Most Popular Funeral Readings For A Memorial Service

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Most Popular Funeral Readings For A Memorial Service

These readings basically aim to celebrate the lives of the deceased and have their memories honored. Whatever is said during a memorial service goes a long way, whether it is a selection from already written quotes, sayings or verses, or it one’s own unique creations.

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There are 3 major themes that the popular funeral readings for a memorial service work about. You may, however, find a reading that combines two or all of these common themes.

1. Funny themes. These popular funeral readings deviate from the mourners’ moods from that of sorrow to that of happiness. Such readings are mostly derived from a selection of poems, quotes, songs, and funeral sayings, categorized as follows,

Funny funeral readings poems
Funny funeral readings quotes
Funny funeral readings songs
Funny funeral readings sayings

2. Sentimental themes. These readings are especially suitable when the memorial service is conducted immediately after the demise of a loved one. The mourner’s hearts are usually fragile and in need of some soothing sentiments. These ones are also derived from a selection of poems, songs, quotes, bible readings, and sayings, all of which are funeral based, and categorized as follows,

Popular funeral bible verses
Popular funeral quotes
Popular funeral sayings
Popular funeral songs
Popular funeral poems

3. Celebratory themes. These readings look at the death of a loved one not as a loss, but majorly focusing on how they lived their lives, thereby giving the bereaved a reason to celebrate. They are picked up from a selection of funeral poems, sayings, songs, quotes, and Bible verses

Celebratory funeral bible verses
Celebratory funeral quotes
Celebratory funeral sayings
Celebratory funeral songs
Celebratory funeral poems


How to select the best popular funeral reading for a memorial service

When selecting popular funeral readings for a memorial service, one ought to consider the time. If it is immediately after the death of a loved one, the memorial service will be considered a formal gathering with the mourners still deeply grieving their loss, while in cases where a lot of time has elapsed, the vent is considered a celebratory one, aimed at celebrating the lives and times shared with the deceased.

Consider the deceased. Where they left a will with a reading they wished to have in their memory, honor it. You can just make a few adjustments by adding the introduction and closing remarks.
The length of the reading.

It needs to be short, so as not to overdo and make the mourners bored, while at the same time eliminating chances of you getting overwhelmed with emotions as you go on with reading.

A funeral reading should also not interfere with the other aspects of the memorial program by consuming too much time.


The introduction

This should be articulated as it sets the pace and tone for the entire reading. It needs to draw the attention of the audience and make them glued to listening to your reading to the last drop.

A poor introduction is a total turn off even in funerals and much as you won’t be judged owing to the somber moods, your message might as well not be captured as per your desires.


The body of the funeral reading

A funeral reading should capture the personality of the deceased, what his life was, and give the people left behind something to remember, long after the service. The message should be deep and able to connect to such emotions, as is characterized by the ones here at the Holy Bookshop.


Closing remark

Some readings have nice closing remarks which comfort the bereaved while appreciating the departed. Where they are not there, you can consider a prayer phrase for a closing remark or some kind words for those who are mourning.

Popular funeral readings can be delivered by a close friend or a relative to the deceased. It is usually advisable to communicate in advance if you wish for someone to do the reading so that they can adversely prepare for this.

Whether you or someone else, you should practice enough, prior to the memorial service to ensure the reading is perfectly executed.
Other than popular funeral readings, what else can you say at a memorial service?

Organizing a memorial service can be a daunting task that involves more than searching for the appropriate popular funeral readings. This might be even overly challenging if this is done a couple of days after the death of a loved one when people are still fragile to emotions.

A chance to speak during a memorial service is an opportunity to express your feelings, thoughts and honor the memory of the deceased, otherwise, you would have missed the mark.


Prepare yourself

Prepare for the speech accordingly. The best way? Write down your thoughts to do away with the chances of forgetting any important things you would wish covered. This also helps you organize the order to follow as you go about talking. Go through your drafts making necessary corrections, then you can try and minimize it so that it fits a small piece of paper.

Avoid words that may stir bitterness or emotions, and concentrate on the ones that are soothing, comforting or sentimental, with the center of attention being the happy times shared with the deceased and the beneficial lessons derived during their presence.
Ensure you practice your speech over and over until you are fluent in it.

When doing both funeral readings and speeches, it is important to make facial contacts with the audience. This gives them time to absorb your message while at the same time makes it look like a conversation between you and them.

You should also strive to have an upright posture while going about it, this boosts your confidence. You can also have a glass or bottle of water to sip through to help with a smooth throat and carry a handkerchief that can be handy in cases where you break down when going about your popular funeral reading.

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