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Funeral poems for Nan.


Losing a grandmother is painful for the entire family.

However, when this tragedy occurs, it is upon us to make sure that we eulogize the deceased in a respectful manner. In most occasions, the family is responsible for burial preparation, including preparing the eulogy.

The eulogy can include various categories including a funeral poem for nan.

Preparing a funeral poem is difficult since you might be grieving, but it can also be a task whereby you are able to relive your best moments with your grandma. In order to be able to prepare a funeral poem for nan, you will have to decide on the following aspects;

  1. i)    Length of the poem
  2. ii)    Structure of the poem
  3. iii)    The theme of the poem

Length of the funeral poem for Nan.

It is important to decide on the length of the poem, based on the time allocated for eulogy reading.

To be able to determine whether to read a short or long funeral poem for nan, you may talk to the funeral coordinator. The person undertaking the task of preparing a eulogy for your Nan may also be of help.

 funeral poems nan

Short Funeral Poem for Nan.

If you decide to go for a short funeral poem, you will have to select your words carefully. This means that the poem should convey an intimate message using simple and specific words.

A short funeral poem may be tougher to write, especially if you are looking to express different feelings about your Nan.

However, you can prepare a nice funeral poem by getting inspired by what your grandma meant to you and the moments you shared.

You should also remember that a short funeral, mostly five to six lines, carries a growing momentum from the start to finish. This means that the audience should be able to get your intended message from the first to the last line.

The inspiration for a short funeral poem for your Nan might come from the moments you spent together.

It is easier to develop or choose a short funeral poem through deciding on a single theme you want to reflect as you eulogize your grandma. Metaphors are great for short funeral poems as they help you deliver your intended message in a few words.

Long Funeral Poem for Nan.

Based on the time allocated for the eulogy and poem reading, you may go for a long-form poem. These kind of poems are great because they allow you to narrate.

This means you can be able to share your most treasured memories of your grandmother, or activities you carried out together.

Nans are by nature teachers and caretakers of our wellbeing, especially if we got to spend time with them before they passed away. You make take your love and care confessions to a beautiful long funeral poem for your Nan.

You may gather inspiration for this form of a funeral poem from sharing your moments with your Nan.

However, these poems might turn into narratives such that you may forget the rules of poetry. This may lead to a funeral poem with paragraphs instead of lines. It is therefore vital to choose your words carefully as you share your poem with your audience.

Structure of the funeral poem for Nan.

There are several structures of a poem, based on the line format. The most common poem structures include;

  1. I)    Sonnet

This is characterized by 14 lines which are divided into two stanzas. The stanzas are divided into 8 and six lines respectively and do not require any particular rhyme scheme. This structure is favorable for short

  1. II)    Limerick

This poem consists of five line with the first, second and the fifth line contains a rhyme scheme and are the longest lines of the poem. The third and fourth line rhyme.

III)    Narrative

A narrative poem is a storytelling kind of poem. This poem does not necessarily have any rules and is one of the best to use for a funeral. It tells of a story in a poetic manner.

The above-mentioned types of poems are mainly used for the funeral.

The theme of the poem.

There are different themes you can choose to focus on when choosing or preparing a funeral poem for Nan. This should, however, solely depend on your feelings since you will be the one expressing yourself to the audience.

The poem should be themed in such a way that the audience will be able to decipher what your Nan meant to you and the entire family.

To be able to determine a theme for a funeral poem for grandma, you should focus on your feelings of loss. Thinking about your grandma when you are grieving is not an easy task and more often than not, you might get caught up with the feelings of loss.

The theme of the poem should be determined by how you want the audience to feel on hearing you recite the poem. A funeral poem for Nan might be:

  1. i)    Sympathetic

Losing your grandmother is not only a loss for you but for the entire family. A sympathetic funeral poem features kind words expressing sympathy to the grieving.

This might be of help to you as you will find comfort in these words, even as you read the poem to the audience. It is important to focus on one theme in which you express your sympathy from.

  1. ii)    Celebratory

Losing a loved one is quite painful but in a way a chance to celebrate their well-lived lives. If you have been assigned to look for or create a funeral poem for your grandma, you may want to tell how much she meant to you and the family in a celebratory manner.

In this kind of a poem, you may talk about how important your Nan was to you and the family, and also express gratitude for having met her.

iii)    Religious/Non-religious.

Religion is an important aspect when preparing a funeral poem for Nan. It is important to consider the faith of the deceased before going for a religious funeral poem. However, a religious poem is set to encourage and express gratitude for having met her. In the case where she was not religious, you may go for a non-religious poem.

funeral poems for nan

Finding the perfect words for a funeral poem for Nan.

Knowing what to say in a funeral poem for Nan is not easy. When you are grieving, you may not know what to say and thus it is important to ponder on finding the right words to include in the funeral poem.

It is also essential to consider the audience when you are choosing the words to use. Do you want the audience to feel sympathetic? Or do you want them to remember your grandma in a certain way? Or do you want to express your grief in the poem?

In most cases, the funeral poem is usually among the last information in eulogy delivery. You will want the audience to remember about your deceased grandmother.

The relationship you shared with your grandmother should be able to guide you in choosing the words to express yourself in a funeral poem.

In most cases, grandmothers are our caretakers and they love us genuinely. In a funeral poem for Nan, you may want to tell the audience about the things that made her stand out. This may include the ways in which she expressed her affection to you and the family.

Even if you have been solely assigned the role to write or choose a funeral poem for your Nan, it is important to include the entire family. You may ask your relatives if there is anything they would like considered in the funeral poem.

To construct a funeral poem, you may consider your grandma’s character. This might be she was humorous, kind or affectionate.

Through reliving her memories, you will be able to identify things that made her who she was. In turn, you may choose to celebrate who she was through reliving these moments that defined her affection to you.

A funeral poem will not only e to celebrate your Nan’s life but could also serve as a way of finding comfort for you and the audience.

Particularly, sympathetic funeral poems will express how sorry you are that she is gone and also include words of encouragement. People will need encouragement during the difficult times of grief.

You may also go ahead to express your condolence message in the funeral poem for your Nan. Losing a grandma is not only a personal loss but that of the entire family.

You should, however, talk about the deceased in a kind way, despite any weaknesses they might have portrayed while they were alive.

While pondering about the content of the funeral poem, it is important to go through the happy memories you shared with your Nan.

This will help you develop a standard theme that will go with the theme of the funeral. To achieve this, you should talk to the funeral coordinator. In some cases, despite people mourning

How would your grandmother want to be remembered? This is also a vital; question that you may want to consider when you are choosing a funeral poem.

This will take you back to relive the memories you spent together with her. There are multiple funeral poems you can choose from based on your preference.

 funeral poems nan

Choosing a funeral poem for your Nan.


You may want to consider what she loved. This will guide you in including her individuality in the funeral poem. You will be able to create a persona in a funeral poem which will be remembered for your Nan.

If you did not get to spend a lot of time with her, you may ask other family members including your aunts and uncles. Grandmas are known to spoil grandchildren and also share the history of the family.

Once a loved one passes on, we never get the chance to say goodbye. However, there are funeral poems to pay tribute and farewell to the deceased.

This will not only help you express your loss but also give you closure about losing your Nan. You will be able to accept that she is gone and at a better place. This will make it easier for you and the family to endure your loss.

It is important to make sure that the contents of the poem are authentic and original. The poem should be able to paint a picture of who your Nan was and what she meant to you.

You will need to define a point of view from which you will want the audience to see your grandma from. In the case that you got to spend most of your life with her, it might be very difficult to deal with the loss.

However, focusing on the love and affection you shared with her might help you in choosing an appropriate funeral poem.

Should it just so happen that your Nan was religious, and a staunch Christian, you should consult with the clergy leading the funeral program. This way, you will determine what message you want to pass across to the audience based on the theme of the program.

It is important to respect the deceased’s faith. This being said, a funeral poem may be based on something your Nan believed in and stood up for.

In this case, the funeral poem can serve as an expression and celebration of your Nan’s life. You should be able to bring out a personality she presented, and also pass a message to encourage and comfort mourners at the funeral.

In conclusion.

it is important to make sure that the funeral poem for Nan capture’s her personality. It should be able to represent what she believed in and who she is.

A funeral poem may also be aimed at commemorating your late grandma through sharing her favorite memories with the audience. It can also be used to seek comfort and closure after losing your beloved. Thus, it is important to customize a funeral poem for Nan.

I hope that I have been of some help to you in this difficult time and my thoughts are with you.

Any questions or comments you may have then please contact me directly through this box.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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