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Special Remembrance Poems for a Memorial Service


Nobody ever wants to think about the death of a loved one. Usually, when someone close to you passes on, it can be very painful to think about them again. The process of grief and mourning is a notoriously difficult one, and it is even more difficult when the one who has passed was close to you.


Remembrance Poems for a Memorial Service


The mourning process is hard for people, and it has almost become a tradition that people hold a funeral service to honor the memories and life of the person who has passed. During these funerals, people who were close to the deceased are often asked to say something in remembrance. Some people will give a speech, whereas others will read a poem that reflects the way they felt about the deceased.

Often, coming up with a speech will only end up bringing even more pain, as it can be very difficult to think about the person who has passed. This leaves you with the option to read a poem, but then the question becomes how do you select 400;”>remembrance poems for a memorial service?


Using the right words


There are several different ways you can go about choosing the remembrance poem that you want to read at your loved one’s funeral. Of course, you will want to keep in mind that the funeral service is going to surround the deceased, so you should focus on choosing a poem that suits this person best.

You can consider different themes that are presented in remembrance poems. Some poems focus on nature, whereas others will view things from a religious standpoint. Some take a relatively positive tone, focusing on the memories that the deceased left behind.

Others are more befitting of the mood, mourning the loss of someone who everyone was close to. Determining which remembrance poem best suits this funeral service is going to depend on the overall theme of the service itself.


The Poem Should Match the Theme of the Funeral Service


As a starting point, you should work to find a poem that fits the overall theme of the service. This means that if the service is a religious one, then you will want to look at religious poems. If the service is a place where everyone can openly mourn their loss of a loved one, then you might want to look for more sorrowful poems.

On the other hand, if the service is almost joyous and more about embracing the life that the deceased led, then you will want to find an equally positive poem to readout. Making sure that you fit the theme of the funeral will not only help things go smoothly, but it will also probably honor the wishes of the departed.

Similarly, you should also make sure that what you choose as your remembrance poem matches the deceased. This means that if the person who has passed had a love of plants and gardening, you might want to look for a poem that has a theme of plants or flowers of some type. If the person who passed away loved the ocean and sea, then you might want to consider a remembrance poem that has the ocean and the sea mentioned in it.

This will help you get a starting idea of what you want to choose when you are looking for the perfect remembrance poem. The next thing that you will want to pay attention to will be some of the common themes and what implications they tend to have when in the form of a remembrance poem.


Deciding the Length of the Poem


Remembrance Poems for a Memorial Service


Something else that you will want to consider when picking out your remembrance poem is the length that you want the poem to be. As you might be able to imagine, the longer the poem is, the more time it is going to take to read. Shorter poems, of course, are not going to take as long to read. You should also keep in mind that poems that elicit painful memories might take more time to read, as you might choke up and stumble over your words.

You might want to talk to other people who are giving remembrance poems and try to keep your poems around the same length. This ensures that nobody is taking significantly more or less time to read their poems than another person, making the funeral service go as smoothly as possible.

If you are completely unsure of how long a poem will take to read, try practicing the poem out loud in front of a mirror, and time yourself. Once you have the time from that reading, you can adjust the way you read the poem or the length of the poem so that you can come up with the perfect poem to read at the memorial service.

Most people will enjoy being able to have a funeral service that goes smoothly with nobody taking too long or seemingly being hasty. Now that you know two important things to look for in poems, it is time for you to start thinking about the type and theme of the poem you want to read.


What About Religious Poems?


Religion is a very common theme, especially for funeral services. However, this can make it even easier for you to find the perfect remembrance poem for your loved one. Religious-themed poems, as you might be able to imagine, will have a religious theme. Sometimes, they will include concepts such as the deceased returning as an angel, or something similar to that.

For someone who was close to their religion, a religious remembrance poem is going to be the perfect way to honor the memories and the lifestyle of the deceased. In fact, if the deceased is a Christian, there’s a very good chance that you would be able to find remembrance poems that have quotes from the Bible.

This means that there is also a chance that you will be able to find your loved one’s favorite Bible verse and include it in the poem. This can add another layer of meaning to the poem, both for the deceased and for those who were close.

Generally, when you are searching for religious remembrance poems, you will want to look for themes that the deceased would have loved to hear. Looking for a favorite Bible verse is also a good start to finding the perfect remembrance poems for a memorial service.


Finding Remembrance Poems About Nature


Nature is another recurring theme in a lot of remembrance poems. This is because there are many ways that a writer could tie the lifespan of nature with the death of a loved one, while also evoking feelings and emotions fitting of a funeral.

Whether the poem takes a positive turn, perhaps about flowers reblooming or a plant spreading its seeds to grow, or it takes a negative turn, such as about wilting flowers or a dying garden, you will surely be able to find a remembrance poem that suits your needs for the funeral. There are a few things that you will want to focus on when you are picking out a good remembrance poem specifically for your loved one.

The type of nature will matter quite a bit, as different people generally enjoy different things. Common areas of nature are wildlife, gardening, flowers and blossoms, and trees. Finding a poem that focuses on a topic that your loved one cared about is going to leave a huge impact on everyone at the funeral service.

You will also want to think about whether you want the poem to have a mournful tone to it or one that remembers the deceased and honors his or her lifetime, as you will definitely want to find fitting remembrance poems for a memorial service.

 Remembrance Poems About Motherhood 


Remembrance Poems for a Memorial Service


Another common topic that people will choose for their remembrance poems is the topic of motherhood or fatherhood. The children often have a different perspective from that of other loved ones, which makes these remembrance poems a bit unique in how they capture the memories of the deceased.

Typically, these poems will focus on how the deceased helped the children grow and mature during childhood. These poems can have just about any theme to them, but if you are looking for a poem for a mother or father who has passed, one of these poems might be the best fit for the situation.

More often than not, these poems will delve into a perspective that no other poem can really do. This is important, as it adds another level of meaning to the remembrance poem. Searching for one of these poems for a parent who has passed is one of the best things you can do to honor the memory and his or her efforts of raising you.

Thankfully, it usually isn’t that difficult to find these poems that tie into other themes as well, such as nature or religion. Combining two themes into one, when done right, can create a beautiful poem that shows just how much you truly care about the deceased and what his or her life meant to you.


 Remembrance Poems of Love


Similar to how there are remembrance poems that focus on the relationship between a parent and a son or daughter, there are some remembrance poems that focus on the idea of love. In the unfortunate instance where you have lost someone that you were in love with, you will be able to find a remembrance poem that properly conveys the feeling that you might have had for this person.

Whether the love was reciprocated or not, there will surely be remembrance poems for a memorial service that honor the memories of the person you fell in love with.

These poems can either take an optimistic or mournful approach. Sometimes, these poems will focus on the painful loss of losing someone that you loved, and how much of a hole it has torn in your heart.

Other times, these poems will focus on the aspects of the person that you fell in love with, giving honor to the memories of someone who you grew close to without focusing as much on the pain of loss. It is up to you to determine whether you want to focus on the loss or the memories of the loved one.


 Optimistic Remembrance Poems



When most people think of funerals and remembering the life of a loved one, most people don’t really think of optimism. However, some people want to make sure that funerals honor the spirit and memories of a loved one, rather than mourn and grieve for the loss. This is especially the case when it comes to funerals for people who tend to be optimistic in the face of tragedy.

You might not really know what to look for when you plan to search for these types of poems. Usually, these poems won’t be outright joyous, but they will celebrate the achievements that the deceased has made. These poems focus on keeping a part of the deceased’s spirit with you, and remembering how that person lived in life. To put it very simply, these poems focus on remembering the deceased in a positive light, not tainting the memories with grief and sorrow.

Optimistic poems can come in all themes, from religious to nature, and everything in between. You should, of course, make sure that your remembrance poems for a memorial service are well suited to the likes and the pastimes of the deceased. By being able to read a remembrance poem that takes a positive tone, you can be sure to honor and celebrate the life that your loved one had.


 Mournful Remembrance Poems


Similar to the optimistic poems, some people and families prefer to take the memorial service as a time to grieve and, well, mourn the loss of a loved one. There are many different remembrance poems that capture the sorrow and despair that you might feel after losing someone who you were close to.

If you believe that the deceased would be best honored by taking the time to express your grief and pain, then you might want to consider a mournful remembrance poem. With that being said, these poems are designed to be sad and painful. If the deceased was someone who wouldn’t want that type of thinking during a funeral, then it might not be the best idea to read out such a poem.

Just as with the other poems, these poems can also come in a variety of themes. No matter whether you are looking for a theme that involves rain and nature or you are searching for a poem that creates the image of an overwhelming ocean, you will surely be able to find a poem that will suit the memories of your loved one.

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