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Non-Religious Funeral Poems — Their Importance and How to Choose the Perfect One

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non religious funeral poems

Non- Religious Funeral Poems


Whenever someone passes, it usually feels as if a flood is taking over us. Suddenly, we cannot breathe, we cannot see, and we cannot speak — the pain engulfs us, and everything hurts.


Although some do believe that time heals everything, we cannot always know that for sure. Indeed, those who lose important family members, children, not to mention parents or their soulmates, would disagree with the statement that time is all it takes to stop the pain.


However, one thing that can help us feel better, at least for a while, is poetry. We should read it whenever we have the time, even during a funeral, since poems can heal our soul and mind, giving us a new lease on life in the future.


Today, we will be talking about non-religious funeral poems and why they matter. These poems can lift a little bit of the grief the funeral attendees feel during the ceremony. Moreover, they can even be read afterward to mend a broken heart and keep those who have passed in constant memory.


Funeral and poems — keeping the connection alive


Planning a funeral takes a lot of effort, especially if the person that’s going to be buried is someone who fills our lives with love and happiness. Indeed, such funerals are most often quite sad and heart-wrenching — crying is inevitable.


Yet if we decide to include non-religious funeral poems into the ceremony, we just might feel a tiny bit better at some point. These poems can lift our spirit, help us connect to the deceased, and let’s face it — inspire us to cry our hearts out.


Crying has a bad reputation, but when it comes to funerals, we have to say to all our readers — if you need to cry, do. If you have to weep, don’t hesitate. Bottling up feelings is never good, especially when we’ve lost someone. Know that these poems can help you feel:


  • Happier, because some of them speak of how the person will be more comfortable in the afterlife.
  • Calmer, as they are the perfect way to say goodbye to someone.
  • Stronger, because they offer words of reassurance that everything will be all right in the end.


Non-religious funeral poems as a way of connecting to the dead


One of the most important features of these poems is that they can help us keep the bond between us and the deceased alive. Furthermore, many poems can fit into the non-religious category — even those written just a few years ago.


If the deceased was quite fond of poetry and they didn’t really care about religion, reading non-religious poems at a funeral is a sound choice. What’s more, if we know of some poems they particularly loved, including them in the ceremony can make the whole event that much more special.


In the end, it’s all about the connection we share with the dead and letting go. When the time for the funeral homes, we are still too raw, too hurt and too anxious to let them go, as we know that we will never see them again. Yet when we convey our feelings through poems that are able to heal us from within, funerals become easier. In essence, they turn into a celebration of someone’s life, which is what they really should be about.


Why poems are a good thing at funerals


Now, apart from non-religious funeral poems, people have many options they can choose from. For those who are especially religious, there are poems that connect both the spirituality of the deceased and their best traits.


However, there are also modern poems we can read at funerals that don’t want to follow a pattern. These especially come in handy if people want to ensure no one gets sucked into the sadness and grief too fast. In essence, these are some of the most therapeutic poems out there.


But why are poems a good thing at funerals anyway? Admittedly, a eulogy would have the same impact, if not a better one. People could write a speech and say what they think about the deceased while holding back the tears. Although sad, we cannot deny the fact that this can intensify the emotions in the whole room, making a funeral “a total success.”


Well, the reason why poems are preferred is rather simple — showing our emotions through another person’s words is just easier. It takes away the pain of writing a poem ourselves, as at least for a little bit, we won’t have to think about death. Moreover, pre-written non-religious funeral poems were carefully selected to have a therapeutic effect everyone at the funeral will feel. And let’s face it — if we were to write one on our own, chances are we wouldn’t be able to finish it. The pain would destroy us.


non religious funeral poems


Religious vs. non-religious funeral poems


One thing is for sure — every day, people are dying. Thus, when it comes to funerals, we have to take into account that both atheists and religious folk will get buried. However, the choice their family makes regarding poems can be quite different.


In essence, choosing between religious vs. non-religious funeral poems is easy. after all, people will most often pick those that speak to their soul and that is in line with their beliefs. Nevertheless, just because someone was an atheist, it doesn’t mean some religious poems cannot enhance their funeral.


We have to understand that poems have a much higher purpose than we might think. Reading them at a funeral doesn’t just fill up the time before and after the burial. They are also crucial if we want to say a proper farewell to the deceased and to ensure they have left this world in the best and the most poignant way possible.


Thus, no matter if we are religious or not, picking a poem for a funeral has to be a decision made from the heart. We have to listen to our feelings and decipher what they are telling us. More importantly, the poem should reflect what the person meant to us and how much pain they are leaving behind.


How to pick the right Non-Religious poem


As mentioned, when someone dies, the pain can impede us from thinking clearly and recognizing what the perfect poem for their funeral may be. Thus, we are here to help our readers avoid just going through the motions and picking whatever poem they come across first. after all, in order to bid farewell, we need to connect with the words, not to mention inject our own feelings into the poem. Only then can we know for sure that we have, after all the suffering, given our souls a way to heal.


Here are some guidelines everyone ought to follow when choosing a non-religious poem for a funeral:


Ensure the poem is suitable for the occasion


Although quite morbid in and of itself, we have to take into account whose funeral it is. Some poems are more suitable for people who have died of old age. Others speak about those who were taken from us prematurely. Because of this, it’s vital to go through a few poems and really consider the words. The message of the poem has to be just right for us to get the reaction we want, both from the audience and from the deceased’s spirit.


Think about the length of the poem


Of course, when planning a funeral, no one can instruct us to keep the poem as short as possible. In the end, it’s our way of saying goodbye to a loved one; if we want to recite Shakespeare, then so be it. However, we ought to think about the pain everyone in the audience will be feeling. Is it really a good idea to keep intensifying their emotions for longer than 10 minutes?


Everyone at the funeral will most likely feel a great deal of grief, so we have to consider their feelings as well. And of course, if the poem is way too long for the funeral, we can always shorten it. Everything is up to us.


When in doubt, pick a few poems


As we have already said, no one will stop us from picking a long poem for the funeral. However, if we want to say goodbye to loved ones properly, we can always mix and match a few poems.


In fact, this is a good idea for families who are religious, but they’re burying someone who wasn’t. By picking a few religious and non-religious poems, we can have the best of both worlds. We won’t have to worry if the deceased would disapprove. Furthermore, by combining these, we can ensure no one in the audience feels as if their feelings are not heard. We can help them connect to the deceased and take part in the grieving process along with others in attendance.


Consider picking a poem by their favorite poet


One way or another, we have all turned to poetry at some point. Both modern and religious, as well as non-religious poetry, can heal us. It can be something that helps us go through the obstacles life brings. So if the deceased had a favorite poet, we should choose something from their repertoire.


This would have a two-fold effect at the funeral. The first one relates to the fact that it would seem as if the deceased had chosen the poem themselves. Meanwhile, it would also work in favor of keeping the bond between the attendees and the deceased alive. The funeral would then mean a lot more than just a ceremony. It would be an adieu enhanced by the most precious words and the most intense emotions.


non religious funeral poems


Think about when to read the poem


Finally, when choosing a poem for a funeral, one has to take into account when it can be read. Some prefer to read the poem while the coffin is going underground. Others, however, believe someone should read it during the service. That way, the deceased can go through the door encompassed with emotions projected by the attendees.


But in the end, the choice is entirely up to us. There are no rules when it comes to funerals, or at least there should not be any. Our loved one has departed, no doubt about that. But it is up to us whether we want to pick more than one poem or if we want the poem to be read while they are going into the grave.

What we need to pay attention to, though, is how the audience is feeling. If it would be better to give a eulogy during the service and then read a poem at the grave, then so be it. Perhaps this combination would be the most suitable one, especially if the deceased in question had touched many lives and souls.


Who is the best person to read the poem?


We could have added this section to the guidelines above. However, we wanted to reflect on the fact that the best person to read a poem at a funeral would be someone who had shared their life with the deceased.


This can be a mother, a father, a spouse or even a daughter or a son. The list doesn’t have to end there, but most people prefer that someone from the immediate family reads the poem. After all, they probably knew the deceased better than anyone else.


However, consider this: sometimes, the people who know us best are not our family members. Sometimes, friends are the ones who are feeling the most pain because a person has died. Therefore, when planning a funeral for a loved one, take a good look at the possible readers.

Consider who the deceased would have loved to see reading the poem. Fulfill their last wish and ensure their soul finds peace through the words of either their favorite poet or those who were no strangers to the consequences someone’s death can bring.


Final thoughts on non-religious funeral poems


We have reached the end of our journey regarding non-religious funeral poems and their meaning. Now is the time to consider whether these are the most suitable ones for the burial of your loved one.


Death is painful not only for the family but for friends and acquaintances as well. So before choosing a poem, take into account everything we have said. Remember that there isn’t really a bad choice. If you pick a poem by listening to your heart and out of love for the deceased, anything you choose will be a perfect addition to their funeral.

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