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remembering grandma poems

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remembering grandma poems for funerals

Remembering Grandma Poems For Funerals.

Losing a loved one is a difficult thing that anyone has to go through in life. However, when death comes calling on our loved ones, there is nothing we can do.

It is, however, important to treasure shared memories with the loved one.

In this article, we are going to highlight remembering grandma poems, and in what ways a poem may help us remember a lost loved one.

Even after they have passed away, it is difficult to forget grandmas since they are caring beings in our lives. They help us understand our family history and sometimes they are able to talk to us in ways that our own parents cannot.

For this reason, we tend to grief when we lose them to the cruel hands of death. However, we keep their memories alive by remembering them in various ways.

Remembering grandma in funeral poems is a great way to express your feelings of grief and loss. These poems might be read during the funeral or memorial services.

During anniversaries for our deceased grandmas, you can prepare a poem to remember what she was like when she was alive.

However, there are different ways to remember your grandma, given that losing her was not only a huge loss to you but to the entire family.

Remembrance Poems For grandma.

These may vary depending on the tone and voice used. For instance, you may settle on a poem with the voice of the deceased, whereby you will have to reflect on their personality.

The poem is supposed to remember the deceased the way they would have wanted.

For instance, you can draw inspiration from the last moments you spent together, or something she would say often.

You may also focus on how they lead their lives and how they passed away. In most cases, we lose our grandmothers at an older age. This means that they might have been able to lead their lives well, and fully.

In her voice, you can express gratitude for having been able to live fully as you encourage mourners to not be sad as she is at a better place.

What to keep in your mind.

It is important to keep in mind that how to speak of your grandma is the way people are going to remember her. Instead of focusing on her life and sorrow of losing her.

You can choose to celebrate the fact that you got to know her, and spend time with her. Some poems to remember a grandma may focus on expressing gratitude for having met her and the care she gave to you.

Children who grew around their grandmothers may be affected by losing her than those who did not. This is because grandmas are natural caregivers and also less strict than parents.

For instance, they may let you play with them as well as participate in their hobbies when parents are busy making a living. However, no one’s grief is underestimated and we are all allowed to grieve in our own different ways.

funeral poems for nan

You can also settle on using the voice of the bereaved where you express your sorrow. In such kind of a poem, you can focus on telling the audience what you and your family are going through on losing her.

Remembrance poems are not only read at a funeral service but also in anniversaries and memorial services. The poem might also feature a celebratory message where you mention things that you will forever celebrate about her.

Even though we know that death is inevitable, we are never prepared to lose a loved one. This comes with a lot of pain and grief, which may be difficult to deal with.

A remembrance poem for grandma can bring a lot of comfort to you and the grieving by use of kind and encouraging words.

Remembering grandma poems can take different angles based on the message you want to deliver to the audience. Including anecdotes about her and the things she did for the community is a great way to celebrate her even after she has passed away.

In the case you did not grow up with your grandma, you may talk to the people who were close to her for more information. This will give you an insight into what you should focus on. In remembrance poems, personality is the key thing we want to retain after we have lost someone.

Questions about your grandma.

How warm was your grandma? What made her happy? How did she view life? These are some of the questions you should ponder about when deciding on a remembrance poem for your grandma.

It is important to choose a poem that expresses your feelings genuinely.

Most remembrance poems feature expression of affection for the deceased, while they were alive and even when they are gone. These poems can be sympathetic, encouraging, comforting or even celebratory.

Even though losing someone is painful, it does not mean we have to be sad about it. In some cases, we actually celebrate lives, especially if the deceased got to live for a long time or was suffering from a terminal illness.

This is because they have rested from the pain and suffering and are at peace now.

remembrance poems for nan

Based on the faith of your grandma, you may choose a religious funeral poem.

Religious poems are encouraging and help us accept that the deceased is in a better place. You can draw inspiration from religious scriptures or a religious mantra that your grandma lived by.

Religious poems are useful in that they help us accept that the deceased has now rested from the sufferings of this world. In fact, Christians believe that death is the gateway from earthly living and onto the next life with no suffering.

In a remembrance poem for grandma, you may want to encourage the audience and affirm your grandma’s faith. This will help the audience remember her as a Christian and build hope to meet with her in the afterlife.

However, it is important to remember that you can only use religious poems if the deceased was religious in order to honor her memories.

A comforting poem is also a good way to remember a lost life. You can use it to help yourself and the audience cope with grief. This kind of a poem may feature words to offer comfort and a shoulder to lean on for the bereaved.

Most comforting poems encourage people to seek comfort from God since His will has been done.

However, a comforting poem may be in the voice of the deceased, encouraging mourners that she is still with them in spirit. The truth is, even after we have lost our loved ones to death, it is important to remember that they remain in our hearts forever, and cannot be forgotten.

Choosing the right funeral poems for your nan.

In the voice of the deceased, you may also choose a poem that expresses relief. For instance, you can encourage the deceased through a poem showing that the deceased has finally rested and is watching over us from the heavens above.

The fact that we believe the deceased has found peace and is resting will bring a lot of comfort to the bereaved.

Most remembrance poems are in the voice of the deceased and they are meant to make us feel at ease as well as commemorate the lives of the deceased.

Some of these poems are also meant to help us accept the death of the loved one, as a calling from God. This way, we understand that there is nothing we could have done to make them stay for a little longer.

There are remembrance poems that also encourage us to be thankful. Even though we are sad and grieving, it is helpful to focus on the fact that the deceased got to live, and even though they are gone, they were an important part of our lives.

Instead of regretting their passing away, we can express our gratefulness as we got to meet them and share memories with them.

You can also choose a remembrance poem that expresses all the things we remember about your deceased grandma. It is, however, important to remember that during this time, you are all grieving and it is only right to remember the good things about the deceased.

For instance, you can choose to remember her smile, hug or even advice she gave you when you were going through something.

There different ways you can use to remember your grandma, based on the relationship you shared. The way a granddaughter will remember her Nan is different from what a grandson might.

Remembrance poem for nan from granddaughter.

The bond between a grandmother and granddaughter is strong and expresses a lot of shared affection and love.

Granddaughters might actually feel more comfortable talking to their grandmas than their mothers about certain things. This is because grandmas have been through a lot growing up and have a lot of life experience.

This makes them understand people and easy with their grandchildren.

For instance, a girl may find it difficult to share her heartbreak with her mother but find it easy to talk to their grandma. The more support a grandma offers her granddaughter, the more she makes it easy for her to trust and make sound decisions.

On losing a grandma, granddaughters experience the loss and may want to remember them in a poem.

remembering grandma poems for funerals

In a remembrance poem, a granddaughter might want to tell the audience what she has lost and what she is going to remember about her Nan.

Usually, grandmas are reliable alliances and we can always trust them with secrets and expect them to help out. If you have lost your grandma, you can choose a poem that highlights your relationship and how important she was to your life.

Remembering grandma with a poem.

You will be able to highlight all the things she did for you including affirming your worth and loving you unconditionally. Experiencing the loss of a confident and the person with whom you shared your deepest secrets and fears is terrible.

However, you can choose to remember how she lived rather than dwell on how she died.

Remembrance poems from grandson.

Grandmas and grandson also share a deep bond and in some cases they become inseparable. This is mostly because grandmas are there when they are born and treat them with a lot of love and care.

Not only are they caring in childhood, but also in adulthood. For this reason, losing a grandmother is a very painful experience for the grandson.

For this reason, grandsons also express the same adoration and love for their grandma. They grow up knowing that there is someone they can always go to with anything.

Given that most boys do not talk about their most intimate things with anyone, having their grandma is important as they are able to express themselves.

Upon losing their grandma, grandsons may feel like they have lost their only confidant. In a poem, they may choose to remember their deceased grandma and tell the audience about her, and the things they will remember most about her.

This will also serve as a healing process and a way to seek comfort. This is because they tend to go back and remember shared memories with their grandmas. Even though this might prove to be a painful process, the memories are a good way to find encouragement and accept the loss.

Grandmas express unconditional love to their grandchildren and when they pass away, there is a huge gap left with no one to fill.

However, treasuring shared memories of them is an important part of the healing process.

We get to celebrate our loved ones as well as accept the loss. It is also important to express our genuine emotions in the poem as well as highlight the things we will always remember about our Nan.

Our final thoughts.

In conclusion, remembering grandma poems are an effective way of expressing grief and at the same time seeking comfort in shared memories. We get to tell the world what we have lost in our grandma and how we will remember them.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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