Poems about death

poems about death

Writing and reading poems about death is not something that is pleasant but should be for comforting and bringing to one’s consciousness that everyone will die one day. There are many forms of poems about death.

When you make a search for poems about death you will find that all sites offer you free poems. The reason why they are free is that 90% of the population of the world uses these poems. Do you want to be the same as everyone else? Do you want to find poems that are unique, different and will be special just to you?

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poems about death

Poems about death. When are they used?


A poem written when a child dies is different from the one written when a father or a mother dies. The poem when read sends grief to your heart and at the same time, the person can find it comforting. The feelings had when someone reads Poems about death is far different from the feelings had when reading love or sympathy poems or even a birthday poem.

When a death poem is read, someone’s mind can’t be the same as before because there is a consciousness that this body will fade away one day, it is going to be eaten by termites and everything will surely end in ‘six feet’.

No one actually knows what tomorrow holds or what would happen in the next second, so people need to have the consciousness that death is inevitable. One of the purposes of death poem is for comforting and also for bringing to one’s mind the consciousness of death.

There was a poem written about death by Ogunbodede A.G. Salvador, a Nigerian from University Known as Obafemi Awolowo University. The poem goes thus;

So they say, the nose is wicked, it doesn’t allow us to smell the wicked ones

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But I notice, as I grow older every day, every year, I smell death getting close.


poems about death

We will all die one day.

That day is coming when you will hear Salvador is no more, you will hear people saying I still saw him last night and you will add to it that he made me laugh some hours ago.


You will start wondering, why should death take a loving person away?

And you will hear some ladies saying oh that’s so sad, the Salvador that still made a jest of me yesterday, the Salvador that does disturb my life when we were in school, the Salvador that does motivate me then, the Salvador that is very troublesome but caring

And then you hear some wicked folks saying, why is it now he has to die, we have wanted him dead since and you hear some haters now that turn friends saying now I need him more, why should he go now?

You will hear some people I offended saying and I wanted to forgive him but just waiting for him to say sorry but unfortunately, he is dead.


Why should he die now?


The answer is that I have grown to the age I should go and rest.

All of us are getting to that stage, we are all growing older, and we are all getting there.

That day is coming when we might have all grown old and go and rest, how do you want people to talk about you? Good or bad?

This poem was written shows everything that should be known about death and how it comes from the beginning to the end, bringing to the consciousness that death is real, knowing fully well and wondering what people would say when he is gone.

No one writes poems about death for writing sake or reads it for reading sake. There is a situation or are situations that lead to it being written or read.


Taking the time


No matter how sweet it is to live, one should create time and read death poems. Poems that send grief down the body, poems that would make someone have a rethink about his or her life if what he or she is actually doing the right thing. A religious man said, “if death should come today, what would it catch you doing?” after death, nothing again but some believers of God and some religious folks believe that after death is judgment.

Poems about death are to help someone change his way of life. Although many people don’t understand poems until they are emotional. Death poems are written out of emotions and not out of emoticons, they are axioms. Death poems give an in-depth about what death is and make it convincing that death is at the tip of one’s cloth and not far away. If you think death has not caught up with you yet, its probably because the death is waiting for the right time.


poems about death

Death Poems

Everyone that reads death poems tends to be careful at everything they do. A man that goes to a burial ceremony and watches how a body is being dropped into the hole cannot leave there the same way he came. There will surely be a consciousness that his body is close to death than expected before.

Death poems are not to make someone feel or believe that life will continue to be sweet, it makes one understand that there is a time everything will have to end.


Rules Guiding writing poems about death


There is no rule in particular that guides how to write a poem about death. The writing of death poem is based on emotions entirely and not something that is written out of any normal feelings. Believing that there is death is enough to cause emotions, weeping and in other to be comforted, the poem is written to calm the nerves but not to erase the consciousness.

Though, the rules of writing poems are followed. The only difference between poems about death and other forms of poems is the fact that the contexts are different. The context used in sympathy poem is different from the one used in love poems and both are even different from the context in death poem.

No one finds joy when death poem is read, they can only be comforted but joy can be found in sympathy or love poems. Death poem is similar to a funeral poem only that funeral poem can be used as an epitaph.


Examples of death poems

  1. If I should die by Emily Dickson.
  2. A prayer for mama by Kathy J Parenteau.
  3. One more day by Mystique M. Hart.
  4. What happens after death? By Ogunbodede A.G. Salvador.

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