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Selecting  Inspiring Funeral poems for mum and funeral poems for dad can be an absolute minefield. From my own experience following the death of my Mother, I discovered that the majority of people went for the easy way out and picked out a funeral poem that tended to be used by everyone. I, personally didn’t want that. I wanted something truly amazing and unique and wanted my words to truly impress and leave my lasting impression on my friends and family.

I discovered funeral poems with 250 to choose from and after some negotiation and building this website we are in a position to offer that very same download It is available to you right now by simply clicking right here.

Losing a loved one brings so much pain, especially when it is one’s parent. However how old you may be at the time of either dad’s or mum’s death, you will still feel the vacuum left by their demise. Our parents are always protective of us even in our old age, always calling to find out how we are doing and offering us help even when we feel it is not necessary.

Funeral poems for mum and funeral poems for dad help us to speak out what we feel using clever and carefully selected words. They perform a number of roles.

Using Funeral Poems.

They inspire us to live on- these funeral poems use words to motivate us, giving us the urge to soldier on. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by people telling us that all shall be well after the death of a parent, these are just words, or so one may think. We, therefore, need an extra push to see their meanings.
Reading a poem alone quietly gives us the chance to really understand their meaning and find reason in the messages these poems convey.

They honour our parents- funeral poems for mum or funeral poems for dad usually capture the key roles our parents played in our lives, like being there for us during our first day in school, gracing our weddings, taking our calls even in the dead of the night, and so much more.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Talking about the roles of our deceased parents enlightens people on the important role carried by the parent role, thereby honouring how they obliged in performing them. They shine a light on the importance of a mother or a father.

They help in carrying on their legacy- these poems are used in things such as obituaries, funeral programs, gravestones, funeral flowers, to mention but a few. Friends or relatives can keep some of these items as reminders about the deceased.

You can also frame up the poem and make it a point of reference for anyone who wishes to learn more about the deceased perhaps later on in life. Can be given out to generations after another so that they are not forgotten.

They help us to express our grief– there is no doubt that in mourning, we lack the right words to express how we feel. We can, therefore, rely on the funeral poems for mum or funeral poem for dad, which are already written with the theme desired, to let people know our in-depth emotions. On does not have to struggle with finding what to say for that matter.

They help in the healing process- poets find inspiration to do such poems based on their own experience with grief. Having seen how difficult a period this is, they, therefore, write with aim of lightening the burden for those who might experience the same.
They give an assurance talking of time as the healer of this immense pain, and death as a merely natural process that we have no control over.

They uplift mourners- in the midst of a funeral service, it is a daunting task to get everyone out the sombre mood, the pain cuts across in equal measure. So when talking about the deceased, one has to be careful to ensure that they don’s trigger emotions. It is a time that if a joke is not well relayed, it might bring out negative effects. These funeral poems, more so the humorous or funny themed ones, are able to change moods to celebratory ones without stepping on anybody’s toe.

They comfort and console the bereaved- by citing death as a transition from a troubled world to a peaceful world, we find comfort in knowing that our departed parents are in a better place, a place where there is no sickness or the normal worldly related issues. With such an attitude, one can easily adjust to a life without the deceased.

There is consolation in knowing that we are not alone or the first to experience this deep pain, someone else already went through, so much that they got the courage to write about it, and so shall we get to that level too some day.

They can be used on other funeral stationeries- count on our collection for funeral poems for mum and funeral poems for dad for use in the following areas,

On funeral poems- our parents are very special and deserve a special send-off, so you can attach a poem to the flowers as a sign of the immense bond we shared with them.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

On obituaries and death notices- it deviates from the plain notification about their death, making people see just how important they were to us.

On gravestones- this will be a permanent reminder of their personalities years to come.

Condolence notes- a poem would do well when sent to a mourner together with a condolence card. We may wish to help by giving assurance that all will be well, but lack the right words to use, where the poems come in handy.

Thank you notes- after getting help from friends and family in sending off a parent, you can use these poems to express our gratitude for the immense support received.

funeral programs- owing to the tightness of funeral schedules, sometimes we lack the opportunity to say all that we may wish to say. We can, therefore, enlist a poem to be read by the attendants at their own free will as things unfold, or later on after the burial ceremony and they have the time to do so.

Use of poems in funeral programs is also a nice way of talking about the personality and importance of one’s parent.

On funeral eulogies- talking about a demised mum or dad is no easy task, especially when the wound is still fresh. The poems provide a channel of doing so without subjecting a person to the task of stressing over the right words or right way of going about it.

Religious funeral poems for dad and funeral poems for mum;

A family that practices Christianity will most definitely wish for poems which honour this by talking about God in all aspects of life, hence our collection of such poems. These poems can, therefore, be comfortably used in churches, schools, morgues, grave-side or anywhere the family pleases.

Non-religious funeral poems for dad and funeral poems for mum;
We live in a world where people are free to practice various types of faith. We have a collection of non-religious funeral poems for dad and funeral poems for mum to meet their needs too. These poems still speak about the loss of a loved one in a comforting manner, and can also be applied to religious setups just like they are, or following some additions as may be preferred by the reader.

Short or long religious funeral poems for dad and religious funeral poems for mum?
At the Holy Bookshop, we have both. The decision at which one you should take is solely on you. No matter the length, they still carry messages of comfort, hope and celebrate the lives of the deceased.

We cannot talk about losing a loved one and fail to mention how it terribly affects us, especially when it is a matter of the school going ones, who are needed to concentrate in class while equally grieving. The society is in such a manner that one may never get all the time required to fully grieve and recover. These kids need to be understood in order to be assisted in any capacity, be it at home or school.

The loss of a dad or mum in the eyes of school going children
The death of a parent is a loss not easy to manage. We, therefore, need to come together to overcome this, especially when the child is a school going one. When it comes to the elderly, they are known to be better handlers of such situations owing to their life experiences.
The society, more so the teachers, need to look out for this vulnerable group to help them sail through.

According to some United Kingdom statistics, an independent child loses a parent every 132 seconds. Therefore, at any given time, there is a pupil grieving the loss of a parent in close to 70% of these schools.

The very young may not understand what is happening around them other than seeing that the grown-ups are sad. Some may see death as something which can be undone, especially the preschoolers, who will even go further and associate it with an event they saw or movie they watched.

Children aged between 5 and 6, usually have a glimpse of death being something final, and probably the relative clauses. They tend to distance themselves and family as people who can’t die as they are not in the perceived scenarios.

The middle school lot have a clear picture of what death is all about and probably have developed a mechanism of reacting to grief. Their older counterparts, the high-schoolers are best educated, and can even express their emotions to friends or relatives.

Help the children cope with the following tips.

Be a good listener- lend a listening ear where the child wishes to express their emotions. You might be asked questions long after, as they try to process the meaning of death. Don’t compare the kids or expect them to grieve in a certain familiar way. Children are equally different, and so is their degree of understanding, some too fast, some too slow.

Being honest- people always want to sugar coat issues regarding death in attempts to protect the children, when in essence it is harmful in the long run. It is popular to find the use of words like “gone away”, “sleeping”, or even “on a long holiday”. Remember they are growing, and sooner or later, the wounds will be freshened when they discover it was all a lie, and the parent is dead.

Use the word death’ and spire to break its meaning in a simple manner that can be easily grasped by children. For the grown ones, they probably are already familiar with the whole situation and so just need support in learning how to cope.

No grieving period- don’t be judgmental or harsh to the children however how much time they take to grieve. Allow them to go at their natural pace. You will only make them develop negativity if in this trying moment you force them to behave like someone else and also lock them out from sharing their grief with you.

Talking to their fellows- their friends will also be struggling to understand the same and may distance themselves when in fact they are needed to assist in the journey. Let them behave as normally as they can with the bereaved children. Talk to them about some unusual behaviour that may be seen in bereaved children and that they are passing clouds. It is very crucial that their fellas stay put to enable them to see death as a process that can befall anyone, but watch out you don’t scare them away while doing so.

Timeless support- we all know how important a parent is to a child, the protection and provision so accorded. This becomes a vacuum upon the death of a parent and needs someone to step up and fill. It, therefore, becomes a lifetime journey for the kid who loses a parent, especially at a tender age. We should offer any form of support within our reach whenever called for.

A word from the Holy Bookshop family,

Well, you probably are here because you or someone you know lost a parent and are struggling to find a meaning in life or a reason to move on. You may be looking for inspiring funeral poems for mum or funeral poems for dad to for use during a funeral or memorial service. These poems will be very helpful for that matter.
In grieving though, we can never really be sure as to what time you will be fully healed. Our poems will be comforting but don’t be hard on yourself, there is no shelf life or right period for grieving, the way you are responding is the sure right time.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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