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Poems To Say Goodbye At A Funeral

Why should you use modern funeral poems?

We live in a world where everything keeps changing, and the same applies to the poetry world. The styles and formats traditionally used are no longer preferred, instead, there are more stylish ways of using funeral poems. It is with this keeping up with trends that the Holy Bookshop has made a step towards availing categories of the best 10 modern funeral poems for each group as shown herein.


As poets went about learning, they realized that there were gaps which were not covered by the traditional poems, and tried to have them filled through their new poems.
The modern funeral poems are able to do the following on top of encouraging and comforting mourners.

 They are able to speak to the deceased. These poems are written in a way that they help the bereaved ask the deceased several questions regarding the vacuum left by their passing on. This has been found to be really helpful toward healing through bringing closure to inform of telling the deceased how we feel.

 This having been realized to be very therapeutically healing, was massively embraced as the modern funeral poems were being done, and hence captured in parts of these poems.

 They bring out spirituality difference quite clearly. The modern funeral poems are clearly categorized into religious and non-religious groups so as to cover those who are believers and the non-believers. They don’t generalize. They respect the diversity of faith in human beings. Those who wish to recognize and honour God even in mourning can easily pick on what they want, similar to those who have different opinions. This further makes it easy to help people who are in search of these funeral poems.

 They are categorically grouped. And so it came to be the need to differentiate between sympathy poems, bereavement poems, funeral poems, catholic funeral poems, Anglican funeral poems, and so on after there was a realization on how people get strict over certain aspects and areas where these poems are used.
When it comes to minimizing the list to the 10 best modern funeral poems, the Holy Bookshop found this necessary for a number of reasons,

 You no longer have to waste time looking and filtering through several sites to get the best. We have therefore carefully researched and availed the list which is very unique and trusted by the people who have tried them out. This time can, therefore, be put to use in doing other things with regards to a funeral or memorial services, or any other activity for that matter.

 They have been tried and tested. You will no longer fear trying out something while hesitating the possible outcome as this has already been done for you. All that is left is to decide among the 1o best which one you love the most.

 It is not easy to make decisions when grieving a loss. What grief does is not a secret, especially the fact that making decisions becomes a bit challenging. You, therefore, need someone to help in handling certain things, and in our case, looking for a proper modern funeral poem to help in sending off your loved one. It simply makes the decision making a whole lot easier.

How to use modern funeral poems.

Having differentiated the various types of these poems, it is much easier now to put them to use. The key role they play is that of comforting and consoling those left behind. Well, the poems can b elaborately used in the following funeral aspects,
 On obituaries and death notices
 Together with funeral flowers
 On thank you notes
 As a basis for writing a eulogy or funeral speech
 On gravestones
 Together with funeral flowers
 On condolence and sympathy notes
 In funeral or memorial services.

Using modern funeral poems.

The use of modern funeral poems in funeral services or memorial services is however quite involving compared to their other uses. This is because the poems have to be read out. Let’s take a dive into how you can go about this.

 Finding the reader. The family usually decides the appropriate people to do the poem reading. Could be an adult or a young person related to the deceased, or a colleague or a friend. With this in mind, it easy to select a poem which best brings out this relationship between the reader and the deceased, and which they will find easy reading, especially in the case of children.

 Finding the appropriate poem. You first select the poems to be used, could one, two or more, the choice is yours.

 Matching the poem to the reader. You should be able to easily assign one out of the 10 best modern funeral poems to a reader at this juncture, and communicate the selected poem to them for preparation purposes. Bear in mind things like their spirituality and ability to audibly go through the poem. It is also wise to have a backup plan of someone who is able to the reading just in case it is called for.

 Preparation to read the poem. Facial contacts and upright posture when reading the funeral poem during the funeral service is very important. It makes it appear like a conversation and not a mere narration. It gives people time to digest what is being said. They should also be told of the time allocated to them to go through the poem so that it doesn’t interfere with other activities in the program.
With an ultimate check of reading the poem, it will be lame to go without mentioning a few things that need to be in place to ensure the funeral or memorial service is successful in general.

The people attending- it is good to confirm the actual number of people who will be coming for a function. Send out the funeral invitations with a follow up of the invitees to confirm their availability on the given day. This will help you to organize things like enough food, seats, transportation, and accommodation.

The venue for the service- this is usually decided by the family. The service can be held at the morgue, church, home of the deceased, their place of work, or by their final resting place.

Funeral stationery- ensure there are enough funeral program, arrangement for timely delivery of funeral flowers, and any other things which will be needed during the program.

The actual funeral service- this involves things like the songs to be sung, funeral verses to be read, funeral poems to be used, the sermon to be given, and the relevant people to perform this role. They should be informed in advance so that adequate preparations are made to ensure excellent execution.

The times for each activity should be clearly laid out, and a sequence of the events also made clear.
The order of the service is largely dependent on the church overseeing it. There are situations where they will prefer a short prayer at the morgue, a service at the church, a service at the deceased’s home, a service by the graveside, or a combination of two or more of these services.
The type of service also dictates the number of readings that will be required.

In conclusion.

The 10 best modern funeral poems were selected following my experience searching for the same during the loss of my mother. It involved going through a series of poems, at the end of which I was glad to have found the best. It will be an honour to share them with you so that you don’t have to go through the same trouble.

The poems are very helpful in comforting one from losing a loved one. But the pain will lessen as time passes by, so do not be hard on yourself, at least from what I have gathered with my own experience. Obey your emotions as you learn to cope- sometimes you will feel like things are fine, then suddenly out of the blues sadness creeps in, all of which is understandable, and not unique to any person. No one is immune to pain, especially that of losing a loved one.

We have made available for you 250 carefully selected funeral poems and funeral verses which are suitable for Every Occasion. They are available on an instant download and can be accessed by simply clicking here.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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