Poems To Say Goodbye At A Funeral

Poems To Say Goodbye At A Funeral

Poems To Say Goodbye At A Funeral. Use some special words.


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Poems To Say Goodbye At A Funeral

Poems To Say Goodbye At A Funeral. Standing out from the crowd.

Saying goodbye at a funeral is not an assurance that things will be okay henceforth. Death of a loved one is one thing that is never easy to cope with. It is not easily forgotten, and you wake up one morning to find things are alright. One takes time to heal, and the period usually varies depending on an individual’s personality.


Turning to poems to say goodbye at a funeral is a nice way of consoling and comforting each other with the rest of the mourners. These poems express the feelings of everyone present, in a manner that celebrates the lives of the dead while giving the people left behind the urge to soldier on.


Using some special words at a funeral

Even after the funeral though, people will still go through all the grieving stages, at least until healing fully occurs. It is necessary to know this so that you don’t bat yourself should you be faced by either of them even after the funeral of a loved one. What’s more, there is no sequence for these stages, so after a funeral, you might still find yourself experiencing either of them.

Denial- upon hearing about the death of a loved one, no one seems to accept this fact at first. People struggle to believe that they will no longer see their loved ones or hear them talk. Sometimes we even get disillusioned thinking they are talking to us. This is a stage that makes other emotions spring thereafter.


This anger is directed towards death for starters, for taking away the people we love so much. It is then directed towards oneself for not being able to do anything to make them live a little longer or not die at all. People usually feel some sense of responsibility towards others, especially relatives, and death makes us feel like we have failed in this area.


The anger can also be towards the deceased, questioning they’re untimely going, or going without a warning, and leaving us behind to face life without them.


We start to feel guilty thinking that there could be more than we would have done to prevent the death of a loved one, perhaps by extensively taking care of them, taking them to better hospitals, buying other forms of medication, or not telling them to do a certain role in life. I am normal to think that you would have done a little more.


When a life without the deceased becomes imaginable, we feel helpless and find no reason to continue living. People lose hope, for why would you work hard when one day we will all die? Upon the death of a loved one, we begin to question the meaning of life. It takes courage and strength to see the reasons to continue living.

This is the time when support from friends and relatives becomes really handy, otherwise, people may slip into things like drug or alcohol addictions, in attempts to escape from the reality of situations.


Eventually, we find meaning in life and come to terms with the fact that each of us has their own unique paths and each of us will die someday, the timings are different. We, therefore, should live the moment to the fullest, fulfilling our purposes in life and making the most of the times we have with our loved ones.

Poems to say goodbye at a funeral capture and tactfully deal with these emotions giving people directions to go about them. These poems were written by people who had gone through the same challenge or were inspired by it, and are trying to establish avenues for the bereaved to sail through it by use of comforting words.

Going through all these stages successfully is enough indication that one has really said goodbye to their loved one and is ready to continue with their lives. It is usually said that where there is still life, hope exists, and where there is hope, life is equally there.

Types of poems to say goodbye at a funeral.

Basically, we have a selection of the following types.
Poems to say goodbye at a funeral for dad
Poems to say goodbye at a funeral for mum
Poems to say goodbye at a funeral for the brother
Poems to say goodbye at a funeral for sister
Poems to say goodbye at a funeral for an aunt
Poems to say goodbye at a funeral for an uncle
Poems to say goodbye at a funeral for a cousin
Poems to say goodbye at a funeral for grandma
Poems to say goodbye at a funeral for grandpa
Poems to say goodbye at a funeral for a friend
Poems to say goodbye at a funeral for a colleague

Long or short Funeral Poems

These poems are further available in long and short forms. They equally carry the same messages, but the short funeral poems are popularly used alongside other funeral items like flowers, condolence notes, gravestones, obituaries, and eulogies. The short poems are also recommended in situations where one has kids lined up to read the poems at a funeral or memorial service as they can be quickly read before tension gets the better of them.


Religious and non-religious poems to say goodbye at a funeral.

Whether you would like the religious or non-religious poems is a matter of your choice. We at the Holy Bookshop have listed all of them. The religious poems are Christian based and are written to help manifest their faith in God even upon death, requesting him to give us the strength needed to soldier on and accept the souls of those who have died.

The non-religious poems are not centered on God but can be used even by Christians too, and anyone else who wishes to use these poems to mourn their beloved.
We turn to poems to help us cope with the pain following the death of a loved one, but the memories they live behind can never be forgotten. We only adjust to living without them.

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