Non-Religious Funeral Poems.

non religious funeral poems

Non-Religious Funeral Poems are in the top 5 categories of Funeral Poems that are searched for.

When you go to your preferred search engine are type in Non-Religious Funeral Poems the top listed websites will offer you lots of free funeral poems.

You may ask yourself why. The reason for that is that these poems are, worldwide, the most used and most popular. 90% of the population of the world use these at funerals, services and so on.

Some while ago following the death of my much-loved mother, I found myself in the exact same position as you. I got to think that that’s the easy way out.

I, from a personal point of view, wanted to express words that were unique to my mother and I and that perfectly described the relationship we had together.

Every relationship is different that one has with a loved one. The experiences are different so why not be different when saying words in the funeral poem. It has to be unique just for you and the relationship you had with your loved one.

And then one day by pure luck I clicked on a website that was hiding down in the listings and claimed that it offered up over 250 funeral poems. Not only that it offered advice on so much more regarding the death of a loved one.

I made contact with the website owner and convinced them to allow me to use that exact same download. They agreed as in their words they, like us wanted to help people that were in the same position as us.

You can see what is available in that download by clicking here.

Although it wasn’t free for a small cost it was worth every single penny and the advice offered within was invaluable.

non-religious funeral poems

Organising the funeral.


it may seem an obvious point to make, however, coping with the death of a loved one is one of the most stressful things we will have to deal with in our life.

One has to be pragmatic about this and don’t allow the grief to take over. after all, there are only two things that are certain in life. “Death and Taxes”

There was the funeral that had to be organised. From our experience, we strongly suggest you find an experienced and friendly Funeral Director. They will take the weight from your shoulders and allow one to get on with the rest of the arrangements.

There was the death certificate to get and some other legal matters to attend to.

Where will we have the wake and how many mourners will be present. You will need to know to be able to cater for the refreshments.

The money will also come up and that will depend on your own financial circumstances. We were fortunate as our Mother had left enough money to pay for her funeral. That was a relief. Or the credit card would have taken a major hit!

A will had been made and a Beneficiary had been named so that made the selling of the property and other matters so much easier.

We advise you, if not done all ready to make a will and have a power of attorney in place. Your life will be so much easier.


The top three religions throughout the world.

Throughout the world, it has been found that Christianity is still the top religion. Muslims being in second place and in third place are atheists.

The rise of non-religious people is thought to be the changing ways that our lives have altered and the modern day pressures of everyday life.  For the full report go here.

Religion can come across as not applicable in today’s modern world. Is it a Blind Faith? That is obviously a personal view. The increase of education and the methods of the ways in which we are to think could be the reason for the rise in this. after all, where is the evidence?

If you fall into the category of a non-believer and searching for non-religious funeral poems click here as we are going to enter the main body of this article.

non-religious funeral poems

Non-Religious Funeral Poems.

Just like religious poems, non-religious poems have the equal ability to comfort and console the mourners while celebrating the lives of the deceased. Human beings are diverse even when it comes to their faiths. Some are faithless.

Non-religious funeral poems ensure that the non-believers are not compelled to the religious specific poems, but that they too have a wide range to select from.


Where are the non-religious poems used?

That they are not specific makes them free to be used by people from all walks of life. They still talk about circumstances revolving around death, but only do away with the faith bit. You can therefore still use them in church, homes, mosques, or any other form of set up.

Did you know that you can use more than one non-religious poem at a given time? If you happen to love a couple of poems, you can still use them.

In fact, you can assign them to different readers, or perhaps use them at the various stages of a burial ceremony.

These poems can be personalized by adding the names of the deceased to give them more force. It will appear like it as specifically written for your loved one, when in between the poem you refer to them by their names, an act that tends to draw more reactions from the audience.

These poems can be used on such funeral stationery as listed below,
 Obituaries.
 Headstones.
 Sympathy cards and notes
 Funeral flowers.
 Thank you notes that are sent to funeral or burial services. What’s more, you can do a single template and produce several copies which you can send to everyone who attended or supported you, without having to worry about their religion.
 Condolence cards.
 Funeral programs.

These poems can be read out by everyone inclusive of children, adults and the elderly. They only mean to offer messages of comfort and consolation to people, to whom they are indiscriminative.


Types of non-religious funeral poems.

There are religious poems for specific people as listed below,
 Parents- there are non-religious poems for dads, moms, or both in general.
 Siblings- could be for either your brother or sister.
 Grandparents- either grandma, grandpa, or both.
 Friends.
 Colleagues.
 Uncles and aunties.

Non-religious funeral poems are available as either long or short. The choice is yours, all ought to do is determine where they will be used, as this dictates the space and time you have for incorporating the poem.

They further encompass a plethora of themes to choose from. That they are about death doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be sorrowful. Some are humorous, happy, and celebratory to name but a few.

Based on how they are used, they can be broken down into the following types,
 Bereavement poems
 In memoriam poems.
 Sympathy Poems.
 Condolence poems.
 General funeral poems.

non-religious funeral poems

Traits of a good funeral poem.

Much of the world of poetry is one not governed by rules, a poem is considered successful when it is able to do the following,

 It should evoke a certain feeling in the reader. Whether it makes you smile, cry, sad, angry or curious, it certainly should arouse a particular type of emotion from the audience.

A poem is written based on a given circumstance or line of thought, which naturally relates to human beings, so it would be meaningless to go through a poem and feel nothing.

 It needs to have words that are easy to read and understand. The audience or reader need not draw a dictionary to be able to read and translate what the poet meant. Things need to be self-explanatory, to enable the readers to automatically connect to the emotions expected from the poem.

 It should clearly bring out the image as per the poet’s intentions. Poetry tries to use words to create the worldly scenarios, and a good poem carefully uses words to establish images that are clear, concrete, imaginable, and memorable.

Much as they are non-religious, they still play some key roles as illustrated below.

They help in celebrating the lives of our departed loved ones. The talk about the lives and moments shared in such a manner that it appears that their lives were enough up to the point they left.

They are therefore able to change moods from sorrowful to celebratory, and make the bereaved rejoice in the times they shared with the deceased.

They offer sympathy.


By so telling someone that they are not alone and that somebody is out there, is quite enough sympathy. This, when done with such things as sympathy notes, are usually weighty, and tend to drive the message home. They simply say that someone cares.

They are a source of encouragement to the mourners. By knowing that someone else went through the same pain, and sailed through, enabling them to write about it thereafter, is quite inspiring.

The lines are carefully done with the emotions of the mourners in mind and crafted in a way that they will encourage the audience to move on regardless.


They aid in healing too. By virtue of one reading these poems or dedicating them to the departed ones. It looks like they are sharing the pain with the poet who did the poem, thereby giving a feeling of them not being the first people to go through such painful moments.

It makes one be easy with the whole situation. Sometimes the words themselves seem like they are directed to the reader’s heart, as they speak their emotions as they would have wished, but lacked the appropriate words.

Some are dedicated to the deceased. Though they may not participate in the conversation, it appears like the dead listen to everything we say, as it is believed that they become omnipresent.

That you conveyed a message to them through a poem is, therefore, fulfilling on another level. These poems come out as a way of telling the deceased how life is since they departed.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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