Poems For A Deceased Aunt. Use Special Words

Poems For A Deceased Aunt

An aunt can be an important person in our life, especially while we are growing up. It can happen that, due to life choices and coincidence, we drift apart from this person. Therefore, we are going to discuss Poems For A Deceased Aunt.


However, even if you have been separated or not deepening your relationship, you might still be treasuring childhood memories with her. 


While her funeral can be an extremely sad occasion, you could see it as an opportunity to remember the time you spent together and share those memories with other family members. 


However, picking a memorial poem for an aunt can be difficult, especially if you have not been spending much time together during the last years of her life. Let’s have a look at what key factors you should consider while deciding on her poem.


The Importance of a Memorial Poem for Your Aunt


Poems For A Deceased Aunt


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Poems For A Deceased Aunt


The passing of such an important figure in our life needs to be grieved. Everybody has a different way of saying goodbye to a loved one. 


Even if you prefer to do so privately, using a poem to remember your aunt can be of great comfort to both yourself and your family.


Remember that her partner and children will be grieving and going through a very hard time. Sometimes just reading a poem can give them hope and help them find the strength to get through the mourning period. 


Also, they might be able to find the words they were missing in your poem and be able to share their pain with others.


Moreover, even if the times when she was taking you with her to the park are gone, this simple gesture can help you celebrate her life and the moments you had together. 


How to Pick the Right Memorial Poem for Your Aunt?


Picking the right poem for your aunt can be difficult, especially if you are trying to offer support to other grieving family members. 


Let’s have a look at some necessary steps you could look into when deciding on the words and quotes you are going to say at the funeral of a much-loved person.


Poems For A Deceased Aunt




There are a few factors that you will need to research before deciding on the right poem. Delivering a funeral speech if you are not a confident public speaker can be intimidating, so getting yourself ready is key. 


It will help you cut through your fears and enunciate an excellent speech. Let’s have a look at what you should know before starting the hunt for the right poem.


  • The Function’s Details


Depending on your specific situation, you might not be the funeral organizer. Often closer family members will be in charge of timings and locations. Therefore, you must start your research by speaking to them. 


Now, remember that they might be the great pain that the loss of a mother or partner can give you. While gathering all the details you need might be necessary for your speech, focus on understanding how other members must be feeling.


Alternatively, some details might have been sent out to other family members, so get in touch with your cousins (the deceased aunt’s nieces and nephews) to gather the information you need. 


Moreover, you might be able to get in touch directly with the funeral moderator without having to put some extra pressure on the mourning family members.


The information you should be after is how much time you have allocated to your poem and the funeral’s mood. This will help you decide on the mood, tone, and length of your poem.


  • Other Family Members’ Opinions and Feelings


Speak to your cousins and other family members to get a better understanding of the relationship they had with your aunt. This will also give you an idea of the beliefs of your aunt and whether the funeral will be religious or not. 


This can give you important clues on how to pick the right poem and whether it will be appropriate in the setting.


If you and your aunt have been very close, the chances are that you know exactly how to find the perfectly fitting poem. However, your cousins might like to share the poetry and pay tribute to the life of a great woman together. 


This can be a great option to bring up a hard feeling and let the whole family know that all the cousins are there to support them.


However, in this case, you should gather the views they had on the aunt and bring them together to find a poem that satisfies all of you.


If you and your aunt had been living separate lives for a while and only met up at Christmas, your poem can be an expression of support for the grieving family members. 


However, it is essential to gather what their point of view and feelings might be at the time. Personal relationships can be quite difficult to manage and understand during normal times. In distraught and difficult moments, they need to be treated lightly.


Decide on What Your Poem Will Say


Poems For A Deceased Aunt


It can be hard to frame a whole life in a few sentences or lines. Therefore, there are some aspects of your poem that you will need to pick in advance, so it portrays a specific aspect that is dear to you.


  • What Was Your Auntie Like?


We have all found ourselves asking this question when trying to write a few lines that genuinely expressed her personality. But here is where you should be true to yourself: the answer is never “she was an amazing person”.


She undoubtedly was a fantastic person, but your answer would sound more like “she could bake the sweetest cakes”, “she used to take me at the park on Saturday’s afternoon”, or “she liked to watch a silly sitcom on Tuesdays”.


Well, this is exactly what your poem should be saying! Use your memories and the ideas you gathered from the other family members to find the aspect you would like to bring up during the function. 


If you are not a great writer, don’t worry, most of us are not. Luckily great authors have the exact words we need to express our feelings and experiences.


  • What Tone Will Your Poem Have?


In this case, this depends on the tone of the function. If the family has decided to pick a religious or sorrowful function, they might be offended if your poem is too lighthearted. 


However, don’t forget that you are trying to express your own feelings through it, so make sure the words reflect what you are thinking.


If the closest family members have decided to opt for a lighter celebration of life, a happier memorial poem can help you create a more joyful picture of your deceased aunt. Here you can even help put a smile on some faces in the audience.


If you are not happy to settle for a standard poem that does not add a personal touch to the situation, you might be more inclined to get inspired by a quote. This is the perfect Segway to add your anecdote about your beloved auntie.  


  • Is the Function Religious?


While you won’t need to avoid all references to the religion you believe in, it is essential to respect the beliefs of the deceased and the closest family members. The function might be reflecting that, and it could be held in a church or other religious building.


Ultimately, if you are paying tribute to your beloved aunt, you are also celebrating her achievements, lifestyle, and beliefs. 


  • What Is Your Message?


If you and your aunt were very close, a poem can help you voice your grief and pain. If you are looking at portraying the person she once was, anecdotes and metaphors can be of great help.


However, keep in mind that often a memorial poem is delivered to offer support to others. If your main aim is to let your loved ones know that you are there for them through this tough time, your poem should create a sense of community.


During your speech, bring back common treasured memories that other family members can relate to. A pain that you don’t have to carry alone is easier to bear!



How Do I Deliver A Memorial Poem for My Aunt?


You don’t need to be an expert public speaker to touch the heart of the family members around you. However, there are a few tricks that will help you put aside your fear of public speaking and deliver your poem directly from your heart.


  • Practice


While your words are indeed coming from your heart, if you are not accustomed to speaking in public, your touching moment can be ruined.


Practicing beforehand will give you the confidence that you need to be lively and respectful at the same time.


Moreover, it is common to feel overwhelmed with emotions during a funeral. If you have not prepared and practice your speech, the atmosphere can take a toll on you.


By practicing beforehand, you will know your speech almost by heart, and even if you are feeling overwhelmed, you will be able to read it through.


This will also help you deliver your message as you intended it and touch the souls of your other family members.


  • You Are Not Alone Up There!


If you feel nervous about standing up in front of many people, ask somebody to come with you. This can be a great emotional support, and that person can carry on for you if you can’t continue.  


Moreover, remember that this is not a business speech, and you won’t be judged on your presentation skills. Your family members are there to listen to the words you have come up with to describe a loved aunt.


  • Be Personable


Some of the friends and family members of your aunt will not know who you are, especially if you are part of an extended family. So, it is always a good idea to introduce yourself at the beginning of your speech and give the audience a context. 


In this way, they will know what your relationships with your aunt were and how close you were. Some people might approach you afterward to offer support or condolences. 


Reliving the special moments between you and your aunt with them can be a great way to celebrate her life and get to know the life of your aunt more.


Lastly, while feelings can play an important role while you deliver your poem, be aware of the physical characteristics of the location of the function. 


If you are in a large church or room, you will have to speak loudly and firmly for the audience to take in your speech. 


Remember to take your time and read your poem slowly so every line can be understood and appreciated.


Where Can I Find the Perfect Memorial Poem for My Aunt?


If you are looking for something more unique than the free poems you can find online to celebrate your dear aunt’s life, you can invest in a dedicated collection


You won’t need to be an expert in poetry to search the perfect line or stanza. Just browse the options by title, author or first line until you find the one that evokes your aunt’s image in your mind. 


Moreover, in this way, you will be able to print the chosen page, add notes, and bring it with you to the eulogy. The quotes collected in this eBook can function as an inspiration to add anecdotes and experience. 


Ultimately, make sure that the poem you have picked reflects your aunt’s life, achievements, and personality to communicate your feelings to the audience.





The passing of a dear auntie can put you through hard times. However, by picking the right memorial poem that reflects your aunt’s life, you will be able to find and offer support to other family members.


On special occasions such as the birthday of your late aunt, her anniversary, or annual commemorations, you can use a poem to maintain her memory alive.


We hope that this article has been helpful to you. We are here to help if you need any more information to be more prepared for your aunt’s funeral.




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