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Remembering your Mother on Mother’s Day. Let’s have a look at some of the actions we can take to remember your sadly departed Mum on this annual event by the use of Modern Funeral Poems.


Grieving the loss of a mother never really goes away, but it does lessen with time. In the initial period, doing anything that reminds one of their deceased mom is very challenging, so much that we wish to avoid such things, but as time goes by, we realize that there are things that we have to learn to do much as they awaken our pain and sadness, as is the case with triggers like holidays.

mother’s Day is held annually and is one of those special days which we ought to prepare for after losing a mother. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since one lost your mom, you might be shocked how fresh it feels when you have to face such unavoidable celebrations.

If you can’t beat them, join them. On that note, The Holy Bookshop offers the following beautiful tips which can help you navigate through Mother’s Day with ease, to include the effective use of our modern funeral poems.

Taking a visit to their final resting place.

Well, if they were alive we would probably visit them, but since they are not, what is s better way to connect to them than visiting their gravesites or final resting place for that matter? While going there, there are a number of activities you can do,

 Reading them a modern funeral poem. Worry not about where you will get a cute modern funeral poem to dedicate to your deceased mom on Mother’s Day, the Holy Bookshop got a collection of extra special modern funeral poems for mom.

Having selected one, you can print it out and carry it with you, whereby you can read it together at your mom’s resting place together with your other siblings or simply by yourself. The poems will give you reasons to celebrate the impact your mom ha on you, hence a toast to them on a beautiful Mother’s Day.

The modern funeral poems can help in communicating to the deceased mom through highlighting questions which one would wish to ask, illustrating how life has been without them and appreciating them for the beautiful times shared with them.

 Dedicating them a song. This could be their favourite songs, or a special one selected by you to help in showing your love for them.

 Praying for them. Prayers have a way of calming and soothing the soul. While by your mom’s resting place, you can pray to God for your mom to have a continuous eternal and peaceful rest, for this is just one of the mini things that you can gift being that they are not there to receive a physical gift.

Lighting up a candle.

You can gather up a few friends or relatives, most likely your siblings, and light up a candle to commemorate your deceased mom on Mother’s Day. This you can do in church, at home, at their final resting place, or a place selected by the family.

While the candle burns out, you can do a number of things to include,
 Praying for your deceased mom
 Talking about her fond memories
 Going through her photos
 Singing her a song
 Observing moments of silence in her honour
 Reading her a poem, of which you can trust one of the Holy Bookshop’s modern funeral poem for this role.

Buying her flowers and a card.

Ladies love flowers, and so would your mum if they were alive, probably with chocolates. You don’t have to refrain from this. Go ahead and get your mum a bunch of flowers, buy a card and in it copy a beautiful modern funeral poem from the Holy Bookshop and dedicate it to her. Your flower selection should be based on her preference.

You probably wondering where you will now take the flower and the card. You can go place it at their final resting place, or somewhere strategic in the house, probably her favourite spot.

Sending a beautiful airmail message her way.

This is best done from a place that was dear to her. You will simply take a small piece of paper and write something that you would wish to tell her, or better still select a nice modern funeral poem and write it down, or do both, then tie it to a helium balloon, and release it to the air.
There is satisfaction in carrying out this gesture much as they may not physically receive the gift.

Doing the things she loved.

On top of your list should be making her favourite dish and sharing it out with the rest of the family or even invited friends. During the meal, you can share her memories. If she adored gardening, you can plant some vegetables or flowers, or simply do the actual gardening. It is even time to explore the movies she loved and watch them together or perhaps listen to her favourite songs.

A diary wrap up

Writing down in your diary about the things you did on this special day for your mom and what you feel wraps up our list of how to honour your deceased mom on Mother’s Day. Not only will it become a memory to look back to in future, but it is therapeutic in pouring out your emotions, which is key in helping a person feel better.

A mother plays a very important role in a person’s life, whether you are young or old. They will always love and care for you. They hold a special place in our hearts and so we should do our best to honour this special bond even when they are no longer with us. Listed above are special ways which the Holy Bookshop thinks can help in doing this with illustrations of how our modern funeral poem can be creatively incorporated. We hope they are very useful the next time you or friend has to celebrate a deceased mom on Mother’s Day.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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