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Remembrance Poems For Loved Ones

Remembrance Poems for a Son, Daughter, or Spouse. Give Family Members Renewed Joy.


You can pay tribute to a loved one on the anniversary of his or her death in one of several ways. One mother found solace by adding 400;”>remembrance poems for a son to her digital scrapbook on each anniversary of her beloved son’s death. Remembrance Poems make it possible for you to pay tribute to your loved one’s memory personally and even, in some cases, publicly.

Remembering a Loved One

Do you feel that you want to mark a loved one’s passing in a special way? If so, you need to include remembrance poems for a son, daughter, or other close family members to any list of tributes and activities that you create. The anniversary of a loved one’s death can be a time when families gather or a day when each family member spends time in quiet contemplation.

Remembrance Poems

How the death of a loved one is acknowledged can change or remain the same over time. Some families may plan different activities each year while other families may follow the same type of practice. However you remember a loved one, you will want to include remembrance poems for a son, daughter, or spouse regardless of the type of commemoration.

Releasing Butterflies — A Symbol of Hope

Some family members make it a habit to release butterflies each year on the anniversary of a son and brother’s death. Butterflies, for many families, signify hope and a spirit of renewal. For Christians, the butterfly symbolizes the Resurrection. For people of other faiths, the butterfly marks reassurance; therefore, the butterfly symbol is frequently used by grief counselors or for bereavement groups. The butterfly is also frequently seen in spiritual facilities.

Remembrance Poems for loved ones

One Mother’s Story

One mother recounts a moment when she saw a butterfly fluttering near her window. She had been mourning the death of her son and was sitting at the kitchen table one day. Suddenly, a large and colorful butterfly appeared at the glass. She had been crying but seeing the colorful symbol gave her a feeling of peace. She watched the butterfly flit around the flowers inside her window box, which was a sign of comfort that made her feel that her son was near. The butterfly sent a message that told her that love is forever and that her son’s spirit continued to survive.

Using the Butterfly Theme to Create Poetry

A butterfly theme that is used to mark the anniversary of a death can be combined with remembrance poems for a son, daughter, or spouse written by a professional poet. He or she can capture what you want to convey with words and phrases that can pay special homage to the occasion.

An ADC Experience

A mother reports that after her daughter’s death, she spotted a luna moth hovering over her garden’s bushes as another sign of after-death communication (ADC). The luna moth belongs to the insect family Saturniidae. Her daughter loved studying the planets, especially the planet Saturn. While the insect was not related to studying the planets, it’s family association is interesting.

A Prized Possession

You may want to ask a professional poet to create remembrance poems for a son, daughter, or spouse that relates to an ADC you may have experienced as well. Whether you have the poem created to mark a death or an ADC, it will become a prized possession.

Rainbow Remembrances

Often, remembrance poems for a son, daughter, or spouse involve rainbows. One mother, a postal employee in the Midwest, reported that her baby boy died of sudden infant death syndrome when he was just six months old. She had decorated his room in a rainbow theme and painted the walls a light yellow.

When she went to her son’s grave on the first anniversary of his death, it had been raining all day. Upon leaving the cemetery, suddenly the sun began to shine. A rainbow appeared before her that made her realize that God was truly watching over her.

Linking Life Events

Sometimes poems are written about ADC experiences where rainbows link an event in life. For example, one woman who lost her husband to cancer was extremely upset on the day of her granddaughter’s birth. Before her husband died, he had asked her to buy a gift from him to give to his granddaughter. She was upset that he wasn’t there to celebrate the birth. However, when she approached the medical center, she saw a rainbow appear over the building. This was proof to her that God had given her a sign.

Whenever we commemorate the death, we can use various kinds of tributes. Whether you release butterflies in an area loved by the deceased or provide a commemorative book of poems, you will find that this anniversary can help you get through the passing of a close friend or family member.

Playing a Favorite Song

Besides poetry and butterflies, some people memorialize the death of someone special by playing their favorite song. You can also have a poem written and use a soft background tune while reciting the verses.

Creating Bouquets

People show their love and respect by having beautiful bouquets made by a florist. These bouquets are often placed at a loved one’s resting place. You can coordinate the language of flowers with the language of poetry too. For example, different flowers symbolize different meanings. White lilies, for instance, signify rebirth, purity, and restoration of innocence. The lily can also mean purity and light. That is why this flower is popular at funerals and commemorative gatherings.

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Remembering Someone with Roses

Roses are often used when people host a gathering on the death of a loved one or friend. For example, tea roses denote eternal remembrance. Pink roses symbolize grace while the white rose reflects innocence.

Fragrant Rosemary Blooms

Fragrant rosemary blooms often are added to commemorative bouquets and may also be given to a family as a garden plant to remember a family member. The blue-flowering plant has been used for funerals and memorials since Roman times.

You Are Loved

In the language of flowers, carnations represent remembrance. They speak the words “I will never forget you” and therefore offer a great deal of comfort to a family. Purple heliotrope is beautiful blooms that mark the death of the loved one with a profound sentiment. Their message is simple as it says that “you are loved.”

Aspen Leaves and Orchids

Sometimes aspen leaves are added to commemorative bouquets as they express both life and sorrow. The leaves make any bouquet a conversation piece. Orchids are yet another bloom that is well revered for commemorative bouquets. Orchids signify strength, beauty, and grace. They nicely complement other blooms in a bouquet.

Friendship and Faithfulness

Ivy is yet another ideal adornment for a commemorative display. These leaves are often placed at graves and may be depicted as carvings in headstones. The Ivy represents friendship, faithfulness, and ongoing loyalty to the ideal plant to use to decorate a final resting place.

A One-of-Kind Inscription

Maybe the person who passed loved the arts or regularly visited the opera or the theatre. If so, you might think of dedicating one of these seats in your loved one’s honor. An inscribed theatre seat displaying a loved one’s name is the ideal way to remember a family member or friend.

This can be reserved for one of the anniversaries of death. You can also use this form of tribute to remember a person who liked, for instance, a nature preserve or public garden. You can present a plaque at the site in the person’s memory.

Reviewing a Life in Pictures

Some families get out photos to remember a family member on the anniversary of his or her death. They may look through the albums while playing some of the loved one’s favorite tunes. This is a great way to celebrate the life of someone close to you.

Memorial Bracelets and Necklaces

Memorial jewelry may also be used to remember someone who has passed. This follows a practice that was done quite often in the 19th century during Victorian times. Today, you can have jewelry artisans and designers craft jewelry with diamonds or glass beads that include a loved one’s photo. A silver locket is often given to a wife or mother with an heirloom picture of a son, daughter, or spouse as something that she can always wear close to her heart.

Lighting a Candle

If you wish to hold a more quiet commemoration, lighting a candle is another way to memorialize someone who has passed. You might choose to light fragranced candles in a scent that the loved one liked. Candles allow you to celebrate someone’s memory while reflecting on the meaning that he or she gave your life.

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Creating a Memorial App

The anniversary of the death of a loved one becomes increasingly more important over the years. Therefore, you can keep his or her memory alive by creating a memorial app. You can use the app whenever you think of the person or on the anniversary of his or her death. You can either make the app private or invite certain family members for friends to share their sentiments, memories, or photographs.

What You Need to Consider for Remembrance Poems For Loved Ones

Whenever you are memorializing the death or passing of a special person in your life, you need to consider the following:

  • The person’s interests. What were the hobbies or sports that he or she liked?
  • The person’s musical tastes. What songs did he or she often play?
  • What special memories you hold of the person. What in particular do you remember that made a significant impact on your life?
  • Where did the person like to go in his or her leisure time? For example, did he or she spend a great deal of time fishing, shopping, or playing a sport such as a game of tennis?
  • Did the person have a favorite pet? Do you remember a funny occasion that involved the pet?
  • Which quality did you especially remember about the person? Was it his or her laugh? Maybe you thought that he or she told funny jokes. What did he or she do that made you feel happy?

Leaving a Legacy

When you review this type of information, you can also use it to create a memorial plaque or have a poem written about your loved one. In fact, you can make it a habit to have a special poem written for each anniversary. This is a great way to memorialize the person and keep his or her memory alive over the years. Poems leave a legacy that can be shared among family and friends and passed down to children and grandchildren.

Sentimental or Festive Decorations

Whatever you do to remember the passing of a loved one, you will find that this anniversary will help you appreciate life and all those who do and have contributed to its beauty. Therefore, when you decide to celebrate a deceased person’s life, you can either use sentimental or more festive decorations.

For example, besides releasing butterflies, some people release balloons with the name of the person on each balloon. You might even add a short poem on the outside of the balloon or include a special poem inside the balloon that can be read by whoever finds it. Other people like to take the moment to pray and recall the person on a more subdued level. When a more quiet event is held, people often use flowers or plants or gather in a nature area.

A Personal and Meaningful Memory

As you can see, you can find one of the various ways to commemorate the passing of a special person. Again, if you think about the person’s likes and how he or she influenced your life, you can remember him or her in a more personal way.

One Final Thought

However, you remember someone, keep one thing in mind — the joy that he or she brought into your life can always be remembered and conveyed in many of the things that you do in your own life.


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