Remembering Mom Poems for Grieving Sons and Daughters

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Losing your mother is devastating, no matter what age or gender you are. Just thinking about it is heartbreaking, so we avoid it, even if it hasn’t happened yet. And when it does happen, it’s unthinkably painful, and there’s no getting around that. 


Obviously, we can’t simply ‘move on’ or ‘think positively’ in such a situation. What we can do, though, is reminisce about our late mothers and all the nice moments we spent with them. And what better way to do that than by reading beautiful remembering mom poems, quotes, and sayings?


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Remembering Mom Poems Helped Me Move On


Remembering Mom Poems


I will never forget the first time I realized that my mother was going to die. When I was younger, I thought of her as this immortal, almighty being, who will always be there to protect me. So, when I grew a bit older and learned that mortality is a part of human nature, I was completely and utterly confused. How can a being that brought me into this world and raised me ever leave my life?


And when I did lose my mother, I thought that I would never move on. But then I read Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep, and I had a change of heart. The pain I felt each time I thought about her was no longer there. after a while, I started feeling love and warmth instead, just like I used to back when she was with us. It’s funny what a couple of remembering mom poems can do for your inner peace and well-being.

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Sometimes, we’re unable to put into words the pain we feel. However, that doesn’t mean that we should lock our emotions away and pretend they’re not there. Instead, we should find other ways to channel them. 


In fact, the words don’t even have to be ours. Someone else’s words can be just as impactful. Some people are just better at expressing feelings than others. 


In light of that, I’d like to present Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep, a book that helped me in the worst of times. It’s a collection of over 250 beautiful poems, quotes, and sayings by more than 180 famous authors. Some of the names include Walt Whitman, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and Emily Brontë.

How Remembering Mom Poems Can Help You

Writing a Eulogy or an Obituary

The worst part of losing someone you love is having to deal with the aftermath. You have to write and publish an obituary, inform other family members, plan a funeral, and so on. But, by far, the most challenging one is writing a eulogy. Sitting down, thinking about your recently deceased mother without bursting into tears, and then writing a meaningful eulogy — all of those things seemed near impossible to me.


However, it doesn’t have to be that hard. Reading a couple of remembering mom poems gave me inspiration. And I was able to come up with a eulogy that did my mom justice, and of which I am still proud today. 


As a matter of fact, if you come across a poem that really speaks to you, you can use it as the eulogy itself. You don’t have to be a poet to give a beautiful eulogy.



As a daughter, I thought I had it the worst when my mother died. I couldn’t comprehend that others had lost her, as well. My mom had other family, friends, and coworkers — and they were all saddened by her passing, just like me. 


Although I couldn’t really do anything to change the reality of the situation, I found that sharing feelings with others helped me. Talking to someone and exchanging a few kind words or remembering mom poems truly made me feel good. And obviously, I could have really used some good feelings at that horrible time.


Us humans, we are social beings. Grieving alone may seem like a good option in the beginning, but you soon realize that it’s not the only one. Talking to others about it will make you feel better. And sooner or later, you’ll all reminisce about the one you lost and even share funny stories about them.


Remembering Mom Poems 


Comforting Words In Remembering Mom Poems

Aside from helping me find words to write a eulogy and express my condolences to others, these poems, quotes, and sayings also helped me find myself. They guided me through the grieving process. And through them, I was able to heal. 


Although I wasn’t the first or the last person to ever lose their mother, remembering mom poems really made me feel understood and accepted. And now, when I look back at that first time I read them, I can say that they kept me sane throughout that whole emotional mess.


Final Thoughts

Obviously, shortly after I lost my mother, I felt hopeless. I thought that everything was out of hand. I couldn’t turn back time or alter reality. And I couldn’t escape from it, either. 


However, because I had to deal with my loss somehow, I came across these remembering mom poems at one point. They made me realize that things weren’t so bad after all. When I saw that other people shared my sorrow, I felt relief. 

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Soon enough, I came to a realization. My mother wasn’t actually gone. She was still there, embedded in my memory in the form of beautiful words and poems. Thinking about her warms my heart like a sweet melody, and now I hum it every day. 


It’s not painful anymore. In fact, it even inspires me at times. Sometimes, I even feel like she’s still watching over me and telling me that I need to clean my room.


If you’ve recently lost someone, check out Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep for yourself. Whether you need emotional support or simply have trouble writing a eulogy, you can count on this book for help.


Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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