Modern Funeral Verses And The Role They Play.

modern funeral verses

The role of Modern Funeral Verses.

We have found that modern funeral verses have grown in popularity in recent times as we tend to shy away from traditional religious funeral poems that are available. We tend to move away from those and find ourselves looking for something different to say when expressing yourself at a funeral.


There are a variety of Bible verses appropriate for use in a funeral set up. But what one selects largely depends on your local church. It is therefore important that you first consult with the pastor for the preferred ones.

In most cases, the Anglicans and Catholics have their funeral service verses read in terms of the first reading, second reading and third reading consecutively. The first reading of a modern funeral verse is automatically done by the priest leading the service. For the second and third readings, the bereaved family or the priest himself gets to decide the person to conduct them.

Having taken note that the readings are selected based on the sections of the Bible, for ease of selection, the verses are further availed in the below categories,
 Modern funeral verses from the Old Testament
 Modern funeral verses from the New Testament
 Modern funeral verses from the Gospel books

There are times where you find the deceased had favourite verses from the bible which you can creatively use, either on their own or together with a selection from our list of modern funeral verses.

Where to use the modern funeral verses.

Did you know all the areas where the modern funeral verses can be applied? We have listed some key areas where you can use the modern funeral verses as you mourn the death of a loved one. This will be very helpful in ensuring that honorary treatment which we all desire to give to the deceased is achieved.

 In obituaries and death notices.
Obituaries and death notices play a very important role in ensuring that news of the death of a loved reaches everyone, even those who we do not know yet they knew the deceased. They assist in achieving an honorary treatment for the deceased and prevents future uncalled for situations whereby someone might inquire about the deceased out of not knowing that they are no longer there.
The funeral verses can be used to highlight the family’s faith in these obituaries, and also to remind those who are reading about the deceased’s passing on.

 On gravestones and headstones.
Modern funeral verses can be used on the headstones and gravestones to ensure a continued feeling of God’s presence on the deceased’s grave. It is also a way of honouring God’s sovereignty in all situations to include death.
The verses used here further look like a form of prayer for the deceased’s soul to continue resting in peace and will remain a permanent mark which can be used for starting off prayers by anyone visiting the grave.

 On sympathy cards and condolence messages.
When sent as sympathy or consolation notes, these verses can be used to show the bereaved that we are offering support in terms of prayers and to assure them that they should still trust in God who is the greatest comforter. This is very important because the death of a loved one may shake a person’s faith and make them feel that God has abandoned them.
On another note, finding the right words to encourage those who are grieving is sometimes challenging, for we don’t want to say things that might hurt them, where the use of the modern funeral verses might just be ideal.

 On funeral flowers
The modern funeral verses can be printed on mini cards and attached to the funeral flowers for use on the grave, casket, deceased home or a bereavement gift. This is symbolic of recognizing the presence of God in all aspects of the funeral and helps in comforting the rest to the mourners who will read them.

 On funeral programs
The modern funeral verses chosen for use in funeral programs can be aligned to match the funeral or memorial service sermon to prepare the audience for the message they will be getting later on.

 On funeral invitation cards
The modern funeral verses can be used together with the funeral invitation cards sent to those whose presence is required during the funeral of a loved one. This will remind them of the spiritual personality of the deceased while at the same time honouring what they believed in when they were still alive.

 In funeral and memorial services
As indicated above, depending on the type of funeral service, there will be separate modern funeral verses for the first, second and third readings in the service and different people to do them as well. And the verses selected in this case need to match the message being preached by the priest.

 In eulogies or funeral speech
Writing a eulogy or funeral speech can be quite challenging owing to the pain caused by the death of a loved one. But we can use these verses as the storyline and elaborate on them using a specific event in the deceased’s life that had a great impact.

In conclusion.

The Holy Bookshop has a collection of the most popular modern funeral verses which can be put to various uses as illustrated above. They are both long and short for you to choose from, but the message conveyed still remains the same. Grieving the death of a dear one is painful however much we still have to ensure that such things as getting the appropriate funeral verses ought to be done. We sure believe that our collection goes a long way in fulfilling what you are looking for.

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