Should I Use a Funeral Poem for My Mum

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Losing your mother is like losing a part of yourself. Your mother is the reason why you are alive and experiencing the wonders that life has to offer. So, naturally, you are indebted to her and have to honor her in the best way possible.

Nothing can match the bond that you have with your mum, which makes saying goodbye to her harder than anything you ever have to do. It’s also understandable that you would want your send-off to be perfect; you would want her to have the perfect funeral, with the most beautiful flowers, and the sweetest eulogy. 

So, how can you ensure that your eulogy for your mum does justice to the wonderful person she was? after all, it’s impossible to let the world know exactly how and what you feel since you yourself might not be aware of what you are feeling in that moment of sheer agony and loss.

So, how do you cut through that grief and let the whole world know exactly what your mother meant to you?

Well, you could try adding a funeral poem to her eulogy. Adding a funeral poem that deeply reflects the love and bond you shared with your mum could make her eulogy all the more special. It will also allow you to cope with your bottled up feelings of loss and grief. 

As you pay homage to your beloved mum through a funeral poem, you will feel a sense of comfort and relief in knowing that you are honoring her in the best way possible. It will also allow you to relive some of your best shared moments with her and make you feel close to her one more time. 

However, in order to add a heart-rending and healing poem to your mum’s funeral, you first need to understand what exactly funeral poems are.


What are Funeral Poems?


Should I Use a Funeral Poem for My Mum


As implied by the name, a funeral poem is a set of verses or stanzas written as part of a eulogy to a late loved one. They are usually poems written by famous poets. Funeral poems succinctly put your feelings of deep loss and mourning over such a colossal loss into words. However, they could also be your own verses that you wrote in an attempt to capture the essence of the departed individual’s life and the love you have for them. 

Whether written by a famous poet or by a loved one, a funeral poem is a poignant yet uplifting poem that will provide some needed comfort and support to you, your family, and your mom’s friends. It will also act as the most ideal means of revealing your feelings to those who care about you.

You can add special anecdotes from your mother’s life to her funeral poem to let your loved ones know exactly how you want your mom to be remembered. 

Healing and dealing with your sorrow over your mother’s loss is definitely not going to be a straightforward or easy journey. On some days, the grief and pain of her loss are going to be unbearably hard, while on other days, it will be a little easier to manage.

A heartfelt funeral poem written for your mom’s funeral will also act as your companion and help you get through your pain and sorrow on days when it’s too hard to manage on your own.

Now that you know what a funeral poem is, let us answer your question “Should I use a funeral poem for my mum?”


9 Reasons to Use a Funeral Poem For Your Mother


Your mom must have spent her whole life being your support system, friend, advisor, and parent. She deserves to be treated with the utmost love and honor after her passing. One of the best ways to do her justice is by reading a funeral poem in her name. However, if you are still unsure and asking yourself, “Should I use a funeral poem for my mum?” then here are some compelling reasons as to why you should use a funeral poem for your mum.


1. To Honor Her 


The funeral poem that you dedicate to your mum can highlight the various roles that she played in your life – including being a dedicated parent, an amazing confidant, and a friend. It could also reflect how she was always there for you, no matter what time of the day it was. You could explore how she would pick up your calls whenever you most needed her to or how she simply knew what you wanted to eat before you even wished for it. 

With a poem, you can honor her for anything. A poem will help the funeral attendees – her closest friends and family – know exactly how she helped shape your life and the essential role she played in it. Your funeral poem will help you shine a light on how wonderfully your mum played her role of being an amazing mother.


2. To Remember Her Achievements


funeral poems are also used to commemorate the life of the deceased. You can choose to read a funeral poem for your mum that is full of details of her life and every important thing that she managed to achieve in it. You can fill it with praises for the kind of life she led and go in detail about the struggles that she faced in order to reach where she was in life. 

The poem you choose could also reflect the sacrifices that she made for her children and her family. A sweet gesture would be to elaborate just how strong and powerful your mum was as a person. If she was a career woman, you could talk about all her achievements and success in that department. This one’s all about remembering her for what sort of a person she was, outside of being a mother. 


3. To Relive Some of Your Best Shared Moments


Your mum must have played a significant role in your life. after all, she is the person with whom you spent most of your childhood. You must have some truly precious memories that you shared with her. A great way to honor her would be to share those cherished memories in the form of a funeral poem with the attendees of the funeral.

Sharing your memories with the ones present will allow you to relive them with those who cared the most about your mum. It will allow you to feel close to her one more time. It will also allow you to let the world know just how much she meant to you. Plus, you could go back to the carefully commemorated and captured memories in verse and remember your exact feelings for your mum whenever you miss her in the future. 


Should I Use a Funeral Poem for My Mum


4. To Find the Inspiration to Live On 


Hearing people say that time will heal your wounds and that you will eventually be able to remember your mum without feeling a sharp pain in your heart can be overwhelming. When you are experiencing such deep pain, these words can feel frustratingly empty and untrue. 

However, an effectively written funeral poem has the power to actually convince you that a time will come when you will look back on the memories you shared with your mother and feel joy instead of pain.

A funeral poem can give you the strength and courage needed to soldier on after your mum’s passing. You could also allow yourself the time to grieve and sit alone and silently read a reflective funeral poem and grapple with your loss in your own way and on your own terms.


5. To Carry Her Legacy Forward 


You can use a short but beautiful funeral poem in your mum’s obituary, on her funeral card, in her funeral program as part of her eulogy, when placing funeral flowers on her gravestone, or as a sweet epitaph on the plaque of her tombstone.

A nice poem on such occasions is a memorable gesture that will allow you as well as your mum’s closest family and friends to have a shared moment of sorrowful empathy, which will help you understand each other’s pain. 

The friends and family can also keep some of these items as a way to remember your mum. You can also frame the poem, display it in your home and use it as a point of reference for your kids or anyone that asks what kind of a person your mum was and what role she played in your life. You can also keep the poem and pass it on to further generations as a way to keep her legacy alive.


6. To Use at Later Stages in Life


A funeral poem is not just meant to be read in a eulogy for a funeral; you can choose to read a funeral poem that you chose for your mum on various occasions – including your late mum’s birthday, her death anniversary, at a special gathering of friends and family, etc. 

A funeral poem will allow you to celebrate your mum long after she is gone. It will accompany you in remembering her the way you want her to be remembered. A funeral poem that describes her character and her role in your life will allow you to reflect on who she was and how much she meant to you. You can also share that feeling and love with your family and friends on special occasions.


7. To Express Your Grief Over Her Passing 


It can be quite overwhelming to find the right words to express your feelings over your mum’s passing. This is where funeral poems come in; they are written with the sole aim of expressing exactly how one feels when they lose a person that they loved so dearly. So, you can rely on a funeral poem to describe exactly how you are feeling over your loss.

A well-written funeral poem dedicated to your mum will also help you find the strength to heal yourself. Poems are considered as a means of catharsis. They help you overcome such a colossal and insurmountable loss. They do so by allowing you to use the powerful verses to grieve your mum the way you wish to grieve her. 


8. To Uplift the Mourning Attendees 


Some funeral poems can actually be quite witty with anecdotes from the deceased’s life that help enlighten the mood and alleviate the collective pain of the mourners. You can use funny stories from your mum’s life, hilarious catchphrases that she would repeatedly use for you, or her funny yet endearing idiosyncrasies to not only celebrate her life but also to bring some much-needed comfort and levity to your mum’s funeral. This will allow you and your family to remember her in a positive light.   


Should I Use a Funeral Poem for My Mum

9. To Provide You with Comfort 


400;”>Funeral poems often have a running religious theme, i.e., they often have elements of life after death and of the death being a transitory phase in a human’s life. You can find comfort in such assuring verses that you will be reunited with your late mum one day and you will get to spend the rest of your days with her in a better place. 

So, funeral poems provide you with the consolation and promise of eventual reunion, which somewhat alleviates your pain and helps you deal with your loss. They also talk about death as inevitable and necessary, which gives you the consolation and comfort that you are definitely not alone in experiencing this profound pain. 


Let Us Help You Honor Your Mum By Using Some Special Funeral Poems


Now that you know why a funeral poem is the best way to honor your mum, all that’s left to do is find one poem that truly reflects the kind of mother, wife, daughter, friend, and individual she was. Finding the right poem for your mum can be an overwhelming task. You need a poem that feels just right since you want your sendoff to be perfect. 

So, let us help you find the right poem for your mum’s funeral. Let us help you remember her the way you want her to be remembered. With us, you can find the perfect poem that will help you reflect your feelings over your mum’s loss. So, if you need some emotional support during this unimaginably tough time or want help to write the perfect sendoff poem for your late mum, just go through our vast collection of funeral poems.

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We hope you find the right funeral poem that honors your mum. 

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