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The relationship between a father and a daughter is usually special. In fact, the way a father approaches life is going to determine how his daughter views the world. Therefore, we cannot undermine the dad’s role in raising a daughter. And due to this, daughters develop a special attachment with their dads. This means that when a girl loses her father, it is devastating and will possibly leave a huge void in her life. However, an obituary for a father from his daughter is going to help the girl celebrate and also remember him.


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It is definitely going to be very devastating for the daughter to handle such loss. However, everybody has their own way of grieving and an obituary is one of them. I mean, in addition to announcing the unfortunate demise of your father, you want to grieve him. If you have been entrusted with the role of writing an obituary for your father, do not despair as we are going to help you write one.


How to write an obituary for father from daughter

  1. Introduction
  2. Biography
  3. Family
  4. Theme
  5. Religion
  6. Scheduled ceremonies & funeral details





Obituary for Father from Daughter


The way you commemorate your father is based on the relationship you had with him. Needless to say, daughters will be very close to their fathers which means it is a hard hit to lose him. Writing an obituary is not always an easy task since the bereaved is hurting. However, it is sometimes necessary to let people know about the unfortunate happenings. In this article, we are going to look at some of the things you should keep in mind when you are writing an obituary for your beloved father.

Announce his death

This is usually the most difficult thing to do when you are mourning the loss of your father. An obituary is targeted at letting people know about the death of the deceased. It is understandable that you are going through the process of grief, which might start with denial. Through announcing his death, you will also be able to acknowledge your loss.

When announcing the death of your father, including his name, date of death as well as the place of residence. This way, members of the community will be able to identify the deceased as well as extend their support to you.

Understand that during this time, you will need as much support as you can get, be it emotional, or even with the funeral plans. In addition to this, you can request the members of your family to chip in with any other important details to include.


Relive your fondest memories with your dad


An obituary provides you with an opportunity to relive your most treasured memories with your father. As we had indicated earlier, the dad-daughter relationship is a special one. A daughter will pick up life lessons from her father, including her future relationships with others. Therefore, if you have been close with your dad, it is going to be difficult trying to get over the loss.

However, when you are writing an obituary for him, remember the person he was. You can actually include your best memories with your father in the obituary. For instance, it is okay to tell the audience a story about the day he taught you to ride a bike. As hard as it is going to be to remember these memories, they will help you acknowledge your loss. This is an important step as it will aid the process of grief.

In addition to the above, when these memories come to mind, you will be able to tell people who he was. You are the person that probably understands your father more than anyone else. Therefore, you can be able to relive his memories and also bring out his personality. after all, this is a very important aspect of an obituary for father from daughter.

You can be able to relive these memories by;

Talking about his favorite things

Well, we all have our favorite things to do, eat or even watch. There is no harm in including some of these things in your father’s obituary. For instance, if your dad loved golf, you can talk about how passionate he used to be about it. You can also include an anecdote about one of his wins or even games. An obituary for your father from a daughter does not always have to be a sad one.

Bring in his personality

When you lose your beloved dad, it is obvious to want to bring him back to life in your memories. An obituary gives you the opportunity to bring him back to life in other people’s minds. Talk about his personality in the obituary to paint a picture for the audience. Let people know your dad as well as you did. For instance, if your dad had a sense of humor, do not shy away from quoting one of his favorite jokes. This will give the audience an idea of what your dad was like.

Since you are his daughter, you will definitely be able to tell people about the other side of your dad. I mean, you can share the joy you shared with him in the obituary.

Talk about his achievements

An obituary is somehow a platform to help people recognize the deceased. In this case, your father deserves to be celebrated in a special way. You should also include some details about his achievements and also involved in different activities in the community.

Some of the achievements that you may focus on include his education, volunteering service if any. Not only will this help people identify him but also celebrate his accomplishments. This is the one chance that you have to demonstrate that not only is it your loss but also the entire community’s.

Include personal details

In addition to bringing out your father’s personality in the obituary, you can also use this opportunity to include other personal details. For instance, you must include his family details including yourself, siblings and other surviving family members.

In addition to this, you can actually mention how he met your mother. I mean, if you have been close with your father, he must have talked about it all sometimes. You can simply highlight these details in the obituary.

Obituary for Father from Daughter

Pay Tribute to your father

Losing a father is difficult and sometimes unbearable. However, this does not mean that they are truly gone forever as we can hold their memories forever. Therefore, you may decide to do a tribute obituary instead, whereby you honor your dad. A tribute is an excellent way to honor his memories, for you and everyone else affected by the loss.

In the tribute, you can mention some of the things that your father believed in when he was alive. For instance, you can include his favorite quote in the obituary for a father from a daughter. These will give people an opinion of who your dad really was.

Include special messages

Well, once you are writing the obituary for your dad, do not forget to thank those who cared for him. For instance, if your dad had been ill, or involved in an accident that leads to his death, it is vital to send a special message to the hospital. In other cases, if you had an elderly father staying in a home, then you can send a message thanking the home for taking good care of him.

Funeral Service details

We cannot forget to mention that the entire purpose of the obituary is to let people know about the death of your beloved dad. However, it is also important to include the service details. These details include the date, time and location of the funeral service. If you are holding a requiem service for your dad, you can also include the venue and also time.

In addition, do not forget to include the details of the wake if at all you are holding one for your dad.

Now that we have looked at some of the most important things to include in an obituary for a father from a daughter, we can briefly discuss the two types of obituaries. These are informative obituaries and opinative obituaries.

Informative obituary

This is the most commonly used type of obituaries. Usually, it will contain fewer details and it is more of a death announcement. This is because it will include the straight forward details of the death, place of residence of the deceased as well as the funeral service details. In addition, this type of obituary may also contain family details. It is the kind of obituary that you will find in the local paper.

Opinative Obituary

It is actually a little tough to come up with this because you will have to do it yourself or ask the funeral home for assistance. This is a more detailed obituary, the kind that will allow you to pay your tributes, and even go into details about your dad’s demise.

It will involve more intimate details and account of the death of your dear father. It is actually devoted to the family rather than the dwelling of the death announcement. In most cases, this is usually the best type of obituary to go for if you are looking to commemorate your dad. You will have space and time to tell all about him, while also acknowledging your loss.

Whichever type of obituary you choose, ensure that it is respectful to both the audience and more so the deceased.

Steps to write an obituary for a father from daughter

We have already looked at some of the key elements of an obituary for a loved one. However, what are the steps you should take when preparing an obituary for your dad? Let us briefly look at steps guide for writing an obituary effectively;

Step I: Introduction

The introduction of an obituary will include the announcement of the death of your father. This includes details such as the name and age of your deceased dad. At this point, you will be acknowledging your loss and thereby initiating the process of grief by yourself, which is healthy.

In addition, the obituary introduction will also include the details of death like the date of death. In some cases, you can include the cause of death, but it is pretty much optional. This is because the cause of death is usually shared among the immediate family members and not the public. However, if you choose to include the cause of death, you may indicate that it was a result of an illness or an accident. You just have to be very honest about it all.

Step II: Biography

This is where you will be required to mention a thing or two about your dad. Your dad’s biography does not have to cover each and everything he did when he was alive. Far from it actually, this is where you tell people who your dad was, just as you knew him.

Assuming that you are writing an opinative obituary for your dad, you should describe your dad’s personality, family relations as well as his accomplishments. If your dad served in the military, do not forget to honor his devotion to his country as well as the community.

You can also give a brief story about your dad in the biography, which will include the date and place of birth. You can also include his education, work, and marriage as well.


Obituary for Father from Daughter

Step III: Family

You should also include your dad’s surviving family in the obituary. Well, this goes a long way to the entire surviving family members. For instance, indicate the number of children your dad has, as well as his immediate family members.

You can also indicate the inheritance of the deceased, but this is also optional. Remember that the goal of the obituary is not only to remember the deceased but also notify the public about the passing of your father.

Step IV: Scheduled ceremonies and funeral service details

This is the very last part that you should not forget to include. Ensure that you indicate the dates and times of any scheduled ceremonies. For instance, the wake or memorial service time and venue. This way, you will be able to get the support of the community.

In addition, include any other details like where to send donations, flowers, and even condolences. This way, people will be able to offer you the support that you might be in need of. Understand that support does not always mean money or other material things. You will need as much emotional support as you can get.

Factors to consider when writing an obituary for your father


When preparing an obituary for a father from daughter, the theme of the obituary is important. Other than announcing the death of your beloved father, what else do you want people to feel? Do you want them to feel sad and sorry for you? Or do you simply want them to help you celebrate a life well-lived? You need to think about your theme before you get down to write.

The fact is you do not have to put down all your grief in the obituary. In fact, some people tend to make the obituaries as humorous as possible by sharing the jokes of the deceased. This does not mean that you do not deserve to mourn him as death is just sad. However, an obituary can also be celebratory and funny, bringing the deceased’s memories back to life. Be sure of what you want the obituary to sound like to the audience.

The religion of the deceased

This is another factor to put into consideration when writing an obituary for your dad. You should not write an obituary that is contrary to his beliefs. For instance, when you are writing an obituary for your father who was a staunch Christian, the latter should also feature his beliefs. This includes when you do not believe in that.

On the other hand, it would also be unfair to write a religious obituary if your dad had no religion. Therefore, to honor the deceased’s memories, ensure that the obituary is within their life values and beliefs.

Relationship with the deceased

This can be confusing as we had already indicated how fathers are close to their daughters. However, this is not always the case. You might have had a rocky relationship with your dad, and that does not take away your right to mourn him.

In such a case, you do not have to go into detail to talk about the negative characteristics of your dad. You can simply opt to go for the informative type of obituary because it will only highlight the important details. The obituary is meant to honor and celebrate the deceased in a respectful way and not to rant about their shortcomings.


In conclusion, dealing with the sudden loss of a parent can be devastating and heartbreaking. However, being entrusted to write an obituary is an honoring task. It gives you the opportunity to tell the public about your dad, and share the relationship you had with him. You get to explore all the memories you shared as you paint a picture in people’s minds about who your dad was.

In addition, you get to celebrate him and tell people about his accomplishments. Therefore, you should take your time and write an honoring and respectful obituary for your father.

An obituary for a father from his daughter does not have to be sad and depressing. You can take the opportunity to tell some of his favorite jokes, as you share your loss with the audience. It is my hope that you get to write a good and heartfelt obituary for your beloved dad in honor of his memories.

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