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modern funeral poems

Losing the ones we love is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and emotionally overwhelming times in anyone’s life. Saying our last goodbyes to those we wanted with us always may be heartbreaking, but being able to come together with all those who cared for them to celebrate their life and what they’ve left behind can be comforting, helping to reassure those dealing with this grief that they are not alone.

Funerals are as much a part of hope and reflection as they are of letting go, with many looking to commemorate and toast to a life well spent.

Often, people will choose to share readings that they feel best represents the loved one and the times they had together. However, choosing a piece that best reflects a deep relationship can, sometimes, be extremely difficult.


modern funeral poems

Choose something special


You want to make sure you choose something meaningful that touches your heart as well as those of everyone else in attendance while also speaking to the person that they were and the life they led. Many mourners have found that reciting a poem can be the perfect way to express their many different feelings.

Poetry has always been linked to loss, helping those left behind to share their grief while also providing a sense of hope for the future, and modern funeral poems are no exception.

With the world moving further and further away from traditional religious practices, these readings have become one of the most popular choices for people looking to share a part of themselves with fellow mourners. Here are a few things that you can keep in mind which will help you select the perfect poem to say goodbye to your loved one.


Did They Have Favorite Modern Funeral Poems or Style in mind?


One of the first things you’ll need to take into consideration when selecting from modern funeral poems will be whether or not your loved one had a favorite poem that they would turn to when looking for comfort.

Poetry can be a brilliant way to really connect with your feelings and concerns, which is why so many people turn to it, especially in times of need. If your loved one had a favorite poem that they would read over and over again, then choosing to read this particular poem at their funeral will be a great choice.

Not only will this reading have an immediate sense of familiarity, but it will touch the hearts of everyone at the funeral looking to remember all the good times they shared with this person over the years. By taking something they loved and bringing it into the space of loss, things will start to feel a bit more hopeful with many choosing to focus on the positivity this person brought into their lives rather than only the loss.



Choose some unique modern funeral poems


However, if this particular person did not have a favorite poem per se, then you could check to see if they had a particular style that they enjoyed. Poetry comes in such a wide variety of styles and approaches that there’s always something for everyone. From free verse to Limerick or even haiku, there are so many different forms of this expression that everyone is almost certain to have a style they feel speaks more to them.

If you know or can find out what this preferred poetry form might have been, it can be a great way to connect your loved one into the piece you decide to read. It will also help you narrow down your choices drastically, which will definitely make finding a poem you feel speaks to your understanding of the person much easier.


Be True to Their Beliefs


When you start looking for the perfect 400;”>modern funeral poems, you’ll definitely need to take the person’s personal beliefs and philosophies into serious consideration. Poems are a window into a person’s soul, and so you want to make sure you’re choosing a work that will really touch on who your loved one was as a person and the way in which they lived their life. You need to be true to who they were at their core and remember the passions they held dear to them.

Did they have a favorite season? Was there a particular place where they loved to visit? Did they have a hobby that spoke to them? These are all things you’ll need to take into serious consideration when looking for a poem to express your feelings about their loss.

A poem that touches on areas or things that this person loved will not only bring up fantastic memories, but it will help mourners recognize that the beauty in these things and the happiness they bring should not disappear because of this loss, but grow stronger.

It will also be important that you remember to honor the philosophies and beliefs of the dearly departed. A person will hold their values and morals much closer to their hearts than any space or thing.

By choosing a poem that really speaks to the core of your loved one’s belief, you’ll be showing everyone that the person they were lives on in your memories, and will always be a part of who you are as you continue on your own journey.


Does the Poem Relate to What They Loved About Life?


While many people will say that they really love life, being able to hone in on what it was about a life that a person loved will be a great way to connect with them and express how you feel in this time of loss. Maybe they loved walking down the beach and feeling the grains of sand slip between their toes.

Or, perhaps there was nothing they enjoyed more than a warm cup of hot cocoa while they sat next to a warm fire, bundled up with a new book. Whatever the case may be, there are so many beautiful things in life that can be celebrated and remembered.

By looking back and considering what made this person who they were and what it was they loved above all else, you’ll be able to quickly narrow down your poem selections, helping you find something that really speaks to who they were and what they valued.

Make sure you take the time to really find something that touched them. That way you can be sure everyone at the funeral will share your wonderful memories and be touched by the feelings that they can evoke.

Is the Poem Appropriate?  


While it’s certainly true that you want your poem selection to represent this person you loved, as well as the relationship the two of you share, it’s just as important to make sure you choose a piece that will be appropriate for everyone in attendance.

While you and your loved one may have shared a love of certain things or beliefs, you have to keep in mind that a wide range of people will be gathering at this funeral to celebrate this person’s life, and the last thing you want to do is create an unfortunate memory by offending anyone or causing unnecessary pain.

You need to make sure you find the perfect balance between expressing your own feelings of loss and love in a way that’s appropriate to be shared with everyone in attendance. This is especially true when you know there may be children in attendance at the funeral.

You must remember that certain events or memories may be a source of pain for others, and so limiting your choices to poems you know everyone will enjoy will be key. Let the other memories and emotions be things you keep as something personal between the two of you, allowing you to hold on to a piece of them all to yourself.


Find Something That You Also Connect With


Another factor you’ll need to seriously consider when looking for the perfect modern funeral poems will be whether or not you also make a strong connection with the piece in question. While it’s true that you want to select a reading that speaks to your lost loved one, you also need to make sure there is a part of you in the words.

That way, you’ll actually be able to feel like you’re really saying goodbye to this person, letting go of the grief and starting to move on to the next phase of the healing process. Without that closure, and being left unsure of the choice you made could lead you to regret the moment and only look back on their passing in a purely negative light.

By choosing a piece that represents both their beliefs, as well as your own, you can feel confident that you’ve selected something that they would have loved and that really speaks to what your relationship was during their lifetime. Your connection was special, and showing that off to everyone in attendance will allow you to feel like they are still a part of who you are, even now, when they can’t be there.

Grief and loss can be extremely difficult to deal with, and trying to mask your own emotions and put on a brave face will only lead to more heartbreak later on. The best course of action is to share these feelings with those suffering through the same painful moment as you. By allowing yourself to really show this deep part of you, by sharing what the two of you had while they were alive, you can choose to celebrate their life rather than simply mourn the loss of it.


modern funeral poems

What Would They Think About the Poem?


At the end of the day, you and your dearly departed loved one shared a unique and special relationship that only the two of you could have had. In that way, it’s incredibly important that you share the side of this person that you knew with those who have gathered to remember the light and joy they brought into their lives.

Because of this, one of the best ways to pick a poem that will act as your goodbye is to choose a piece that you could imagine them absolutely loving, even if it doesn’t necessarily make complete sense in the setting.


Celebrating life


While a funeral is certainly a place to mourn, it is also a place to remember. By choosing a poem that speaks to all the good times the two of you shared together, you’ll be opening your heart up to fellow mourners and shining a bit of light on a devastatingly dark moment. Perhaps the two of you shared a passion for ice cream.

Or, maybe you both shared a love of theatre. Whatever the case may be, finding a poem that speaks to those shared moments will be wonderful. Just imagine your loved one sitting next to you smiling or even laughing along as you read a piece that you know they’d have loved every bit of.

Poetry is meant to be a written representation of our hearts and emotions, and while your heart may feel like it’s breaking, healing can only come from filling up those cracks with the love and friendship you and your lost loved one shared. Choosing a funeral poem that represents that will be a great addition to this somber event, and probably something your loved one would have appreciated completely.


Which Feelings Are You Hoping to Evoke?


Poetry has always had a deep connection to the human soul regardless of the style or form, and as such, it has the power to evoke a strong emotional response from those listening or reading. This is a fact that you’ll definitely need to think about when choosing from 400;”>modern funeral poems.

If you read the poem and find yourself sobbing halfway through, you can expect that a similar response will be had by those in attendance at the funeral. The same can be said of a poem that makes you laugh and smile from the very start.

You need to think hard about whether you want funeral guests to feel comforted and choose to celebrate a life well spent or if you’d prefer that those in attendance really recognize the serious loss everyone is facing, reflecting on the memories they shared and the gap that will now be felt from this loss.

Poems can be a great way to share and express your own inner feelings, but taking into consideration the effect your poem selection will have on every other attendee will be important. Make sure you understand the expectations at the funeral and observe the wishes of your lost loved one.

Did they want their service to be something somber, or were they more the fun-loving type? Your reading could have a dramatic effect on the overall tone, so it’s important that you find something that you can stand behind no matter what.


Consider the Length


While, of course, your poem selection must be a decision made by the heart, keeping things practical and looking at them from a logical perspective can also help. Even if a poem seems to fit perfectly with the relationship you two shared, the last thing you want to do is choose a piece that will take ages to finish.

Not only will you be taking up time that’s meant to be shared by all, but you’ll also risk losing the attention of your fellow funeral guests, whose main focus will be on their own grief and heartbreak.

When it comes right down to it, the best choice you can make when considering possible modern funeral poems will be something short, sweet, and to the point. Trying to turn this moment for reflection into a poetry reading will only anger and upset those who are trying to honor the life of their loved one as well.

Consideration for those around you in this difficult time will be incredibly important. You need to make sure you think about the length of the poem when making up your mind. This will also help ensure you feel comfortable making it through the piece when you’re up there.


Can You Comfortably and Confidently Make it Through?


Reading at the funeral of a loved one can be exceptionally difficult. You will be filled with raw emotions and still in the beginning stages of grief, so it’s important that you find a piece that you know you can deliver comfortably and confidently.

When you start going through your choices, make sure you find a piece that really speaks to you so that you are able to almost lose yourself in the poem itself rather than being swept away by the emotions of what’s really happening. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with letting your emotions get the best of you while you’re reading, being able to make it through the piece is important.

In addition to length, there are other factors you’ll want to consider. First will be the wording within the poem itself. Are there words you find difficult to pronounce? Are there phrases you don’t completely understand.

Being able to immerse yourself into one of these beautiful poems will require that you know it frontwards and backward, without any sort of hesitation or concern. Read through your poem multiple times to guarantee you’ve found something you can make it through time and time again.

You may also want to consider the style of the poem itself. Sometimes, it can be difficult for readers to really fall into the flow of the poem’s form, which can make the reading feel awkward and uncomfortable.

While you want to choose something that matches the preferences of your loved one, you also need to be sure it’s something that you can successfully read in their honor, or the whole message can be lost and forgotten about.


modern funeral poems

Believe in the Power of the Poem You Choose

Finally, what this selection will really boil down to is you finding a piece that you believe in wholeheartedly. This is your personal goodbye to someone you cared for deeply. It is your way to share with others the connection you two had whilst they were alive, and so you need to do everything you can to find modern funeral poems that speak to your relationship, as well as uphold the beliefs that they carried with them throughout their lifetime.

Look for poems that hold a special meaning by considering options that are directly related to things that the two of you loved or passions you shared. Choosing a poem that really makes you feel special, and that reminds you of the dearly departed every time you read it, will be a wonderful way to share your feelings with those in attendance looking to celebrate the life this person led.


Take Your Time

Whether you’re searching for a poem that really means something to you or you are standing in front of the funeral parlor about to start your reading, making sure that you take all the time that you need will be key.

Sometimes, the messages and meanings we find in these poems can change the longer we think about them, and you may find that someone you were unsure of yesterday suddenly speaks to you in ways you never would have expected.

Your first decision doesn’t need to be your final decision, and the more willing you are to let a poem really reach your soul and express itself, the more likely you’ll be to find a piece that really fits who your loved one was and the kind of message they would have wanted to be shared.

Additionally, the way in which you deliver the poem can have a profound effect on the overall impact it has on those sharing your feelings of grief. Make sure you remember to take your time as you read, taking a breath in between the lines, leaving time for your loved one’s friends and family to make their own connections as you share this piece.


Practice first


400;”>Poems are unique in that the messages that they send can be different for every reader and listener, making them ideal for funerals and life celebrations where everyone’s relationship to this person may have been different.  

Funeral poems have been used throughout time as a way to express emotions and share sentiments with others in regards to the loss of someone important. Whether they are read to commemorate the accomplishments of a person’s lifetime or chosen for the emotions they evoke at the time, poems are a beautiful way to celebrate and respect a person after they are gone.

Nowadays, choosing your poem and sharing this bond between the two of you with those gathered at a funeral will be the perfect way to not only show your respects but also say goodbye in your own special way to someone who was so close to you.

Poems have been used for centuries as a way to express feelings and emotions that readers and writers often find difficult to word directly. These creative outlets allow them to express themselves in a way that will convey the message they wish to send in a much more emotional and touching way and so it is a brilliant way to deal with the death and loss of someone near and dear to your heart.


Final thoughts


When someone you love departs this world, coming together with fellow loved ones and people they respected can help make the loss seem a little more bearable. You’ll be able to share memories and celebrate the beauty that was the life that they lived.

Choosing to read a piece at a funeral can be a great way to not only share your emotions with those around you but also give your final goodbye to this important person and it can certainly help you start to move on from the grief and despair brought on by their loss.

However, selecting the perfect poem for this occasion can seem like an impossible task. With so many different options out there, from the style to the wording, or even the poet themselves, there are endless possibilities for the direction in which you can take this moment.

However, by staying true to yourself and taking the loved one’s own personal tastes and beliefs into account, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll find something absolutely perfect in no time at all.

Poems are the perfect way to evoke strong emotional responses from almost anyone who hears them. By taking these tips into consideration, and recognizing the importance of each and everyone, you can help ensure that your reading is both appropriate and celebratory, bringing everyone in attendance on a journey with you.

Having the perfect message to say goodbye to someone you love can seem impossible, but by taking your time and finding a piece that represents everything the two of you loved and shared, you can give them the send-off they deserve and the peace of mind you will need to start moving forward.


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