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A Poem for a Dad Who Passed Away — Getting Over Our Grief with Poetry

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Poem for a dad who passed away.


Poem For A Dad Who Passed Away


No matter how much we love our dad, sooner or later, he will have to leave this world. That’s when the real pain strikes; it’s when we have to figure out a way to get over the grief and stay as strong as possible. Luckily, finding an excellent poem for a dad who passed away, or a few of them, is not as difficult as it seems.


The perfect poem for a dad who passed away will have all the traits of high-quality poetry. Yet, it will have another feature as well — it will be therapeutic and comforting. It should allow us not only to embrace our pain but also learn how to live through it. In essence, it ought to make us feel as if we have just poured our heart into words.


But finding such a poem can be difficult. There’s a huge selection of them, and each one has something special in it. So how do we choose the best one?

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep


Why is poetry often read at funerals or memorial services?


Some of you might wonder why a poem for a dad who passed away would be desirable at his funeral. After all, perhaps a regular eulogy would be more suitable. Surely, we knew our father far better than any poet out there!


Yet, it’s been said time and time again that poetry can actually heal the mind and the spirit. There’s something about verses that can draw out even the emotions we have thoroughly hidden away.


But we have to consider the other side of the coin too. Sometimes, it’s just too difficult to find a way to put all our thoughts and feelings into words. When our father dies, it often feels as if the world has stopped. Suddenly, because his heart is no longer beating, it’s as if all the cars have been turned off, all the candles have been extinguished, and all the music is nothing but silence now. Who can write in such a state then? Who is strong enough to keep their emotions in check until they finish the speech? Practically no one.


Thus, poetry is often read at a funeral or memorial service by the children of those who have passed away. It may seem selfish to some, purely because they are reading someone else’s words. But the truth of the matter is — it’s a self-preservation thing. They are trying to stay strong, and if choosing a poem for a dad who passed away is the only thing they can come up with, then so be it.


Picking out a poem for a dad who passed away


Now, even though reading poetry is a beautiful way to say goodbye to the father we have lost, choosing the perfect poem for a dad who passed away is not that easy.


First of all, there’s a good chance we are practically distraught. We’re struggling to keep tears from falling down our face, and we’re lying late at night, trying to figure out how it’s possible that we no longer have a dad.


Second, when a person dies, their most beloved ones have to plan a funeral service. This process is a time-consuming one, not to mention that it requires us to think logistically about all sorts of things. We have to figure out when to invite people, which food to serve, where to get the beverages, and how to allow everyone to say a proper goodbye.


It doesn’t seem easy at all, does it? In fact, it’s incredibly stressful, and those who are already in a lot of pain will have to fight back the tears while going through the motions. Thus, when picking a poem for a dad who passed away, we ought to do it at our own terms and when we are sure that we’re able to make a fine choice.

Poem For A Dad Who Passed Away

What should we consider?


The angle


Although most people would agree that picking out a poem that would celebrate our father’s life is the right way to go, we need to consider other angles too.


First of all, our father was probably a great person, no matter how much he had achieved in life. Thus, we may not need to remind others of that, unless we really want to. Second, we might not be in the right state of mind to consider his personal successes. In fact, perhaps we would like to talk about what he meant to us instead?


There are various routes we can take while picking out a poem for a dad who passed away. In addition, we don’t have to think about picking the best or the most eloquent poem out there. In this case, the quality of the poem doesn’t matter. We’re not reading it so that others can judge it. We’re reading it because it has touched our heart, mind, and soul.


Here are a few types of poems with angles that we may consider


  • A poem that talks about how great of a father he was
  • One that considers all the ups and downs we had in our relationship with him
  • A poem that speaks about the love he gave to everyone around him
  • One that talks about his passions, dreams, and virtues
  • A poem that celebrates his entire life and how he grew from an innocent child into a capable, strong man
  • One that links the grief of the family with his passing and provides much-needed comfort.


As you can see, we have a variety of options to choose from, and there are even more angles we can consider too. The important thing to remember is that a poem for a dad who passed away should:


  • Evoke emotions and perhaps tears (if that’s what we’re going for)
  • Never speak ill of the deceased
  • Somehow link family, love, friendship, life, and death together
  • Talk about death as if it’s just another transition and not the end
  • Comfort us and all those who have come to the funeral to pay their last respects to our father.


Which emotions and thoughts will a poem for a dad who passed away bring out?


Funerals are not, as some would say, everyone’s cup of tea. Indeed, some find them quite morbid and a lousy way to spend their morning or afternoon.


Granted, funerals aren’t meant to be a party unless we want them to be. However, they do exist in order for us to say our final goodbye to the deceased. Thus, we can expect to go through a huge range of emotions in just a few hours.


If it’s our father’s funeral, these emotions will only be heightened if we decide to read a poem for him. In fact, that will probably lead to tears and perhaps even weeps.


But we’re here to tell you more about some other feelings and even notions all those who are attending the funeral might have. Reading a poem for a dad who passed away can make those emotions and thoughts appear out of nowhere.

Poem For A Dad Who Passed Away

Some of them are:


  • Pure, unfiltered sadness — the kind that makes us feel as if our whole world is falling apart
  • Confusion — how can it be? How is he dead when we were with him just the other day?
  • Speculation — is there a life after death or is he gone forever?
  • Joy — yes, joy, especially if the deceased struggled with a horrible disease. Now, he’s in a better place; he’s not in pain nor is he incapable of taking care of himself
  • Peace — if the verses are just right, we may be able to feel better about him passing away and even feel peace knowing that this is what was meant to be.


Can a poem for a dad who passed away help others too?


Even though it might seem obvious, we ought to note that just because we have to say goodbye to our father, it doesn’t mean that a poem for a dad who passed away cannot help someone else too.


Indeed, such poems may or may not mention the words “father” or “dad.” They can be suitable for all sorts of other occasions and for other family members too.


And that’s really the real beauty of those poems. Anyone who hears them can draw from them the emotions, thoughts, and conclusions that are just their own — no one else’s. As such, someone who hasn’t lost their dad may feel comfort too, purely because they have lost someone else. In addition, a wife who has lost her husband can also relate to such a poem, even if the husband was never a father himself.


Who should read a poem for a dad who passed away at funerals or memorial services?


The question most people have when they’re picking out a poem for a dad who passed away is — should I read it or give it to someone else?


And, to be honest, this is a very important question. We might feel as if it’s our duty to read it. We’ve found it, and we’re the ones who will know how to recite it better than anyone else. But what if we start crying? What if we cannot contain our emotions and then make everyone else weep too?


Well, all those are fair questions. But in the end, we ought to do what feels right. Of course, a five-year-old might not be the best person for reading funeral poetry. But maybe we can ask a close family member to read the poem we have picked. That way, we can delve even further into the hidden metaphors of it and experience it in full.


Or we can just decide that our dad would have loved to hear us reading verses that speak of his life, love, and soul. The important thing is that we have taken time to carefully select a poem that will provide us with the peace we’re looking for.

Poem For A Dad Who Passed Away

What if our dad didn’t like poetry?


As is the case with everything in life, we cannot all love the same things. Some people like movies more than books; others prefer rock music to the soft weeps of the violin.


But if our father didn’t love poetry, that still isn’t reason enough not to select and recite a poem for him. Perhaps he had his own reasons and didn’t like poetry purely because it never inspired any feelings in him. Or maybe he just preferred prose.


Whatever the case may be, we have to think about not just our emotions but of those around us too. A eulogy that depicts our father in various stages of his life might not be a good idea if everyone in the room had a special bond with him. Of course, some would find comfort in that, but is it enough? More importantly, would we be able to write such a great eulogy?


Writing is a lot more difficult when we’re grieving. Suddenly, our mind draws a blank, and we find ourselves walking through the long gone memories of our childhood. It would make anyone weep, not just us.


Therefore, if we want to avoid making the whole situation even worse for ourselves, opting for a poem that would perfectly sum up the relationship we had with our father is a great idea. In essence, it will say everything we cannot say yet still help us pay our last respects.


Don’t expect poetry to heal you completely


Is there a guarantee that a poem for a dad who passed away will comfort us entirely? No. Should it? Again, no. Poetry is there to give instant comfort and peace. But unless we put in the effort each day to feel just a little bit better with each passing minute, it won’t do that much for us.


In the end, we have to note that these poems are supposed to provide everyone with a window of time when it’s perfectly fine to feel all those emotions they are trying to hide. It should serve as a relief and a way to vent. Thus, even after the funeral, we may come back to those poems and reread them so as to feel a bit better once more.


In fact, although some people do need professional guidance after a loved one passes away, we can heal ourselves from within with funeral poems. The therapeutic effect will be there each time we reread the verses, and if that’s the only thing we have, it’s an excellent way to help ourselves feel good again. speaking of which, it’s important to realize that…

Poem For A Dad Who Passed Away

Getting over grief is possible


When a loved one dies, especially a parent, we usually feel as if nothing will ever be the same again. We battle our emotions every day, cry and weep, yet we still live our lives the best way we can.


No matter how much grief we are feeling, it’s essential never to lose hope. Time actually heals everything, and if we give ourselves enough time to mourn properly, we may hope to one day not feel an emptiness in our hearts.


That’s why we do recommend everyone to read a poem for a dad who passed away whenever the occasion is right. They don’t have to read it only if their father has died. These poems are much more than just mere verses. They have the power to make us cherish our father, whether he’s still alive or dead.


Yes, when our father dies — our whole world crumbles. But getting over grief is possible, and it’s something we ought to work on every single day for the rest of our life. Luckily, poetry can be our ally on this seemingly never-ending journey; it can be our best friend.


Final thoughts


There’s a thin line between life and death, and it consists of just one breath and one heartbeat. They are so close at one point in our life that we can even see the transition from one state to another. Thus, the connection between the two will never stop to amaze us — and frighten us. We will never get to understand the inner workings of both of these journeys completely. But what we can do is help ourselves lead good lives and bid a proper farewell to those who have to pass into the beyond.


These poems can aid those in grief while they’re trying to recuperate after their dad has passed. They have all these different angles we can use to give ourselves comfort and reach inner peace. Furthermore, there are plenty of them to choose from, so it’s safe to say that any soul out there can find something that speaks to it, touches its heart and heals it.


As you have seen, picking out a poem for a dad who passed away doesn’t have to be as tricky as it seems. All we have to do is remember all those things our dad did for us. We should consider our relationship with him, as well as the bond he shared with our mother, brothers, and sisters, as well as his friends and other family members. That way, we will successfully pick a poem that will not only give us peace but help others come to terms with the loss they’ve just gone through.


Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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