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What to Say at My Nans Funeral

In today’s changing world we have found that Non-Religious Funeral Poems are among the top five searches when people are looking for a particular category of Funeral Poems.

Some time ago following the death of my Mother I was given the task to say a few words in the form of a eulogy for mum. No problem I thought, but I couldn’t be more wrong. (Click Here)

I also wanted to say some extra special words in the form of a poem. However, being someone with little faith I wanted to use a Non-Religious Funeral Poem.

Sitting down in front of the laptop I went to Google and typed in Non-Religious Funeral Poems and at first, the results appeared to be good.

Lots of completely free poems to choose from, Site after site, the same poems. So not wishing to dive into a rash decision I put the kettle on, sat back and reflected for a while.

One question came to mind. “Why are there so many free poems ?”

The answer is simple as it can be. They are the most used words by people throughout the world today. There was no special words, nothing unique, nothing that was special just for the relationship I had with my mother. They were all the same.

That can’t be right, can it? After more coffee and sometime later I came across a site tucked further down in the rankings and it was one of those “Eureka” moments.

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Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep


Non-Religious Funeral Poems.

Losing a loved one brings pain and grief to the friends and family of the deceased. Often, we want to make sure that they have had the best send off, as we say our final goodbyes through a funeral service.

In most cultures, a funeral is related to the faith, and thus people hold religious funerals with a clergy conducting the service.

However, some people have no faith in religion at all and that does not exclude celebrating their lives when they die. It is possible to commemorate a loved one through a non-religious funeral poem, and thus respecting their beliefs.

However, secular funeral poems might prove to be a difficult task to write but you can also opt to purchase one from the internet.

When are they most used?

Most non-religious funeral poems tend to lean on celebrating a lost loved one’s life. This is done through the shared memories we had with the deceased.

To write these poems, you may choose to focus on the personality or the deceased, the impact they had on our lives, or even the relationship we shared with them.

non religious funeral poems

The Theme.

The theme of a non-religious poem will depend on the bond you shared with the deceased, and that is why it is important to make it personal.

These poems can vary depending on the voice used. For instance, some funeral poem will feature the voice of the deceased while others will take that of a mourner, speaking of death.

In a funeral poem that features the voice of the deceased, the words are mainly consoling and assuring. The deceased is usually speaking to the mourners, encouraging them to move on with their lives as they did their parts.

You may find a funeral poem that is urging the bereaved to be happy and not sad about the death of a loved one. These kinds of non-religious poems are meant to offer comfort to the mourners as they undergo grief.

For instance, in a poem addressing mourners in the voice of the deceased, you may find a narration, urging the mourners not to weep but rejoice for the deceased has rested. You can choose this type of a poem to tell the audience what the deceased would have wanted you to.

non-religious funeral poems

Choosing a Funeral Poem.

The fact that you have been entrusted with the task of writing or choosing a funeral poem for the deceased means that you must have been close.

This means that you know exactly how they lived their lives and also how they would have wanted to be remembered.
In some cases, the deceased might have said some of their wishes before they met their death.

To customize a funeral poem for them, you may use their exact words to portray their view of life or their last words to you. For instance, before my mother passed away, I had gone to see her at the hospital. She was weakly and did not want to talk. Being the only person who was near her then.

I wanted to know how she was feeling but unfortunately, she could not talk much. She only managed to tell me that she needed to rest and I let her. Sadly, those were the last words I heard from her because she passed on the very next morning.

Using the right words.

In the above scenario, you can choose to write a funeral portraying the deceased’s last words and wishes. Even as sad as I was on her passing away,

I was relieved that I was able to grant her last wish, to let her rest. In a non-religious poem, you can put down a poem I the deceased’s voice focusing on the message to help the mourners, and yourself accept that the deceased’s time had come.

No matter how much we want to have them in our lives, when death calls and they answer, we are left with no choice but to accept. A funeral poem in the deceased’s voice could also help us understand why they had to go, and in some cases, we are grateful that they did, and were relieved from the pain they had been through in case they suffered from an illness.

Expressing our feelings.

On the other hand, a non-religious poem in the voice of the mourner might have different messages. For instance, a mourner can use a funeral poem to express their sorrow at losing someone.

A poem provides us with an opportunity to speak about our saddest thoughts when we think about the deceased. In this light, we can also choose to celebrate the life of a loved one.

This can be done through re-living the best memories we have of the deceased, and also presenting their personality. However, to be able to write an effective funeral poem you must make sure that the word selection contain vivid imagery of what you want the audience to remember about the deceased.

non religious Funeral Poems.

Saying Goodbye.

A mourner can also write a funeral poem to say goodbye to their loved ones. We are never prepared to lose someone but yet again there is nothing we can do to prevent death by taking away one of ours.

We never get to say goodbye to our loved ones, but a funeral service provides us with an opportunity to do so. A great non-religious funeral poem is one of the most effective ways we can deliver this message.

In the mourner’s voice, we are able to say the things we could have said if we had a chance to bid them goodbye should we have known that we were going to lose them to death.

In a great religious poem, a mourner can also be able to relive the deceased’s memories. This will help the audience understand who the deceased was, and how they lived their life.

We are also able to tell how the deceased impacted our lives. For instance, if you are writing a funeral poem to eulogize a friend, you can tell of your memories together that will help the audience see the loss you have to endure.

However, it is important to remain respectful while sharing any memory of the deceased. Remember that a funeral service is meant to commemorate the deceased and not to get even or speak ill of them.

non religious funeral poems

The last thing to do.

Lastly, a mourner can also express gratitude for having had an opportunity to be with the deceased in their lives. We are all glad to have people in our lives and when we lose them, we may tend to focus on being lucky to have met them.

This may be due to the influence they had on our lives. However, in a funeral poem, we can be able to tell them how much we miss them and also thank them for having been a part of our lives.

For instance, if you lost your spouse, who was not a believer, you may want to express the love you had for them and how much you are going to miss them now that they are gone.

However, to be able to tailor a funeral poem to the deceased, you should be able to determine your relationship with them. Let us look at how we can be able to commemorate our loved ones based on the relationship we shared:

Non-religious funeral poems for mother.

Mothers are important people in the world. They are the only people with the ability to love us unconditionally despite our shortcomings. When we lose our mothers, we are left with broken hearts and sometimes we are angry at the universe for taking them away from us.

It does not matter how old we are when they leave us, the grief is of the same intensity. However, we can be able to celebrate their lives in non-religious funeral poems if at all they were not religious.

A funeral poem for a mother will let you vent out your feelings of grief and loss. It provided an opportunity to tell her the things you wanted to tell her before she passed on.

Additionally, in a poem, you will be able to tell the audience what your mother meant to you and how grateful you are to have had her in your life. In order to write a good funeral poem, you will have to go through your best memories with your mother.

You should also consider the feelings you have over her demise and what she made you feel. You can talk about her love and care towards her.

The entire purpose of this funeral poem is to remember your mother and celebrate her for what she stood for. In so doing, you may want to think of her passions, her favourite shows, and books in efforts to portray her character. It is important to make sure that you have highlighted every emotion she made you feel when she was alive and thank her for the care she gave to you.

Non-Religious Funeral poems for Dads.

Fathers are essential figures in our lives in that they protect us as well as provide for us. They are the first people we trust so much even when we are in danger.

We believe that they are going to get us to someplace safe. Losing a father is heartbreaking, for all the things they stand for. You might find it hard to eulogize your father but a funeral poem is one of the best approaches to do so.

This way, you will be able to wrap up all your emotions in a beautiful poem to dedicate to your father.

You can alternatively decide to praise your father for being the parent he was. For instance, you may decide to celebrate his life in a nice funeral poem showcasing the man the way.

You can do this by telling the audience about the things he taught you as well as pay tribute to him by explaining his legacy. If your father was not a religious man, you can be able to do this through a great non-religious poem, featuring a part of who he was to you and your family.

Non-religious funeral poems for a sibling.

Losing a sibling is a loss to the entire family. It feels like you have lost a part of yourself and it can be quite hard to understand why they had to go before you.

Eulogizing your brother or sister is among the hardest things anyone has to do. However, poetry has a way of making it simpler to speak of a sibling’s death. You may have shared a special bond with them but then they were taken away from you.

What do you want the audience to remember your brother or sister? If you have been given the task of doing a funeral poem for them, it is your duty to make sure that the audience is able to see him/her as you see them. That being said, it is important to make sure that you use the right words, and figures of speech in the funeral poem.

Non-religious Funeral poem for a friend.

Experiencing the loss of a friend you held dear is difficult and so is eulogizing them. However, you can be able to remember the good times you had through sharing the memories you made when they were still alive.

You can do this through a non-religious poem which allows you to speak of the deceased in a kind way. You will, however, have to decide on which memories to include given that you had a lifetime of friendship.

As hard as it can be, it is important to remember your friend as the person you knew them to be.


As discussed above, you can use either voice based on the message you want to pass across. If your intention is to bid them goodbye or celebrate their life, then you may apply a mourner’s voice or you may use their voice to help the audience come to terms with their death.

Non-religious poems provide us with an opportunity to celebrate our loved ones without focusing on religious faith. We are able to pay our respects to the lost lives that did not have any particular faith in religion.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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