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 Using Short Funeral Poems For Dad.

We can’t express enough the vacuum left by the passing on of a father. They are the family’s breadwinner, offer protection and guidance, and usually make very key decisions for a family. A Father’s Day will just remind one about all these even if the father is deceased.


You don’t have to frown now that your father is not there physically for you to express your gratitude, you can still celebrate them even in death through our special tips, so brace yourself!

Reading short funeral poems for dad.

If they were alive, you would have probably looked for a nice poem and dedicate it to them, or simply text them a nice message of love and appreciation. Well, that they are not there does not dictate otherwise. You can choose some nice short funeral poems for your deceased dad, print or write it on a small piece of paper, tie the paper to a helium balloon, and let the balloon free into the air.

The same special feeling derived from sending them a special message is what you will get at the end of this. Make it an extra special experience by releasing the balloon at a pot which your deceased father liked.

What types of short funeral poems would dad like?

Gather up friends and family and make this enjoyable. Before you commence, you can go through your deceased dad’s memory, with each person sharing that bit which they hold dear to them, to include going through his photos. Grab and watch the movies they loved. Cook and eat his most loved food. Play and listen to his favourite songs. Go through his favourite quotes or bible verses. Play their favourite sports as you would have together during those old times.
Come on, make it fun by doing the things they liked, even those which we haven’t included herein!

A visit to your deceased dads final resting place.

Plan to do this in advance so that you know what to do while visiting their final resting places or gravesites. For us, while there, you can do the following,

 Pray for him. This will especially be fulfilling if your father were a spiritual person for this just honours and keeps their legacies going on. Say a prayer for your deceased father, and for the rest of the family, like you would have done if they were alive. There is a sense of unity in the family praying together at the deceased dad’s last resting place on Father’s Day. This act recognizes his role in the family. You can add up a bible reading for a funeral to make the prayer weighty.

 Sing him a song. This could be a hymn that he loved or one which you feel is extra special to you.

 Dedicate him a poem. Make use of The Holy Bookshops short funeral poems for dad, pick up one that matches your deceased dad’s personality and dedicates it to them on Father’s Day while visiting their final place of rest.

Candle lighting to honour his memories.

Lighting up a candle is symbolic of the memories you don’t wish to die off. It feels like freshening them up. You can decide to do this at home, in church, at your deceased father’s favourite place, or by their graves. While the candle slowly burns out, some of the things you can do include,
 Sharing photos of your deceased dad
 Talking about him and sharing your favourite memories.
 Praying for him
 Singing him a song, probably a hymn he loved, or simply listening to the music he loved.
 Observing minutes of silence to honour him.
 Reading a nice poem for him, whereby you can select a nice short funeral poem for your deceased father from the Holy Bookshop.

Planting a tree in honour of your deceased father.

Tree planting to honour your father on Father’s Day can be quite awesome, more so when done together with the rest of family and friends. Visit a nursery and buy a tree and then gather up by the backyard, church compound, or the place where you have decided to have the tree planted.

Kick off by talking about your deceased dad, sharing his memories, and going through his pictures. You can all then participate in digging the hole, a person per turn, place the tree and let each member participate in tossing in a handful of soil, and water.

Once done, you can name the tree after the deceased dad, where you will make a placard with his names and attach it to the tree. You can also do a plaque with a short funeral poem dedicated to your deceased dad engraved on it and hang it on the tree.

Write down the short funeral poems for dad that was used.

Well, at the end of this Father’s Day, which we celebrated in their absence, there will be fulfilled in writing down the things we did for them and how we feel about the whole experience. Take some time alone to meditate.

Remember such days are emotional triggers, and you may get overwhelmed with emotions at the end, so let out your emotions through pen and paper. Besides making you feel lighter, you will have something to refer to someday bout you have been keeping your dad’s memories going on.

In conclusion.

Preparing for a Father’s Day by using short funeral poems for dad, or any other special days which may remind one of their deceased father is helpful in navigating through such days with minimal trouble. You will be so busy, that before you know it, the day is gone.
It is good to have a list of back up activities which you can fall back to should one fail or feel uncomfortable. Don’t force yourself into doing something that you are not ready for. Take time and adjust at your own pace, for with time, everything just becomes doable.

Michael Grover

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