Religious Poems and Readings

If the funeral or memorial is religious in nature, there are many appropriate readings inspired by Bible verses and scriptures. Apart from talking about death, these also celebrate the life of the deceased person. They center on the fact that death is a part of a person’s journey to immortality.

During a religious funeral, there is a pre-scheduled time for prayers and scriptural readings with a range of traditional selections. So it’s important that we go over our religious choices with family and clergy to make sure they are right in regard to the traditions of our community.

Song Lyrics

We can also choose the lyrics of our favorite song, or even of the deceased for a powerful reading at a funeral or memorial service. It should be empathetic to our loved one and help express their personality and philosophy.

Recently, with poems, there has also been an increase in popular contemporary songs being sung at funerals rather than hymns, simply because one can find that almost everyone has a favorite song or a piece of music that they can relate to or that means something to them.

Those who want to avoid pop music at a funeral prefer to play classical music instead.

Also, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see a few people choosing the tune of their favorite TV soaps or sports team anthems to play at ‘modern’ funerals.


Additional Modern Funeral Poems


Draw your inspiration from a variety of sources such as movies, books, feel-good stories, television, and many more. It will help you connect with the deceased, and also bring more meaning to the service.

You can use an excerpt from their favorite book or find their favorite quote from a movie or a TV show, or read something written by them. It could be anything – a letter, an email, or a poem.

You can also find some classic readings in Shakespeare’s plays. He wrote many notes on the nature of life and death.

Reading modern funeral poems can be a powerful expression of your love and respect for the departed, as well as an expression of your pain. It can honor them and also help others cope with their loss.  




We can clearly see that funeral services are evolving and that people are more inclined towards a bespoke service. Traditional means no longer restrict them.

There has been a significant shift from mourning the deceased to celebrating life. And in fact, most ministers are now happy to lead a personalized funeral service without any objection.

There’s no denying that we may like certain aspects of a traditional funeral service. But we can always tailor the service to represent our personality or that of a loved one by including modern funeral poems.


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