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poems for funerals

Suggestions for Selecting Funeral Poems to Read at Funerals.


Funeral poems can help pay tribute to the deceased. They may be moving or inspirational.

Selecting the right poem to read a funeral or memorial service requires a lot of careful consideration. However, you do not always have a lot of time to deal with these arrangements. Funerals are often scheduled within days after someone passes.

Funerals and memorial services are often solemn events that allow family and friends to say goodbye to the deceased. These services include various traditions, such as the reading of Bible passages. People also frequently share their memories of the deceased and may read poems or sonnets.

If you are considering reading a funeral poem at the funeral, you should take the time to learn more about these poems. While you can find fitting poems online, there are other options. For example, you may create a custom funeral poem or find traditional Catholic funeral poems.

Some of the main considerations include the type and style of the poem. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind as you explore your options.

 poems for funerals

Types of Funeral Poems.


There are many types of funeral poems, and finding the right option often depends on the wishes or beliefs of the deceased.

For example, there are religious poems and secular poems. Catholic funeral poems may be suited for members of the Catholic church, while a secular individual may have preferred non-religious poems.

The main types of poems include the following options:

  • Traditional funeral poems
  • Contemporary funeral poems
  • Religious funeral poems
  • Custom funeral poems

Traditional funeral poems are poems that are commonly read at funeral services and memorials. These include poems written by famous authors and may or may not include religious themes.

Contemporary funeral poems are poems that are written by contemporary authors. Like traditional funeral poems, these poems do not always contain religious passages. Contemporary poems are often shared on social media or online forums.

Religious funeral poems often include verses that are taken directly from the bible. This includes Catholic funeral poems, which often include excerpts from the book of Psalms.

Custom funeral poems are written to reflect the life of the deceased. These poems may be written by a person that knew the deceased or a professional writer.

How to Select the Right Funeral Poem.


Choosing the right poem is often a challenge. For Catholics, the first day after your loved one passes is typically reserved for making funeral arrangements. The funeral may be set any time within the next few days.

If you do not have a lot of time to review Catholic funeral poems or other types of poems, a custom poem may be the best option. A custom poem can be thoughtfully written to include relevant details about your loved one’s life.

When choosing a poem, there are several details to think about. You should consider these details if you hire someone to write a poem, write a poem yourself, or search online for relevant poems.

Choosing special poems for funerals


You should first decide if you want a religious or non-religious poem. Even at a Catholic funeral, the poem does not necessarily need to include a religious theme. You can simply talk about your loved one or find inspirational poems to help lift people’s spirits.

Another detail to consider is the relevance of the poem. You should consider how the poem relates to the deceased.

For example, the poem may discuss topics or beliefs that your loved one regularly discussed. It may include details from real events or use symbolism to represent how the deceased lived.

You should also decide whether you want the poem to include a specific meaning. If your loved one always had a positive outlook on life, you may want the poem to have the same message. If the deceased believed that family is the most important thing in life, ensure that the poem discusses the importance of family.

When reviewing the poem, determine whether it will bring comfort or strong emotions to those in the room. You may want to make people happy or force them to reflect on the life of the deceased.

poems for funerals

Writing or Requesting a Personal Funeral Poem.


If you choose a custom funeral poem, you should include details that are relevant to your loved one. Whether you write the poem or hire someone to write the poem, you should ask the following questions about the deceased:

  • What was his or her favorite thing?
  • Do he or she have a favorite saying?
  • What are your favorite memories?
  • What did they do for a living?

While you can find poems online or use popular traditional poems, custom poems are more personal. Consider ordering a personalized funeral poem if you want to enjoy these advantages.

To ensure that the poem is personal, there are several additional steps to perform. You should start writing down ideas for the poem, even if you decide to hire someone to write it. These ideas may include stories that you want to tell or details about the life of the deceased.

Take time


You should also write down the answers to the questions discussed. Write down favorite sayings, expressions, or jokes that your loved one frequently used. These details help add the personality of the deceased into the poem.

The poem may include highlights of the deceased’s life. Write down accomplishments that your loved one was proud of, such as their career or their family. Mention how many children and grandchildren they had or how many years they spent at the same job.

If you want the poem to be emotional and heartfelt, you may want to discuss what the passing of your loved one means to you and your family. Let everyone know how this passing has impacted the lives of many different people.

When outlining your own poem, do not worry about rhyming or following a specific rhyming scheme. Simply write down your ideas and worry about structuring the poem later. If you choose to order a poem, you can always pass these notes to the author to ensure that they have all the information that they need.

After writing down these notes, you can start crafting your poem or hire an experienced writer to handle the rest.

If you decide to write your own poem, you may want to open with an overview of the deceased’s life and the impact of their passing. This often provides a suitable transition for discussing a favorite memory or story. However, you do not need to directly talk about the life of your loved one.

Remember that poems do not need to be literal. You can use words to express an emotion without talking about real events.

In the end, do not worry too much about the professionalism of the poem. No matter what you write, your family will likely be touched by your tribute to the deceased.

Frequently Asked Questions About Funeral Poems.


If you have never had someone close to you die before, the process of finding a poem may be overwhelming. You may have a lot of different questions about selecting an appropriate poem. Here are answers to the questions that the bereaved commonly ask when searching for funeral poems.

Why Choose Traditional or Contemporary Poems?


Traditional and contemporary poems are best suited for those who do not want overtly religious imagery in the poem. While some of these poems have religious aspects, they are typically focused on general themes of life, love, and death.

Typically, the traditional poems include poems that are frequently read during funerals. These include options by famous authors. Contemporary poems may be written by anyone.

Traditional and contemporary are also styles of poems. When ordering a personalized poem, you may request that the author uses a traditional style or a more modern style.

poems for funerals

What Are the Advantages of Custom Funeral Poems?


When you cannot find a suitable poem, there is another option. You can order a personalized custom poem.

Custom funeral poems can include any theme or style that you want. You can even request an author to write custom Catholic funeral poems. These poems may have a traditional or contemporary style. They may also include religious themes or remain secular.

Ordering a custom poem offers several advantages. It allows you to focus on the grieving process. Instead of spending time reading poems that may force you to go through a series of emotions, you can allow an experienced writer to write the poem.

Funerals are often held soon after a person passes. You may need to devote your time to your family and help with funeral arrangements.

With a custom poem, you can ensure that the poem contains a personal message or connection to the deceased. These poems are often more helpful compared to traditional poems, as they make people remember the deceased.

Can You Read Funny Poems at a Funeral?


Funeral poems do not need to be somber readings. They can be uplifting or funny. If your loved one had a great sense of humor, a humorous poem may be more fitting compared to a traditional poem.

While there is not a rule that requires you to read a serious poem, you should also consider the feelings of your other family members. If there are family members who may be offended by a humorous poem at a funeral, it may be best to stick with a more traditional option.

Are Funeral Poems Typically Long or Short?


Along with reading poems that are serious or funny, you have the option of reading a short or long poem. It is up to you how long the reading takes. However, you still need to consider the feelings of others in the room.

Catholic funeral services include many traditions and readings. Reading a long poem may extend the length of the funeral service. However, you may not want to read a short poem without including additional thoughts about the deceased.

When Do People Normally Read Funeral Poems?


Funeral poems are often read during the memorial service. However, they may also be read during the burial ceremony or any of the other ceremonies held to honor the deceased.

For example, you may choose to read your funeral poem during the wake. When deciding to read a poem, you should talk to your family to determine the best time for your reading.

If a lot of people already plan to read poems during the memorial service, you may be asked to recite your poem during the funeral service. Remember that some services are lengthy and may need to end at a set time.

What Poems Should You Choose for Catholic Services?


Catholic funerals include a lot of traditions, including readings from the Bible. Hymns and scriptures may be read, along with a short sermon from a priest.

Catholic funeral poems may include elements from each of these areas. For example, it is common for these poems to include references or passages from the Bible and various hymns. Keep in mind that you may also order custom Catholic poems.

Last Thoughts on Choosing a Funeral Poem.


Selecting a suitable poem to read during a funeral or memorial service should not require too much of your energy. After a loved one passes, you may have a lot of different details to deal with. Even if you are not directly involved in the funeral arrangements, you should be available to offer support to your family.

Instead of using your time to search for poems, you should think about ordering a custom funeral poem. These poems are personalized and may include verses that are relevant to the deceased.

Whether you search for an existing poem or order a personalized poem, you should first choose between religious and secular poems. For a Catholic funeral service, you may want to include religious themes in your poem.

You should also decide between traditional and contemporary. Contemporary options include poems written by modern authors or ones that have a modern style. Traditional poems include the classic options that people commonly choose for reading during a eulogy.

With these details in mind, you can find the perfect poem to honor your loved one.

What Makes the Best Funeral Poems So Moving.


The poem commemorating a loss or funeral has been a staple of human society for as long as it has existed. A list of poets who have compiled memorable ballads, odes, sonnets, and elegies for poems would double as a veritable who’s who of poetry.

Homer, Rumi, Dante, Shakespeare, Keats, Dickinson, Yeats – all composed some of their greatest works in response to one of the greatest senses of pain and loss we can feel as human beings.

That said, while those old masters are still as relevant as ever, you might well feel that in the wake of such an incident, you would prefer to have something both more modern as well as more tailored towards your sentiments at this time, or your own dearly departed in particular.

This, again, is nothing new, as commissioned and purchased poems for funerals go back centuries.

Even so, if you are indeed looking for a modern take on that time-honored tradition, it is worth considering the components that make for a soul-stirring funeral poem in the first place.

Universalizing Grief.


Grief is one of those feelings that cuts across all societies and strata of human society. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you believe in, chances are that you have or will feel grief at some point in your life.

On the one hand, that can obviously be incredibly traumatic, and at the moment, that component of it being a universal human experience doesn’t necessarily dull the pain. As that pain becomes a little less fresh, however, that sense of universality as expressed in the best modern funeral poems can do just that.

One of the core aspects of our feeling grief at the loss of loved ones is a greater sense of “loss.” As social beings who are keenly aware of our own humanity, we naturally react negatively to the idea of someone being gone from our society forever.

The sense that they are still “with us” somehow is a powerful one, and one which has inspired more than one belief system over time. Free of religious scripture, however, the best modern funeral poems can inspire feelings of collective human feeling by tapping into those universalist sentiments.

Grief is natural


When everyone grieves, and everyone loses people, in a way everyone is united and no one is completely “lost” or forgotten,” but, rather, all are interwoven into the grand tapestry of the human story and experience.

One of the great values of literature has always been in forging that sense of interconnectedness and the enduring power of the human spirit. So many of our oldest works record the events of kings and battles and the building of walls. Those walls and kings are gone, and the battles long over, but the poems and the people they memorialize remain.

Funeral poems can do just that. Even after losing someone, we can hold on to what they meant to us through the time-honored tradition of commemorating them in verse.

poems for funerals

Particularizing Pain.


Then again, for as universal as the feeling of loss may be, the fact remains that it is still you and you in particular who have lost someone.

As such, you may want that poem which you are considering buying or commissioning to instead be more particular in nature. Here again, there is plenty of precedents.

For as many great poets wrote about death and loss in the abstract and universal sense, just as many wrote in response to specific deaths, often those who were closest to them in their own lives.

That closeness helps make the poem feel palpably personal, and it can make them incredibly powerful. The same can hold true for some of the best modern funeral poems.

Thinking about a particularized poem for your loved one inevitably involves thinking about what things, in particular, you might wish to say or have commemorated.

Think about them


Some, as described later, might take on more of a humorous or roast-like tone. Others can be balefully serious. Still, more can have a bittersweet tang to them.

It really comes down to figuring out both how you would like your loved one to be commemorated in the poem and, just as important if not more so, what feelings you yourself want or needs to have expressed, as well.

Poetry is and always has been one of the great acts of catharsis. As such, in choosing among modern funeral poems to commemorate a loved one, you are going to want to find a piece that feels cathartic. In many ways, this can be highly subjective.

The words and ideas that move one person may not be as effective for another, and vice versa. That diversity of opinion is part of the enduring beauty of poetry and, indeed, humanity – that for as universal as some of our feelings might be, we do still retain elements of individuality that make us who we are.

That’s part of what can make it so heartbreaking to lose an individual.

But it’s also part of what can make it so moving to have them honored in an individualized fashion.

Celebrating Life.


Dealing with grief and pain, whether universalized or particularized, is both natural and healthy. That being said, there are many other ways to commemorate someone’s passing with a poem, and if you or they are or were more of a “glass half full” type of person, you may want a similar tone for your commemorative poem.

As such, some of the finest modern funeral poems take that to heart by focusing not on what has been lost, but rather on what we have all gained by the life of the dearly departed, and thus how we can best celebrate that life. Here again, we can break this down into a universalized as well as more particularized fashion.

There are certain poems that focus on celebrating life in the abstract and macrocosmic sense – namely, that we are all connected and thus, as stated before, that individual’s part in the human story, however big or small, will not vanish.

That being said, there are still more ways to “celebrate life” within funeral poems. If the dearly departed was a great lover of nature, evoking it here can be incredibly powerful.

Be different


Not only is nature a perfect symbol for the way in which we like to view humanity as ever-growing and regenerating and thus lacking “ends” so much as a continuous chain of existence, but using this motif can tie right back in with one of the most beloved pastimes of the departed.

In addition, there is always the option to celebrate one’s life in particular. There are countless poems, funeral and otherwise, which exist to recount the achievements attained during an individual’s lifetime.

While part of the power of these poems may lie in the deeds themselves, more than that, it’s the record of human achievement that’s stunning. There is a reason that people watch documentaries about great stars and figures today.

Such films allow us to remain in awe of a figure’s achievements or else understand them with more complexity. Either way, we are gaining insight into what it was like to “be” that person at a given point in time. Funeral poems can do just that for a person’s life, recording once and for all who this person was, what they did, and what it was like to have known this person.

Roasts and More Light-Hearted Tones.


Of course, in commemorating the lives of others, it can sometimes be helpful and, yes, even cathartic to remember them warts and all. This doesn’t have to be as negative as it might sound.

However, when done with the right mixture of tact, humor, and love, a light roast can help ease the tension for all involved while giving the departed a send-off that’s truly memorable, and indeed, honorable in its own light-hearted way.

In one sense, roasts and a light-hearted response to the problem of mortality is something modern. Comedians and wits from Groucho Marx to Dorothy Parker made light of mortality when referencing their own potential gravestones someday.

As such, if the departed in question was similarly disposed towards self-deprecation, a bit of a roast may not be amiss. That said, beyond comedians today, there is a long history of roasts that goes back millennia in some cultures.

For example, many Celtic traditions include forms of roasts as part of their wake. Jews traditionally shit shiva after a funeral, but following the traditional solemn period of mourning, many Reform and secular sects will interject a bit of humor to help lighten the moment

Making people laugh


As with any comedic routine, funeral poems that take on the tone of a roast naturally need to make sure that its jokes are well-aimed and in good taste.

When we are made to laugh, however, it can be just as much of a sense of catharsis as crying. “Catharsis” comes from an Ancient Greek word which means “to cleanse.” In effect, that’s what we’re trying to do at a Celtic wake, post-shiva after a Jewish funeral, or in any other instance in which we use laughter to lighten the mood.

We’re trying to cleanse ourselves of the pain or confusion caused by the difficult emotions with which we are struggling at the moment. As noted above.

Part of the reason this can be so cathartic is that, in embracing humor, we can seek to restore a sense of community through the bonding power of being “in on the joke.” When we all understand the joke, we all feel more bonded towards one another – and when that light-hearted barb involves the departed, in an offbeat way, we’re reaffirming our enduring connection to them once more.

Striking the Right Tone.


No less a poet than Samuel Taylor Coleridge famously described poetry as “the best words in the best order.” As such, it is of the utmost importance that any modern funeral poems take this mantra to heart when it comes to striking the right tone.

For as much as work may be appreciated in its own right when a poem is being commissioned for a certain audience or event, it naturally needs to fit the moment. This is especially true if the event in question is something as heavy as a funeral can be.

With respect to grief, you naturally want the poem to address the emotion, but there’s a difference between tugging at the heartstrings and playing on them so much that they snap from the strain. With respect to the slightly more celebratory or light-hearted fair, you never want to seem as though you are making light of the person’s passing at their own expense.

You’ll also want to consider those in attendance actually listening to the poem. How are they going to respond to the one you have selected?

Use memorable words


You might well choose a poem that hits all the right notes poetically, but because of some inter-familial politics, it stirs up some sour emotions or controversy among those in the audience. You also always want to be sure that the poem in question is presented with a proper sense of scope.

It should not seem so trivial or rote as to seem unworthy of the person who passed, but you also don’t want to seem as though you’re upstaging a funeral by way of an impromptu poetry recital with an epic-length piece.

Poetry is and long has been a great way to stir up, confront, and make peace with some of the most profound feelings that characterize the human condition.

Funeral poems have the special challenge of doing all of that while capturing the real life of someone who has passed on and conveying what you wish to say or have remembered about that person in a poetic format. For many of us, the experience of grief that can follow from losing a loved one can be so devastating as to render us speechless.

It is thus for that reason that those with the ability to render such feelings with poetic poignancy and power have always and continue to be in great demand – to the enduring credit of the human condition.

catholic funeral poem

Funeral Poems Can Help You to Get Your Feelings Across.


Everyone knows that losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things that you have to face in life. Going through a death in the family or the passing of a close friend is tough.

When you want to be able to honor their life, it may feel important for you to get up and say a few words at their funeral. It is one way that you can express how much they meant to you as a person, and you can show the world how much they will be missed.

The problem with this is that not everyone has an easy time finding the words. If everyone was a great orator, then society would be quite different from what it currently is.

You may be a bit shy and could have trouble standing up in front of a crowd to speak. Even those who are comfortable in this type of setting may be compromised due to the emotions that are coursing through them.

Under normal circumstances, you may be able to deliver a heartfelt speech. With everything that you have been through and the difficulties of processing that your loved one is gone, it may not be possible to speak as eloquently as you would like.

This is perfectly fine, as it is more about the sentiment than anything else. Even so, it might be smart to use an appropriate funeral poem to help express how you are feeling.

Why Poems Are a Good Idea.


Short funeral poems can work brilliantly to help you express how you are feeling. These types of poems can be very beautiful, and there are poems that can represent a wide variety of different emotions.

Whether you are looking for something classy or if you want something that is undeniably touching, you will be able to find the appropriate poem to use for the event. This will allow you to have what you need to say right in front of you, so there will be no need to struggle to find the right words.

You can pick out the best short funeral poems ahead of time to really get your point across. If you find yourself eulogizing an important mentor in your life, then you may wish to seek out inspirational poems that match up with how your mentor made you feel.

When you have lost a mother, a poem about a mother’s love is going to be very appropriate. There will be a good poem that will work well for every occasion, and it can help you to feel more confident while you are up speaking in front of everyone.

The biggest reason that people need the help of these short funeral poems is that it helps to boost your confidence. You will have something beautiful picked out ahead of time that you know will represent how you are feeling.

Even if your own words aren’t easy to find, this will make sure that your point gets across. It can also be something that can help your family and the others who are in mourning to find a bit of solace.

Is It Truly Important to Say Something?


Whether or not it is important to get up and speak at the funeral is going to be up to you. For many people, this is seen as a final chance to tell your loved one how you feel.

Their passing is something that will have a profound impact on your life, and you want to be able to help yourself move on smoothly. Saying what is on your mind and letting everyone know how you are feeling has the potential to be very therapeutic.

Some people like to write their own speech or tell a heartwarming story from the past to help with the healing process. Not everyone is gifted with words, so this might be more difficult for you than it would be for someone else.

Get your point across


Using a funeral poem can be a great way to get your point across without feeling the need to struggle to find something beautiful to say. You can also combine personal stories with a more structured poem to help yourself stay on track.

Whatever it is that you decide to do, you just need to understand that funerals are about healing. This is a chance for the family and close friends of the deceased to come together and honor their memory.

Everyone is hurting in his or her own way, so being open with your feelings is a chance to help yourself feel better. You can also potentially provide strength to someone else, so it can be very worthwhile to find the courage to stand up and speak.

The funeral poems should make it an easier process and choosing the right one doesn’t have to be incredibly difficult.

short funeral poems

Advice for Choosing a Poem.


Choosing short funeral poems isn’t something that you need to rush. You should do your best to find a poem that really represents how you feel about the person whom you have just lost.

When you are looking for a fitting poem to share at their funeral service, it is important to take a look back on everything that they mean to you. Reflecting on your relationship with the person and the times that you enjoyed together should give you an idea of a theme to go with.

Once you have chosen some type of theme, you will be able to narrow down your search a little bit. If the person whom you are mourning was a dear friend, then you might be looking for poems that are about enduring friendships.

If you have lost a romantic partner, then poems about love are very sensible. This is mostly going to be about finding something that speaks to you on a very emotional level.

When you choose short funeral poems that match up well with your own feelings, it can be very emotional. You will be able to find poems with the right words to convey everything that you are feeling deep inside.

Sometimes it can actually be difficult to process the emotions, but expressing yourself is a very important part of being able to move on with your life. You don’t want to leave things unsaid and wind up with regrets.

Sometimes it can be a good idea to have more than one of these short funeral poems to read, as well. You might find that your relationship with someone had many complex layers to it.

This may cause several poems to touch your heart, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to share a few important thoughts. These poems are not going to be overly long, so they are perfect for helping you to show your love and admiration for the deceased.

Should You Choose Religious Poems?


Whether or not you should include religious poems in your speech is something that is hard to say. It really comes down to the type of funeral service that is being held and what the belief system of the deceased was like.

If your loved one was a very religious person during their life, then it is very sensible to represent that with the poems that you are sharing. There are many beautiful religious poems out there, so finding something that will fit in well should not be overly difficult.

This is simply a subject that can be difficult to gauge without more information. Sometimes people have friends and family that span multiple religions.

There are even distinct differences between how different denominations interpret things within the same religion. It is possible that you would feel more comfortable picking something that has greater subtlety in regards to religion.

Non-Religous Poems


You can often find short poems that touch upon ideas such as the afterlife or divinity without being overly specific. This can be useful when you want to have something that drives home a point without needing to make it too specific to one point of view.

This may not matter if your loved one was a particularly devout member of a certain religion. It is just something to think about, and you can definitely find poems that are not religious that will carry many of the same sentiments.

Advice for Speaking in Public.


Speaking in public is going to be one of the most trying aspects of this entire process. Some people are just not comfortable when they are tasked with getting up in front of others to speak.

It has a tendency to make people nervous, and it can really become a source of stress and worry for you. You don’t want to have to feel like you are on edge when you are already dealing with such a tumultuous time, so you have to find ways to stay calm.

There are certain techniques that can help you to speak in public without having things become too awkward. For most people, the number of people watching them is what will cause anxious feelings to swell up.

Doing your best to focus on one or two people whom you love and trust in the crowd should make a difference. This can make it seem as though you are just speaking to them rather than an entire room of individuals.

Having the poem that you are sharing right in front of you should make things easier, too. You won’t need to think so much about what you are saying when it is all written down.

If you are planning on speaking more about the deceased after the poem is finished, then it may be beneficial to have some notes. Not everyone is good at remembering what they wanted to say, and some people can get lost in the moment.

Prepare yourself


Notes can certainly help you to maintain a proper structure while you are speaking in front of a crowd. Even powerful individuals such as politicians and CEOs make use of notes when they are delivering speeches.

If you feel like you need notes to help you remember, then do not hesitate to bring them with you. It can increase your confidence and make you feel more at ease.

Lastly, you should try not to overthink everything. In general, you are going to be among friends and family at a funeral service. These are all individuals that you love and trust, so don’t be afraid of your vulnerability.

Everyone understands what you are going through, and it is okay to become emotional during the service. Reading a touching poem is something that may cause you to cry or choke up. It is going to be a tough day for everyone, and many tears will be shed, so don’t do yourself a disservice by trying to hide them.

Moving On


Moving on is going to be much simpler if you are satisfied with everything that you said at the funeral service. You may have felt very stressed out about the situation, but you will be able to look back and feel proud that you made the right choices.

Sharing a beautiful poem can make expressing yourself a lot easier than it would otherwise be. Your loved one would be proud of you for finding the strength within yourself to get your sentiments across.

Losing someone is never going to be an easy thing to deal with. You are going to miss that person, and there will be some days that are tougher than others.

The memories that you shared and the feelings that you have inside of you are going to endure. You will be able to look back on all of the good times and smile knowing that you said everything that you wanted to say.

Finding peace with the situation is important, and what you decide to share can become peace for other individuals as well. As vulnerable as you may feel right now, you need to know that others in your family and social circle are going through the same thing.

Share the poems that touch your heart, and find the strength within your friends and family. It will help to make tomorrow feel like a completely new day.


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