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A little while ago I was asked to speak at a dear friends funeral. It was a nightmare. There were the usual sympathy poems that all and sundry tended to use.

But. That wasn’t for me I wanted something completely different and also wanted to prove that I was a worthy speaker. Not wishing to let the family down. I found a wonderful download containing over 250 sympathy poems and funeral poems and I have made it available right here.

It is a natural and human gesture to always offer words of comfort and encouragement to the people around us, be it friends or family when they are going through the of a loved one. They are at ties called poems for the loss of a loved one.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Sometimes this could just be a simple sympathy note, that will be a sympathy poem, but you can also turn to well-written poems by literature skilled people. They tend to have a way of using words to connect to people’s feelings and emotions in a gentle way.

The words will not only be a source of encouragement but also a sure gesture that they are not alone, they have someone they can call when the pain becomes too much. They get an assurance that another person really understands their plight.
To make them have more impact, you can use them alongside sympathy cards or gifts or perhaps send them with a bouquet of flowers.

When do we need sympathy poems?

The pain associated with a loss of a loved can be so immense, sometimes even a hug might not be enough. Sympathy poems can become handy in several instances as shown below:
 Where parents have lost a child.
 When a friend loses either one or all the parents.
 When someone loses their pets
 When someone loses a sibling
 During loss of a childhood friend or their regular friends
 For the loss of a colleague or neighbour.
 During loss of any of one’s relatives, be it grandparents, cousin, uncle, or aunty.
 During periods of illness. There are cases where the pain might be as a result of a deep cutting illness, and all you can do is sympathize and encourage the people hurting. There are sympathy poems with such messages too.

There is no specific time that is appropriate for sending out a sympathy poem. You can do so immediately you learn about a loss, or later when the funeral is over and done with. It is the least you can do to someone in pain.

sympathy poems

Are In sympathy poems age specific?

There are funeral poems with words directed to a young audience, and similarly to the older ones. However, in most cases, the message carried is the same. So you can pick up any poem and interchange where necessary without any difficulties.
In Sympathy, poems are not explicit, and such can be handled by people of any age group who wishes to read or write them during a time of loss.

Are sympathy poems gender specific?

A big No! They are comfortably used for both male and female genders. Just like with age, you can fall in love with a certain poem, but then make the necessary alterations to make it suit a specific gender if you wish. What matters is the depth of the message being conveyed.

On another note, you do not have to be either a male or female to employ the use of a sympathy poem. Provided you know someone who is feeling pain, and needs a word of encouragement, selects a poem and send it their way.

Who uses sympathy poems for nan?

You do not have to attain a certain age group to use these poems. The qualification needed is a simple human and loving heart, which everyone has. Sympathy poems are used by kids, grown-ups and even the overly elderly in the same capacity.

You do not have to belong to a certain religious movement, so feel free to use them whether you are a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Pagan, or even faithless. Should you come across an adorable poem but religion specific sympathy poem, you can always alter, or skip and continue exploring the wide selection available.

So then, you will meet sympathy poems in homes, schools, churches, hospitals, mosques, provided someone is in pain, and all they need is a word to cheer and steer them on.

Short or long sympathy poems?

There are short sympathy poems and equally long ones. What matters is your preference and the intended use, for they all carry home similar words of encouragement and comfort.

The short ones could be preferable in instances where you need the poem read out by a kid. Being that they have a short concentration span, or get overwhelmed when told to face a crowd, going through a short poem isn’t so challenging to them as is the case with a lengthy one.

The short funeral poems can also easily slip into the sympathy cards, for they do not require much space when being jotted down.
A quick short poem can also work in the place of a note, where you attach it to some cute flowers to deliver a message to a recipient.

Owing to their minimal words, short sympathy notes can also find their way to headstones, where they become a channel of consolation directed by the bereaved with respect to the departed.
Long sympathy poems convey multiple messages at once. They are best used on a personal level, as they require enough time to go through.

sympathy poems

Where can you get the best sympathy poems?

We do believe that there is a wide collection of sympathy poems, but we have a stronger belief in the ones listed here in the Holy bookshop. They are carefully picked up by prioritizing poems with words that instantly connects to the heart. Words which are kind of picked right from your mouth, and passionately translated to poems.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Is a sympathy poem all that you and they need?

Well, the pain associated with the loss of a loved one is too much, and sometimes not expressed in words. Besides sending a sympathy poem their way, you can go an extra mile by doing the following:

 Be physically present by their side; it is not usually easy to determine the best time to approach the bereaved, but trust us, it’s a move you should make. Avail yourself to perhaps assist with house chores, during which you can slowly start to talk to them concerning what they are going through.

 You can also kick off your visits by personally delivering a gift after the burial, a time during which most people tend to soften up.

 Take note not to rush them to it, be patient enough, always asking if it is a good time for them to share, if not, wait till they will be ready to open up.

 Sometimes though, just give a tight hug, and quietly sit together, simply be there, and let them unwind their pain in silence in the warmth of your security.

 Stay in touch; that you just visited and had a chat is not the end of the road. Keep checking, keep calling, keep mailing. Some people take time to heal, and your one-stop visit may just not be enough. Provide a continuous emotional by staying in touch. They will feel that you are sincerely and honestly concerned and that you were not acting up.

 Be present in case they decide to hold any form of activities in memory of their departed. Walk the talk every single mile until they are safely out of this painful zone.

 You can also be helpful in other ways, for instance, managing their social media accounts and giving updates as required, helping with burial arrangements, soliciting funds, answering any questions directed to them, the list is open- simply do as much as you can! For the pain that comes with loss incapacitates people from being able to make sound decisions in several cases.

Importance of sympathy poems

These poems come handy when we talk about the people who are in pain following the death of a loved relative or pet. They are majorly used to assure them that all is well regardless of their loss.
They take the messages of comfort from our hearts, by using nice and carefully chosen words. Sometimes, you know, the thoughts are there, but the words won’t just come out right.

Sympathy Poems can be a source of encouragement

The wording used in these poems usually have very strong and encouraging words. They are meant to give support in the absence of the loved one and try to fill up the vacuum they left. They give an assurance that all is well regardless of.
And by continuously referring to them, one gets that constant assurance that the pain is for a period, it will come to pass and that everyone is prone to death, only that it was the determined time for the deceased.

A caring gesture.

By taking your time, to go out, select a sympathy poem and send it to them, this move automatically tells the bereaved that there is somebody out there who still loves them, and willing to go out of their way to help reduce their pain.

It further shows them that there are still people around them, who would wish to see them move on and happy, people who still love them, in the same manner, their loved ones would.

A way to initiate talks with the bereaved people.

A move to deliver a sympathy poem or gift by yourself is a nice icebreaker following the demise of someone loved. You could start with phrases such as “Here’s a little poem to cheer you on, how are you though?” this sounds better than walking to a mourner’s house single-handedly, you might even lack words, or someone might see you and start getting emotional. It is a weapon to kill silence and get people to open up.

Sometimes written words carry more weight than spoken words. Carefully written sympathy poems are also a way of us talking to the people being comforted by words that would have otherwise been a hustle for us to find and say.

A way to celebrate the lives of the departed souls.

Sympathy poems sometimes capture the memories of the moments shared with the departed. Such types usually turn a sorrowful mood into a jovial one by convincing the mourners that the times shared were fulfilling and worthwhile, so they have no reason to be gloomy.
They turn our ways of thinking from the point of someone is gone, to the point of someone lived their lives to the fullest, and are worth being celebrated.

Sympathy poems will aid in the healing process.

Some sympathy poems are usually directed to the departed themselves. They seem like some form of communication between the bereaved and the departed. Their wordings sound more like someone is talking to the departed.

Even though they might not be able to participate in the dialect or give a response, it does appear that they listened to what was being said. A process that really helps in letting go of the sad emotions.
Some sympathy poems come in the form of a message directed to the bereaved from their departed ones.

All of the funeral poems that available from us simply gives the mourners more than enough reasons not to be sad. It talks about the presence of the deceased in each and every circumstance of the lives of the people left behind. It gives them a forward thrust to go on living their lives. When it gets to that point of brightly shining stars, and flowers that bloom, these are illustrations that will brighten up one’s moods.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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