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You have arrived here because you are looking for Sympathy Poems.

We are fully aware that there are some sites that will offer you free sympathy poems. That’s all well and good. But, consider this for a moment. The reason for these poems being free is simple.

They are the most common used sympathy poems. We recently carried out some research and found that 90%. Yes, 90% of people in the world will use these poems.

Do you really want that?

We certainly don’t want you to do that. We want you to express words and your inner feelings in this difficult time. We want you to deliver a sympathy poem that will impress and will be memorable to your audience.

Why we built this website?

Following the death of my mother, my brother and I found that there was so much to be done. The actual funeral had to be arranged (A good tip is to find a good funeral director. They will guide you through most of it.) and there were other matters such as financial considerations. Then we hit a brick wall regarding finding sympathy poems. As said above there were the usual poems but we were in the same mind.

sympathy poems

Then one day by pure luck we came across a website that was on page 5 of Google, however, it contained an immediate download of over 250 sympathy poems and all things related to funerals when trying to find impressive words. after some time we arranged to have that exact download available to you right now. To see what is included Simply Click Here.

A look at sympathy poems.

No one is needed to be told what sympathy means. Sympathizing with people is not just an ability that man has, it is, in fact, one of the most expressible characters and ability shown by a man towards one another. Let’s take a look at sympathy poems

Man is liable and vulnerable to emotional breakdown when something terrible happens but one way or the other, when man feels sympathy for another man, he tends to get over the grief quickly but there are some people that don’t need sympathy to recover from the grief while some people get their emotions shattered more when shown sympathy.

When sympathies are shown to a fellow man, it shows a kindness offering and the person feels great love for the sympathies shown and sees that people love him.

Even though the person showing the sympathy or offering his or her condolences does not love the person in pain but when the sympathies are shown, the person tends to believe that he is loved. Sympathy poems are not long and not usually more than two verses with at most fifteen lines.

This is so because nobody in pain will have time to read a long message or poem. The sympathy poems are usually full of emotions different from the one felt in pain. It relaxes the nerves when reading properly and listened to well.

sympathy poems

The main purpose of the poem is to console and take away the pain felt at that particular time even though it can’t last long. Humans individuality is different, leaving them with a different choice of words when sympathizing with them.

There are some sympathy poems that do more harm to the feelings than the one felt already. They are meant to console too, but the choice of words for that particular person makes him break down emotionally.


When sympathizing with someone, there are many things you would wanna say just to appease the person to stop crying but when writing a sympathy poem, the poems are of short verses and few many lines because not many people that are feeling pain would wanna read along sympathy poem.

So the sympathy poem should be as brief as possible and very cogent. The sympathy poem is emotional, it shows what the person in pain is feeling but gives the person hope that things will surely turn around for good.

People can sympathize with for many things. People that lost their jobs, people that lost their loved ones or people that lost their properties in the fire are all sympathized with and the way the sympathy poem for each of this problems are different because the context in which each happened is different.

People can also be sympathized with when they are robbed by armed robbers when they are involved in an accident and leads to the amputation of a part of their body even when nothing like that happens and it is just an accident, they are still sympathized with.

The sympathy poem is not written like a remembrance poem nor like a funeral poem. Although they are all full of emotions different from the emotions of love poems. The sympathy poems show love and care and also consolation for a particular a particular problem at that moment.

sympathy poems

Generally, all poems are written alike but in a different context. The context in which a love poem is written from the context in which a sympathy poem is written and also different from the context in which a death poem is written.

A sympathy poem already accepts that something bad has happened but it finds ways of appeasing the pain and letting go of the pain. The emotions felt in sympathy is strong even when the sympathy is not for loved ones but it shows love from everybody.

When other forms of writing are showing introductory part, body and conclusion like letter writing, essay writing and speech, all poems are written in verses and in lines. There is no a particular rule although that says one cannot write a sympathy poem like every other poem but it is advisable to make it short and cogent as much as possible.

Expressing sympathy for someone can be in many ways and in different forms. When it gets difficult talking the person out of the pain or when it gets difficult getting the right word to speak, one of the best ways to console is writing a sympathy poem.

The sympathy poems are all no doubt beautiful and always touchy which makes people feel better for whatever the problem they are going through at that particular point in time or phase of their life. Sympathy poems can be written to any category of people either old or young relatives or friends. As long the love showing is genuine and for appeasing the person.

Uses of sympathy poems

Sympathy poems can be used in many situations as listed people. It is basically used for comforting people at their tough time and this is its initial uses. It can also be used for consoling loved ones and friends even neighbours that lost someone in an accident or fire or in anything situation that is unpleasant.

Writing a sympathy poem does not require a very deep thinking, it is written as the emotion flows. It gets easier writing a sympathy poem personally for someone because as a relative to that person, there is a high chance to know the choice of words that would comfort the person quickly.

There are lists of sympathy poems that can be used that would still serve the purpose of consoling that family member greatly because humans tend to have same feelings and emotions flow within them when they lose someone close to them.



Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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