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short funeral poems

Short Funeral Poems. Use some special words

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Short Funeral Poems


Short funeral poems are quite different from the normal funeral poem we know. They are short and very brief. The poems are not usually more than three verses with eight lines or ten lines. Just like every other funeral poems that are usually full of emotions, the poem usually gives the consciousness of death as brief as it is.

There are different types of short funeral poems. There is some poem that seeks comfort, some talks about death and its causes while some message grief.

Writing Short Funeral Poems

Short funeral poems


When writing a funeral poem, there might be a loss of words and people needed to be the console of their grief, a short poem is usually the best answer. When love poems are read, it sends a signal or different form of emotions from that of the death poems or funeral poems.

Finding a short funeral poem is very difficult to come by because many people tend to talk more on death or funeral while some found it difficult to put down all these words then resulted to writing a short poem. It is believed that few words can actually show a thousand expression and emotion.

Follow this rule

Writing a short funeral poem does not require any big rules. The only rule attached to this is the rule of the poem which says it should be straightforward and should be brief. No story in a poem.

Following this rule, a short funeral poem is exceptionally brief and cogent.  Short funeral poems are usually used in a memorial service and in a funeral speech and also has an epitaph.

short funeral poems

Most of the short funeral poems that are available till today are written by poets that were actually going through the phase of death and they have experiences of how death can be. They are well known because they are able to put down their feelings in an organized and professional writing way.

Out of the many short poems, the context in which a short funeral poem is written is different from the context in which a love poem is written and also different from the way along funeral poem is written. A long funeral poem might be read and not understood but the short funeral poem is usually straightforward and easy to understand.

How difficult can it be?

Writing a short funeral poem by oneself for funeral services can be difficult at times and the people that write this poem are gifted. Writing a short funeral poem needs emotion and only an emotional person can write it which means anyone can write a short funeral poem because everyone is emotional. A short funeral poem can be found on the internet.

Unlike stories or speeches that are usually divided into an introductory part, body, and conclusion, the short funeral poems are short and do not have any introductory Part neither does it have a conclusive part. It is just written and stopped wherever it seems good and okay.

Many people think the verse one of a poem should be the introductory part but writing is different in the poem as it contains idioms, axioms or proverbs and short words in a way that expresses all the emotions without writing long words to convey the message.

The readers of the poems should be able to understand the short funeral poem as quickly as possible.


short funeral poems

The history of the deceased might not be included because the short funeral poems are not for conveying stories but showing how death is and what happens after death.

There are poems that have been written for as long as fifty years and still serving its purpose. Some of the old poems that are still very good and can be used at the memorial service or funeral services are ‘a song of living’ by Amelia Burr who lived from 1878 to 1968.

Another of the short funeral poem is the short funeral poem that was read at the funeral of Lady Diana Spencer. If I should die by A. Price Hughes.

A brief analysis of a short funeral poem

Below is a short funeral poem and a typical example of one. The poem was ‘if I should die’ was written by A. Price Hughes and was read at the funeral of Lady Diana Spencer.

Below is the poem;

If I should die and leave you here awhile,

Be not like others, sore undone, who keep

Long vigils by the silent dust, and weep.

For my sake – turn again to life and smile,

Nerving thy heart and trembling hand to do

Something to comfort other hearts than thine.

Complete those dear unfinished tasks of mine

And I, perchance, may therein comfort you.


Reading the above poem properly, it can be noted that the poem is an eight lines poem meaning an octet. It has been serving its purpose and easier to be used as an epitaph or as an inscription on the gravestone. In the short funeral poem above, it is a consoling poem which is evident in verse one to verse three of the poem. It makes one believe that, though there is death, the sorrow shouldn’t linger for long.

Very brief and cogent, giving direct information without asking anybody what the poem means or meant.

Other examples of short funeral poems are

  • May Time Soften Your Pain by Anon
  • Music, When Soft Voices Die by Percy Bysshe Shelley
  • If I should go tomorrow by Anon
  • Happy the Man by John Dryden
  • ‘Tis Better To Have Loved and Lost by Alfred Lord Tennyson

The purpose of short funeral poems

  • There are many purposes someone would wanna write a short funeral poem but the major one is to make everybody sober and remorseful for any kind of evil work they are up to or doing. Making people understand that death is inevitable, death is real and the funeral is real.
  • The funeral poem is also written to honor the deceased. Most of the poems written are read at the burial ceremony of the writer and are mostly written an epitaph.
  • The funeral poem is also written in memory of a deceased. This is like an epitaph too but might not be written as an inscription on the gravestone


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