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We are only too aware that choosing appropriate Poems About Death is a delicate subject to approach.

With that in mind, to save you time and the inconvenience of having to search for Poems About Death we have put together a download of over 250 suitable poems for you that will truly impress.

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Writing and reading poems about death is not pleasant.

However, these poems can be comforting and also serve as therapeutic for dealing with the loss of a loved one. There are many types of poems about death.

They could be sorrowful, comforting, or basically a way of expressing one’s feelings of loss. Poems provide us with a chance to talk about challenging thoughts in a simpler way.

poems about death

Poems about death will depend on the relationship you shared with the deceased and can be written in different persons. For instance, since poetry is artistic. You are able to express even the most difficult thoughts in beautiful metaphors and thus making it possible to express yourself.

Again, you can write a poem about death in the first persons, perhaps to express what the deceased loved and probably how they would have wanted to be commemorated.

Poems about the death of a child are quite different from the ones written when a father or a mother dies. A poem about death should covey the genuine feelings of the poet towards the death of a loved one.

For instance. If you have lost a child and decide to commemorate them in a poem, you should be able to express your grief and let people know what you have lost.

It is difficult to write a poem about the death of a loved one as it will require you to relive the memories of the deceased when they were alive. To be able to write or choose a poem about losing someone, you should consider their passions not to mention the memories you spent together.

poems about deathBy focusing on the passions of the deceased, you will be able to come up with a personalized poem. For instance, if the deceased was passionate about hiking. You may write in relations to their passion for nature. Re-living the memories of the deceased is difficult when you are grieving but it is a great way to celebrate their life and show the audience how the deceased was.

However, even as you share these memories in a poem about death, you cannot tell stories in a poem. This is why you need to come up with relatable metaphors that are easy to decipher to deliver your message.

Poems about death can be comforting to the bereaved and the mourners at large. When a family loses one of their own, they have lost a part of them.

The fact is, they cannot be replaced. But they can be remembered. It is difficult to come up with the right words to commemorate a lost life when we are grieving. Poems about death help us speak of the deceased and also seek comfort in the heartfelt words.

To write a comforting poem, you may express your grief and also focus on the fact that you got to spend time with the deceased. Their beautiful memories will give you comfort as you honour and remember them.

Sorrowful Poems about death.

Other poems about death can be sorrowful. However much we want to sound comforting and strong after losing a loved one. It is still allowed to express our feelings of pain and grief.

A sorrowful poem about death will express your pain to the audience and also help you talk about your feelings. This can be used as part of your healing process.

It is advised to talk about the death of a loved one and how it has affected your life. In so doing, you will find that people are there for you, to support you through your sorrow and grief.

Funeral Poems.

Funeral poems are another type of poems about death where the poet expressed his/her feelings about the death of a loved one. In normal circumstances, funeral poems are intended to be read at the funeral service.

The theme of a funeral poem will vary depending on the mood, tone and the circumstances that led to the death of the deceased. For instance, the theme can be celebratory if you are writing a funeral poem for your grandma who passed away due to being aged.

This might be quite difficult because you lost her but then again she lived a full life and thus you might consider celebrating her long life, and the memories spent together.

poems about death

A funeral poem can be used to relive the memories of the deceased in their remembrance. When you are thinking about writing or purchasing a funeral poem for a loved one, you should keep in mind that the audience is going to carry it with them forever.

That being said, you should be able to recount on the memories of the deceased, and the impact they had on your life. This way, you will showcase your loss and that of others. It is, however, important to seek suggestions from other family members so as your poem can represent the feelings of the entire family.

Condolences Poems.

Some people will send condolence poems to the bereaved family, and these are also poems about death. You may choose to send your condolences to the family of the deceased through a nice poem. In so doing, you will be able to express your sorrow upon the death of a friend, neighbour, colleague or a relative.

The condolence poem will also enable you to offer comfort to the bereaved. Thus reminding them of the impact the deceased had on your life. To do this, you may focus on a certain personality of the deceased and choose or write a poem based on that fact.

For instance. If the deceased had been your colleague or boss, you may express your condolences in a poem referring to how cooperative or helpful they had been at work. This will give the bereaved comfort knowing that the deceased had been a kind and important person even at the workplace.

Inspirational Poems about death.

Death is saddening and often there is literally nothing inspirational about it, or so do some people think. However, as difficult as it is, you might find yourself going through the memories you have of the deceased.

To be able to inspire people, even in the midst of grief, you may focus on the legacy the deceased has left behind. For instance, if you are mourning the death of your father, you might focus on the inspiration he brought about while he was alive.

These could be his teachings as he raised you or his motivation. Talking about him in an inspirational way will bring about healing, as you will realize the impact he had on your life.

An inspirational funeral poem could also feature the personality of the deceased and how they lived their lives. The little things that were so inspiring about the deceased are worth celebrating and letting the audience see them.

In an inspirational poem about death, you can tell the audience about the things that inspired the deceased when they were still alive.

This way, the family of the deceased will be able to make peace with their loss and give thanks that they had gotten to spend some time with the deceased. Also, these poems encourage us to move on and carry on the legacy of the deceased even after they have passed on.

Sympathy Poems about death.

Sympathy poems enable us to pass our deepest heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved. Often, they may be passed on through a sympathy card, usually, after you have learned about the passing away of a loved one.

In a sympathy poem about death, you may focus on the relationship you had with the deceased. They could have been a best friend, a good neighbour or a relative.

Not only will you be offering your condolence through this type of poem but also expressing your sympathy about the loss. You will be able to tell the recipient how sorry you are for their loss and also offer your emotional support.

 poems about death

Memorial poems about death.

memorial poems are used in remembrance of a lost loved one. Usually, they are used to relive the deceased’s life and also to express our feelings of loss when we lose a loved one.  Sometimes years after we have lost them.

In these poems, we put down what we remember about the deceased. For instance, in a memorial poem for your mother, you can base it on her resilience and unconditional love she had for you.

These poems enable us to share our love and how we miss the deceased, but then again honour their memories.

Poems about death vary depending on the occasion and the message you want to pass across. In other cases, people use religious poems about death to reflect on the Christian teachings about death.

In these poems, you will find that the poet is offering comfort to the bereaved and also celebrating a departed soul. Due to their belief in eternal life, Christians tend to see the death of one of theirs as a victory against earthly evils.

They view death as the deliverance from evil and onto heaven, where they rejoice in the Lord.

Christians, however, are also allowed to mourn as God understands that they are human. However, in the religious teachings, God offers to provide comfort for them as they endure the difficult moment of grieving.

The religious poems about death initiate the healing process with the knowledge that we shall be reunited in the afterlife. Not only does this offer comfort but also hope to move on with life and accept the will of God.

Religious Poems about death.

In most cases, religious poems will feature some bible verses that help us speak about the death of a loved one. Giving the hope that they are at peace and have finally rested.

To be able to write a religious poem about death, you will have to come up with the theme of the poem. Do you want to celebrate a life well lived? Do you want to give thanks for having met and spent time with the deceased? Sometimes a poem might be used to restore hope to the bereaved.

You can do this by citing Jesus’ teachings on death and resurrection. There is hope to reunite in eternal life and so those who have departed are just but resting.

Poems about death help us heal the wounds of losing a loved one. However, they don’t always have to be sad and sorrowful poems. Some can be of thanksgiving for having been granted time with the deceased.

For instance, if you lost your mother as an adult, you may decide to commemorate her in a happy poem. Recounting all the happy memories you shared. This will give the audience a feel of what your mother’s love was like as well as her personality. It will also have some therapeutic feature for you, as you get over the loss.

Happy Funeral Poems.

Happy poems of death are usually based on the best of the memories we had with the deceased. They should portray the passions of the deceased and their impact on our lives.

For instance, if you are writing a poem about the death of your friend, you may express your gratitude for having met them and the things they did for you.

You should be able to remember them for the fondest memories and kindest deeds. You may also consider offering sympathy to their family and let them know how you will remember the deceased. People tend to feel comforted when they have a shoulder to lean on after losing a loved one.

In conclusion.

It is important to make sure that you have expressed your true feelings in a poem about the death of a loved one. Remember to make sure you don’t speak ill of the deceased, even if you have your differences.

Instead, focus on their positive qualities and effects they had on your life. The poem should be about celebrating a lost life or offering comfort to the bereaved and not to get even with the deceased. If you choose to commemorate them through a poem, make sure to honour their memories as you carry on.

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