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Short Funeral Poems – An Elegant Way to Honor and Remember the Departed


If you have been to other websites I bet that you have been offered some free short funeral poems like Elizabeth Frye and the poem “Do not stand at my grave and weep” and so on. Before you rush away just take a moment to consider some important facts.

These free short funeral poems are used by 90% of the population of the world and are the most popular. Well, that’s OK but I wanted to be different from the norm and felt that a funeral poem should truly reflect the unique and individual relationship you had with the deceased. after all, every relationship is not the same is it?

Of course not. That is why I want to help you stand out and ask you to take a minute of your time to have a look at a download that contains OVER 250 funeral poems. It is a unique and different way of helping you choose those extra special words in the form of a poem that is going to impress and be truly memorable. Not only that it gives invaluable advice on all things eulogy related. Just go and have a look now.

That is the reason why I am here. It is to help you just spend a little more time on saying goodbye and making you feel satisfied with yourself. after all, you only have one chance to get it right. It has been downloaded many thousands of times before and all I ask is that you have a look for yourself.


short funeral poems

A helpful guide to Short Funeral Poems


We all have different ways of coping with the loss of a loved one. Death is a natural progression, and it is something that everyone has to live through. However, it’s still very difficult to come to terms with, especially when you lose someone that you have been attached to for a long time. After the passing of a family member or a close friend, most people hold memorial services to remember and honor them.

Most of us will find solace in the fact that others are willing to share their loss with them. A memorial service is simply a gathering of several people who come together to remember the good deeds and actions of the departed. We usually talk about an event in their life where the departed helped them, or how they impacted their lives. If you have lost a parent, a sibling, or a close friend, it’s obviously going to be difficult for you to express your emotions.


We are all different so be unique


Many people who live as introverts find it difficult to express or share their grief with others. We all process emotions at a different pace and in a different manner compared to others. Some people are dazed and confused, and often end up withdrawing into themselves, not sharing their emotions or talking about it at all for a long time. Others tend to cry a lot, and usually, require help from others to help them cope with their grief.

After the death of a loved one, the family or close friends have to prepare for the burial. A series of different factors must be factored in. First of all, the last wishes of the deceased must be honored. If the departed had any special wishes about how they wanted their funeral to be, they must be honored above all else.

The body is usually taken to a funeral home for preparations. The funeral service, also commonly known as a memorial service or even a celebration of the life of the departed, is one of the most beautiful ways to acknowledge and honor the life of someone who has just passed away.

The funeral service provides comfort and closure to those who were close to the departed, especially the friends and family members. It brings people together, allowing them to share their experiences and the sorrow that they have suffered because of the death.


Types of Services and Funerals


There are many kinds of funeral services and memorials, and each can be tailored in a myriad of different ways. If a loved one has passed away, you might want to give them the best possible send-off that you can, and it’s important that you plan everything accordingly. Before we talk about the role of funeral poems and why they are so important in the traditional funeral, it is important to understand the different kinds of funeral services or memorials.

Services can range drastically, such as a traditional funeral, a wake, a memorial service, a visitation, or a simple celebration of life. A lot of people choose to hold more than one event to honor the departed. The ultimate aim of each of these services is to honor the departed in the best possible way and tailor it according to the kind of person they were and what they believed was important.


Traditional funerals


A traditional funeral usually has a director from a funeral planning home or an officiant from the church, who presides over proceedings. Traditional funerals generally have a more formal outset, and the program itself is quite straightforward. Traditional songs, hymns, readings, eulogies, and poems are recited. Many share their favorite quotes or instances from the life of the departed to best remember and honor them.

The traditional funeral can be held at a person’s residence or at a funeral home. They can also be held at a temple or at a church. In many cases, an open casket might be kept at the funeral, or an urn (if the deceased was cremated), so that people can pray and share their last moments with the departed.

If an open casket is not present, then the service is generally regarded as a memorial service. It is very similar to a traditional funeral, but can take place any time; even years after the death of a loved one. The aim is simply to remember a loved one and their role in people’s lives.


short funeral poems

What is a funeral wake?


Wakes are slightly less formal as compared to a traditional funeral. The atmosphere is much more relaxed, and the wake usually takes place days before the traditional funeral. In some cases, a funeral wake might be held in a place of a standard funeral. People are allowed to come and go as they please within a certain time period. They talk to each other and comfort one another. In some cases, food might be served at the venue, or music might be played as well.

A visitation, on the other hand, is an event where friends or other people might visit the family of the deceased and spend time with them. The visitors pay their respects and sit around with the family members, talking about their lives and helping with sharing the pain.




This helps provide a feeling of closure to each member of the family as well as their friends. Some visitations have an open casket, while others don’t. Usually, the period for visitation is determined by the family. It begins one day before the funeral service and many people hold another visitation after the day of the funeral as well.

Then, there’s the “celebration of life,” which a lot of people prefer because it allows them to tailor and customize the funeral proceedings according to their wishes. If the departed had lived a full life, why would you want to mourn them?

Many prefer a celebratory atmosphere as compared to a more somber and formal environment (which is normal at funerals). The services can be as unique as the friends or family members desire and can be customized however they please.


The Funeral Poem – A Beautiful Way to Honor the Departed


As mentioned above, many people express their love for the departed in their own way. Some prefer to read a memorable quote that they feel best sums up the life of the departed. Others simply talk about their experiences with the deceased and the way that they changed the person’s life.

The importance of a eulogy


A eulogy is a very effective way to honor and remember the departed. The eulogy is a speech or any piece of writing that can be used to praise the departed. It’s most commonly used as a tribute for someone who has recently passed away. Reading can also be a viable choice.

You can get up on the podium and read a phrase or a paragraph from a book that left a mark on you or changed your life. You can talk about how it relates to the life of the departed. It is one of the most personal ways to talk about your association or relationship with the departed.

However, many people prefer reciting short funeral poems to better explain their relationship with the departed and the impact that they left on their life. Poems have been written for centuries, in various languages. Poets use the power of words to explain how they feel in a way that few can.


The great poets


When we talk about great poets, names such as William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson, and Robert Stevenson are often bandied about. However, a funeral poem is quite different. A poem is simply a piece of writing that focuses more on diction, sometimes even including rhyming words, to highlight an emotion or a feeling with greater impact. A poem can be written in a plethora of different ways.

Some believe a poem is like a painting in words or a song that focuses on self-beauty. Most of us listen to poems in one capacity or another throughout our lives. As kids, we learn different kinds of poems in school. We are even asked to write poems to express ourselves. A poem is quite different from other pieces of writing. It asks you to explain more while writing as little as possible.

In some cases, it might be hard for you to understand exactly what the poem is trying to depict. In others, a poem may leave a lasting impact on your life. The syntax, grammar, and the choice of words used in a poem can differ largely based on the writer’s personal preferences.


short funeral poems

The role of funeral poems


A poem is written to move a reader emotionally or physically. However, that doesn’t happen all the time. Many people believe that other forms of media are much more effective at inducing emotional reactions, but in a close and personal setting such as a funeral service, a poem may help you explain and elaborate your emotions in an eloquent manner.

Short funeral poems can be a home for stunning images, deep feelings, and a soft reflection. Poems, or poetry, in general, often make use of rhythmic and aesthetic traits of natural language. Sound symbolism is often used in poetry as well for depicting different things. The word “poem” comes from the Greek word “poiema,” which simply means “a thing made.” But, if a poem is something that’s made, what is it actually?

A poem is simply a device that allows a reader to make numerous connections between simple lines and phrases. It helps the listeners better understand what the reader is talking about, and allows them to imagine a situation that is not only endearing to their own emotional state but also to share their grief with others.


Sharing  a poem


Sharing a poem at a funeral is an excellent idea. Whether it is the death of a loved one or a close family member such as a sibling or a parent, you will have to speak out. Not doing so might seem like an incredible disservice on your part. You have to honor the life of the person who passed away, and instead of preparing a memorial speech or a standard piece of writing, selecting a more unique form of writing might be a wise move.

During such difficult times, families often want to hear words that provide them with solace and courage to deal with the loss. An original funeral poem might be just what they need to hear. You have to understand that funerals are incredibly sensitive gatherings. When you talk at one, everyone will listen. Therefore, the words that come out of your mouth must be very carefully selected.


Why Recite a Poem?


A simple piece of writing will show that you aren’t really connected to the person who passed away. If you have recently suffered a major loss, it’s understandable that you will have difficulty in collecting your thoughts. However, the funeral or the memorial service is the one place where everyone you know and your mutual friends with the departed will be present.

People might actually be expecting you to speak out at the event, so it’s important that you say something impactful and deserving of a viable response. Many people speak about their incredibly personal experiences and emotions. However, short funeral poems can be used as an elegant way to describe your relationship with the departed and the experiences you shared with them.

Poems have long been used in the English language for phrasing emotions, feelings, and connections in a more stylish and unique manner. Reciting a poem shows that you actually put in an effort and came up with something unique to best share and highlight your experience with the departed. It shows that you wanted your tribute to be as personal as can be.


Spend some time choosing a poem


Most people will jump in right away and use one of the most popular short funeral poems. Surely that is just plain wrong? Shouldn’t some time be spent on choosing a poem that is just perfect for the occasion?

Simply reciting quotes from a popular book or novel might not be a very personal way to give a send-off to someone who meant so much to you. Reciting a poem is a unique way to let people know that your connection with the departed was something special and unique.

In our opinion, you should shy away from using one of the free and popular modern funeral poems that are easily available. Doesn’t the dearly departed deserve more than that?

However, it’s obvious that writing a poem is not as easy as you think. Many people have difficulty in writing a poem, and reciting an already published poem might not make your experience unique. The aim is to create something that is special and different, something that hasn’t been written or said before, something that is completely personal.


short funeral poems

A Personalized Poem


The idea is to put words on paper that invoke feelings of love. Something that invokes memories and something that fits the situation. You don’t have to worry about the funeral poem being lighthearted or too somber; it’s all about making it as customized and as different as can be.

Now, it’s understandable that many people find it difficult to write a poem. It’s not easy to come up with prose when you have suffered such a deep personal loss. For people who are used to writing and have creativity flowing through their veins, turning such a personal loss into words is not a problem.

They write from the heart and can come up with beautiful lines that will touch the minds and hearts of the listeners. However, that is not always the case. Someone who is devastated because they suffered such a loss will obviously find it difficult to fulfill such an obligation. You don’t have to think of it as an obligation at all. Think of it as your final goodbye, your last tribute, to the person who played such an important role in your life.


Make it personal


Short funeral poems don’t take up too much of the listeners’ time, and they aren’t complicated either. Everyone who listens to the poem is usually capable of understanding the underlying message that the poem is trying to convey. If you can’t write a poem by yourself, you should know that there are professional writers who can help you with one.

There are a number of writers who can write customized poems for you for a small fee. They understand the loss that you have suffered and can encompass and encapsulate the emotions that you are going through in the most beautiful way possible. If you want to have a funeral poem written to better cope with the loss that you have suffered, you should get in touch with a writer who can help you.


The Theme of the poem


A well-written poem can bring people to tears and can leave a massive impact on everyone who listens to it. They don’t just help people deal with their feelings, but they also help in healing a person’s emotional side. As you can expect, the main theme of every funeral poem is to invoke sadness and the feeling of a loss.

You can also choose a poem that is uplifting and talks about the manner in which the deceased raised hope and courage in your heart. When you first get in touch with a writer who is going to write a poem for you, it’s important that you tell them the kind of theme you are looking for.

An uplifting poem will read very different as compared to one that has to show the void in your life. The poem can be used to celebrate the life led by the deceased, or they can be written to show how important that person was in your life. Know that you will have limited time when you get on the podium to talk on stage, so you will need to condense a lot into little. That is why short funeral poems are the best choice.


There is only one chance to get it right


Therefore, it’s important that you first decide the theme of the poem. Most poems are small, usually spanning a few lines at best. Some contain two or three verses at most, so you have to decide the theme. The best way to do this is to connect with your own self. What is the emotion that is most dominant inside of you?

Do you feel an extreme amount of sadness in your heart over the loss of your friend or family member? Or, do you feel that the deceased led an enriched and happy life and died with no regrets?

An important factor to consider when determining the theme of the poem is to look at the life of the deceased. What kind of relationship did you have with him or her? What was the one thing that inspired you the most about their life? You can even pick any aspect from their life to have a poem written about it.

It all depends on you. The creative landscape is wide open, giving you endless options to choose from. The poems can be sad and full of words and emotions that can induce tears in a person. On the other hand, the poem can be written in a way that uplifts and invokes feelings of motivation in the listener. A poet can help you understand and process these emotions in a better way.


short funeral poems

Selecting a Custom Poem


A poem can be used to provide words of solace to grief-stricken members of the family and the friends of the deceased. Once you have discussed your emotions with the poet, they are going to write a poem that best describes what you are feeling. Many poets can write short funeral poems within a relatively small period of time.

They understand the feelings of despair and the grief that their client is going through and honor these emotions highly. You don’t need to worry about your confidentiality or privacy either. If you are spiritual and feel a deep connection with your Lord, you might want to select a poem that is spiritual in nature. You might never know how the words and lines in a simple poem can help a listener.

Once you have discussed everything with the poet, they are going to write multiple poems for you to choose from. Some of these poems even incorporate actual life experiences and the name of the deceased, making them as personal as can be. A properly written poem can serve as a beacon of hope in dark times for the family.

Do you want to order a special poem?

At the time this may seem a good idea but trust me it’s not. Have you thought about the cost and the time to explain what you need? There is no need. Just go here.

Once you have ordered a funeral poem and discussed your requirements with the poet, they are going to require a day or two to write the poem. You have to respect the creative process and give the poet enough time to come up with some lines that best reflect and highlight the situation.

You don’t have to worry about the poet only showing you a single poem. Most poets understand that it takes time for a reader to let a poem grow on them and have the desired impact. As a result of that, they often share multiple verses and poems with their clients. You can read the poems and select one that best resonates with you.

If you aren’t satisfied with any of the poems, you can ask the poet to rework them as well. A funeral is a deeply personal thing, and there’s no need for you to settle for something that you don’t like. Many poets that provide funeral poems will make sure that their clients are fully satisfied.

Poems are very different from conventional pieces of writing. You will remember a line or two for a long time, and it may come back and resonate with you for years afterward. What made no sense to you at the time that you read it might seem like a crucial thing later on. Therefore, it’s important that you do not reject any poem right away. Take your time and let the words simmer in your head.


Understanding the poem


In some cases, it might take you a bit of time to fully understand what the poem is about, or how it’s approaching a particular topic. You might not be in the right frame of mind when you first read it. If you like a particular poem, you can have it printed on a pamphlet and distribute it to anyone who comes to the funeral. It will serve as a memento to people who come together for the funeral, and they can recite it.

This is a good way to remember someone close to you that you have lost. If you can’t come up with touching words or emotions, you should definitely hire a poet to write the poem for you.

Instead of just searching online and selecting a funeral poem off the Internet, you should get an original, unique poem written to honor the memory of the departed. It is the best way to respect the relationship that you shared with the departed, and will only serve as a reminder to others about how close you were to the deceased. Reciting a poem at a funeral may seem like an outdated concept to some, but it still holds as much sentimental value as ever. 

That is why you must download my outstanding book of some extra special and unique poems and say something memorable.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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