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When you lose your father, it is understandable that you will be devastated. It is going to be a tough time, especially if you had a good and close relationship with him. However, it is important to come up with an obituary for him. Before we continue, we need to understand what an obituary is. It is more of a notification of death that may feature a brief biography of the deceased. It is difficult to write an obituary for your father but also very important for his legacy.


When you lose your father, it is understandable that you will be devastated. It is going to be a tough time, especially if you had a good and close relationship with him. However, it is important to come up with an obituary for him. Before we continue, we need to understand what an obituary is. It is more of a notification of death that may feature a brief biography of the deceased. It is difficult to write an obituary for your father but also very important for his legacy.

Even though funeral homes will most often write the obituary for the deceased, you might want to add a personal touch to it. I mean, you knew your father more than the funeral home people did. But why exactly do you need an obituary when you have a eulogy? Well, below, we are going to discuss the importance of an obituary.


Importance of an obituary


An obituary is not only an announcement of death but also an opportunity for you to recall your best memories with your father. This means that you have the chance to paint a picture of who he was and his life values to the people and even to yourself.

You can have either of two types of obituaries based on your personal preference. These are short or long forms of obituaries with the former being most appropriate for newspapers or even social media sharing. The long-form obituary, on the other hand, is meant to highlight more details and probably shared with the members of the community. It can also be printed in the local newspaper as well.


obituary for your father


Below are some of the reasons why you will need an obituary for your father;

Notifying the public about the death of your father

An obituary is usually prepared immediately you learn about the passing of your father. As difficult as this can be, you will need the support of the community during this time. Well, the truth is, once you lose your parent, it is heartbreaking and stressful and you need emotional and any other form of support you can get.

Furthermore, your dad might have been an inspirational person who touched the lives of the community as well. They deserve to know and also be there for you during this difficult time.

It helps you acknowledge your loss

Upon learning about the passing of your father, you are going to subconsciously get into the first stage of grief which is denial. It is only normal to wonder how that happened, and most importantly why he had to go. Unfortunately, there is no single answer to that and the only thing you can do is acknowledge your loss and allow yourself to feel.

By taking up the role of writing an obituary for your father, you get the chance to acknowledge to yourself and others about his death. You are able to accept that he is really gone as you relive his memories.

Paying tribute to the deceased

This is probably the most important thing we think about once we learn about the death of a loved one. You want to celebrate them, tell people who they were and how important the deceased was to you.

When you are writing an obituary, you have the chance to pay tribute to your father. You will be able to tell people what exactly he meant to you and the changes he made in the community. We are going to look at this much further in the next section of this article.

Obituary provides a historical journal for your bloodline

An obituary can also act as a journal for the upcoming generation. Well, we all want to be remembered and celebrated. An obituary will be documentation for your future generation to learn about their past and bloodline.

For instance, if your father passed on before you got a family or even kids, an obituary is good historical documentation that your kids can learn about their grandfather.

An obituary will contain funeral details

This is actually one of the most important aspects of an obituary. It should contain the funeral information like the venue, the memorial service time and location. You will need to let people know about the passing of your father, but you should also provide these details.

Once you lose someone, it is not only your loss but also the community’s, especially if your dad was an involved member. They need to know about the funeral service, as well as any wake if you are holding any. You do not have to go through the devastating loss by yourself.


The aspects of an obituary


Now that we have highlighted the benefits of writing an obituary, we need to understand how you can be able to do this exactly. There are several elements of an obituary that you must include. We are going to outline each of these aspects, paying attention to delivering a good and well-detailed obituary.

Announcement of death

This should be the first element to go with when you are writing an obituary for your dad. When announcing the loss to the people, you will need to include the date of death, age as well as the place of residence. However, even though you are hurting from the loss, you will need to use kind words in the obituary.

Rather than using the words, ‘he died,’ consider replacing that with ‘passed away.’ Well, in the case you are religious, you can also use ‘went to be with the Lord’ instead.

The cause of death can also be a subject of discussion in the obituary, only if you are comfortable with it. In most cases, most people are curious to know but that does not mean you have to include it in the obituary.

You can talk to your siblings and immediate family members about whether to include that or not. You do not have to mention the exact cause of death. Instead, you can mention that your dad was ill without going into details, that is if your dad succumbed to an illness.

Life story

This aspect has many people confusing an obituary with a eulogy. There is a very thin line separating the two you do not have much space to eulogize your father in the obituary. However, in the obituary, it is important to mention a few things about your father.

These will bring about authenticity and personal touch to the obituary, rather than just a blunt death announcement. Therefore, it is important to mention a few things about your father in the obituary.

You can use the obituary to capture the aspects of your father’s life and bring him to the minds of the people. For instance, you can bring in his personality in the obituary. If he had a favorite thing to do, it is perfectly okay to mention it. These are some of the things that remind us of the best times we spent together. It will also give you an opportunity to relive the memories in his honor. The life story of your deceased father might incorporate the following;


obituary for your father


In addition to the above, you might need to add something up in order to ring out your father’s personality. This way, people will be able to relate in terms of loss. For instance, you can tell a family story, something that brings joy to the family. People who knew your dad will want to relate the demise of your father with a favorite thing he used to love when he is alive.

This is not always an easy thing to pull off. However, this is a chance for you to celebrate your dad and also his accomplishments. For instance, if your dad was an involved member of the community, do not shy from showcasing his deeds. Share his accomplishments with the people who knew him in order to pay tribute and remember your dad. In addition, you can add a line or two talking about your father’s passion.


This should also be a part of the obituary. Briefly mention your father’s education levels and also the activities he participated in. You should not forget to mention the schools and colleges he went to as well as his accomplishments. In addition, you can also indicate any volunteering programs he ever took part in. This will give people a rough idea of his history.


In addition to celebrating your father’s passions, you can also highlight his achievements. Let the people know about his education and work. If your dad was an involved member of a certain organization, it is important that you highlight that too.

An obituary not only celebrates the deceased’s life, but it is also meant to announcing death. By highlighting these things, you are helping people identify your dad. For instance, if your dad was a retired army officer, do not be afraid to mention that in the obituary. The goal is to let the people concerned learn about the death of your dad as well as honor his achievements.


You cannot fail to include this in the life story aspect in the obituary for your father. You will need to mention his family, that is, the surviving family members. These might include yourself and your siblings, your mom and also your aunts and uncles. Once again, the idea is to give a full description of the deceased in order to help people remember him.

In the case where your father also had grandchildren, do not leave them out either. Well, if they are too many to mention all in the obituary, you can simply indicate that the deceased had ‘many grandchildren.’

Service times

As I had indicated earlier, it is important that you mention the service times of your dad. For instance, if he served with the military, then mention that and include his ranks. The same case if he was a volunteer or even a philanthropist, mention the locations and also the projects he took part in.

We have an obligation to ensure that our parents are remembered for the good deeds they did when they were alive. Therefore, do not shy away from mentioning these as they are part of his accomplishments and they somehow touched lives in a kind way.

Special messages

An obituary provides you with an opportunity to send special messages to people or groups of people. For instance, if your dad had been ill for some time, you can send special thanks to the hospital that cared for him during that period. This is to show them appreciation despite your father’s death. It is important to recognize the people that cared for him at home as well.

In addition, you can use this space to instruct people where to send their condolences or even hold the wake. For instance, if your dad was a religious man, you can use the obituary to announce the memorial service date as well as the venue.

An obituary should also contain the funeral details. These will include the date, time and location of the burial ceremony.


obituary for your father


Once you are convinced that you have captured all the message you needed to, it is time to get photos for the obituary. You should get the most recent and decent photos of your deceased father for the obituary. The goal is to provide as many details as you can to help people identify your dad.

As much as they may add to the cost of the obituaries, the photos will help people remember the deceased as he was.

Once you are satisfied with the details of the obituary, you may consider having a friend, or generally, another person read it out to you. This way, you will ensure that you have captured all the details that are needed. Now you will have to decide where to publish the obituary, keeping in mind that you want people to know about your beloved dad’s death.


Submitting the obituary for your father


In most cases, or to say the traditional way of announcing the death of a loved one is by submitting the obituary to the local news outlets. However, times have changed and we have funeral homes doing all the work for us. As much as writing an obituary is helping you relive your dad’s finest moments, you are doing it for other people; as they say, a funeral is for the living.

You can now publish an obituary online and share it with loved ones, or generally on your social media. Alternatively, you can share it on your social media. This way, you will reach the targeted audience since people barely get to read the paper nowadays.

Sharing an obituary on social media is perfect. However, it will quickly move down your timeline given that we currently have billions of people using social media. This is why you may consider getting the obituary published or announced in the local news.

Once again, obituaries are actually very useful when we are talking about keeping a historical journal about family. Well, most people looking into their family history will often look into the newspaper articles.

This means that your future generation will be able to learn about their bloodline in the case they want to. However, do not limit yourself to using the local newspaper as the only outlet for the obituary for your father. Utilize social media and share it via email with your friends and family. This will help you maximize the number of audiences reached as opposed to the local news only.


Points to note when writing an obituary for your father


In the case your dad was religious, it is important to keep the obituary as religious too. For instance, you can include a few verses that he liked when he was alive. Alternatively, you can use his beliefs to describe your loss as he would. For instance, you may want to think that your dad is in heaven and is resting in eternity. Remember that the obituary should tell as much information about the deceased as much, including their religious beliefs.

An obituary will not only help you announce death but also initiate the process of grief. Well, the very first stage of grieve is disbelief and denial. The obituary, on the other hand, enables you to acknowledge your loss.

This way, you will not dwell on the denial stage for a long time. In addition, when you are highlighting his life story, you will be able to recount the best memories that you had with him. This is not always an easy task but you can do it for him.

By accepting the role of doing an obituary, you are simply allowing yourself to express yourself. You can be able to tell the world that your father was supportive, loving and also involved. However, it is important, to be honest in the obituary.

This includes the cases of a distant father. This is not going to be easy but you should refrain from using harsh or blaming words in the obituary. If you were not as close with your dad, simply announce the death, short bio and include the funeral details. You do not have to go on ranting in an obituary.




In conclusion, use the obituary as an opportunity for you to talk about your dad’s accomplishments. Let people know about his involvement in the community. Not only will this help you acknowledge your loss but you will also be able to ask for help from the community. The truth is, you cannot be able to handle the death of your parents alone. You will need the emotional and any other kind of support you may get during this painful moment. The above tips should guide you into writing a good obituary for your father.


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