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There are thousands and thousands of poems around the globe by various poets each speaking about a particular topic. Death is one of the major topics that poets love to focus on in the majority of the poems. A person who intends to console the living just after dying normally writes funeral poems about death.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

The poets try to give a view of the future of how the situation will be when the time to say goodbye to the world will come. As a poet of this calibre, one must be able to have the talent to foresee the future and speculate what might happen in case death comes sooner.

In most cases where the writer does a good job, judging from past funerals helps the poet to come up with a good understanding of what might happen. It is easy to write a poem about death, but it is not easy to write a good informative and spectacular poem about death.

Funeral Poems about death for Nan.

One reason for this is that it is often hard to form the image of what will happen during death. This makes most poets to give a generalization of life as a whole and communicate in a language that anyone can adapt and wish to speak in it at the time of death. However, there are major ideas that one should at least give the audience in a poem about death. Below are some of the major purposes that lead people to write these type of poems.


Assurance form an important part of poems about death. The poet strives best to give the audience something to cling on. The choice of words and the spectacular rhythm all serve to give the audience a reason for relaxation and calmness. Normally during death, the bereaved are always in a panicky and dilemma of what is happening to their loved one.

Mourners want answers and things to make them calm down. At this juncture, the poet need not stop at just wishing people goodbye and saying something about meeting them in the future (when they also die). A good poet will never underrate the subject of assurance and will communicate effectively to the audience so that they find peace of mind and soul.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

It is under the subject of assurance that the poet can talk about death being as natural just like birth. Every beginning has an end and the end must surely come no matter what. Words like those give the audience a reason to smile because after all, death is something that everyone will pass through.

Another way that great artists try to give the audience some assurance is through talking of the comfort that is within the world of the dead. It is a mere fact that death scares the hell out of most people and people are always living their lives trying to avoid this occurrence in their lives without success.

However, a good poet will demonstrate how life is now peaceful in the other world. The poet should make people envious of the peace that is within the unknown world of the dead.

This is another great focus of the poems about death. The poet can utilize the chance to give a vote of thanks for the life well lived. Appreciation is important, as it removes the regret away from the eyes of the bereaved and influences the thought of thanksgiving for the time before death arrived.

Most poets take this chance to communicate the accomplishment in life and how that influenced the life that one lived. Life is never in abundance and one may wish to live past a century or even multiple centuries but that is not possible as immortality is only possible in a movie.

funeral poems about death nan

Funeral Poems about death for Mother.

A great way to cope with such naked truth is by cherishing the days that one has full health and walks trying to accomplish various things around the world. Poems that revolve around death at one point will discuss the meaning of life from the poet’s point of view.
In as much as one may wish to thank fate for only the good things in life, spiced with the negative encounters is also an ideal way that most poets try got give the importance of life. In a way, life is not all about the good things but about the bad outcomes also.


Poets can utilize the chance to give the bereaved a sense of direction in a way to seek a means to console them. During a time of mourning, the pain and loneliness are quite evident that the mourners may lose the direction and the way forward in life. it is in such scenarios that the poet may throw verses like, “when I am gone ….”

The poet wants people to refocus on life and stop thinking about death, as it will actually diminish the meaning that life has. When the poet talks about “when I am gone” and gives the direction or information about what to do the mourners feel relaxed and it is often easy to regain.

Death is a complete loss there are some scenarios where the bereaved is young, student, lover or customer. It may be hard to accept the truth and move on as usual. There is a high likelihood of the audience living a life missing the deceased and it is normal.

However, this should not be an excuse to lose stability in life, as everyone’s life is a journey on it own. The end of one person is not an automatic end of another. This is not how life works and the poet will choose an appropriate way to tell the loved ones about it.

It is never enough to cry, mourn, and act sickly while there is still life ahead waiting to be lived. A good poet will make people see the unseen and make feel strong when the situation is replenishing every bit of strength.

Bringing back the memories.

Life is all about the great times that stand out. It is natural for any individual to yearn for some memories to come back; these are often the great times when life was good and simple. For instance, all the memories of childhood adventure are always great and important to mention to the audience.

A poem that is to speak about death from the deceased point of view should at least say something about the memories. It is through the memories that the audience may get answers to some of the puzzling questions.

Reminding people about the great memories may give a form of relaxation in the mind of the bereaved. In case of a lover, communicating the fascination that one was in during the first can serve to restore the mind of the bereaved back to normal. Most poets understand that people want to hear about how such great moments revolutionized life in general.

When talking about the memories the poet can add style to the poem in order to fascinate the audience. For instance, adding some satire and humour at various lines may break the monotony. Furthermore, it makes the death look less serious. Mourners often feel that the deceased is still among them enjoying the things mentioned in the poem.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Give Reason.

Many times people wonder why the deceased had to go too soon. Couldn’t the man or woman wait a little longer? Death is viewed as an abrupt occurrence that comes to steal the loved ones and separate them from their beloved partners.

Therefore, as a good poet talking about the issue may as well induce some sense in the mourners. Talented poets use this opportunity to add lines that communicate lengthily about how one cannot and will never stop death from occurring. In one way or another, one must eventually submit to death.

The worst of all is that death happens when one is least expecting when life is sweeter and tastier. Poets use this idea to communicate that death has no perfect time and maybe the mourners would have suffered even more when death would be patient. It was still fine that It happened this early so that people learned not to take things for granted and most important of all respect time.

By giving a precise and general reason, the poet finds a means to solace the audience and make them refocus on life and not death.

funeral poems about death mother

Portray Confidence.

One of the great reasons for doing a poem about death is to show some confidence and boost to the living in the other world of the dead. it is a good thing when mourner feel that the deceased is confident enough to enter the imaginary world of the dead.

How best can mourners feel assured about death than when the deceased talks about it in a poem. Mourners are afraid of death and the only way to kick this phobia out is by speaking confidently about the imaginary world of the dead.

There is a great concern for people who die. Most people will often be stuck in a dilemma of thinking whether the deceased is wishing to come back to life or not. Therefore, when the poet speaks about it in a poem it makes the mind to regain some peace of mind and enhance settling.

It is also another wonderful and spectacular fashion to make people recover. The loss of a loved one usually creates stress in the mind of the bereaved wishing themselves dead at the same time. Nonetheless, by portraying some confidence in the form of art people become knowledgeable and stress-free.

For instance, a parent can compose a poem for the child telling the child how life is still worthy. The departure of the parent does not mean the end of life but rather the beginning of discoveries.

Furthermore, the parent can use the moment to assure the child that nothing is known, therefore, the child should find some courage to soldier on. In funeral poems about death it a good thing to hear the deceased talk about the confidence of leaving and entering the unknown world. This is something mourners want to hear about and not just the regret of leaving.


Like any other poem out there about any topic, a poem about death serves as a good means to educate the readers about what usually happens when someone passes on. Passing on is a normal and yet natural occurrence but it creates a mixture of emotions in the mourners that some even find it difficult to continue with life.

As a poet make a poem that pertains death one key thing is to make the readers have some new knowledge about what might happen in case death occurs. The information about the death is never in abundance each brand new day people want to hear more.

By the way, a great way to educate the audience on matters concerning death is through art (that is songs and poems). It is scary to write about death in a book and expect people to buy the book. However, speaking about death in a poem seem less harming and less serious let alone the flow that accompanies the art.

The conversation about the importance of funeral poems about death is quite lengthy and broad. The significance of a poem pertaining to death differs from one individual to another. While some people may read poems of this kind to get the idea of the unseen world some may do it for consolation.

The human heart is ever seeking consolation and assurance and it will never stop especially during the time of death. The true purpose of a poem is clear especially when one is mourning. During that time when everything comes to a standstill and every activity seems boring and unworthy.

Funeral Poems about death for Dad.

It is most vital during that time when the body’s energy feels replenished and difficult to retain. It is hard to describe the full meaning of funeral poems without first having the experience to lose someone important in life.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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