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The death of someone causes so much pain. It leaves us with so many thoughts, so much to say, but often times we lack the right words to use. This is where non-religious funeral poems come into being. Poets know what we feel during given situations, could be out of personal experience or utter observations, and the right words to us for that matter.

Funeral poems help us in expressing the pain we feel towards death, celebrating the lives and legacies left by the deceased, honouring our spirituality, eulogizing our loved ones, and consoling and encouraging us to embrace life once again.

There are religious funeral poems and non-religious funeral poems.

The religious funeral poems, which really honour the Christian faith are preferred by some people, and are very much okay, especially where the deceased was a believer. They help Christians honour the presence of God amidst all situations even when grieving the death of a loved one.

Non-religious funeral poems are not restrictive and can be used anywhere to include churches, mosques, temples, morgues, deceased’s home, or by the graveside and with anyone, young or small, for that matter. They still play the roles of funeral poems on the same level as the religious funeral poems.

The best collection of non-religious funeral poems at the Holy Bookshop is listed below,
 Non-religious funeral poems for mom
 Non-religious funeral poems for dad
 Non-religious funeral poems for daughter
 Non-religious funeral poems for son
 Non-religious funeral poems for brother
 Non-religious funeral poems for sister
 Non-religious funeral poems for grandmother
 Non-religious funeral poems for grandfather
 Non-religious funeral poems for granddaughter
 Non-religious funeral poems for grandson
 Non-religious funeral poems for uncle
 Non-religious funeral poems for aunt
 Non-religious funeral poems for nephew
 Non-religious funeral poems for niece
 Non-religious funeral poems for a friend
 Non-religious funeral poems for a colleague

Long or short non-religious funeral poems?

These poems still convey the desired message regardless of the length. However, where they will be used, and who will recite them matters. Long non-religious funeral poems occupy more space compared to their short counterparts and are better off used by grown-ups in case you need them to read in a particular scenario.

Short non-religious funeral poems can be easily assigned to young family members to read at a funeral because they can be quickly brushed through. The short ones can be easily included in a death notice as they will require one to dig a little extra when paying up the newspaper compared to what one will spend when using the long ones.

Where are they suitably used?

The non-religious funeral poems can be variedly used as indicated below to honour the deceased dear one.
 In death notices and obituaries. One can commence or finish up an obituary using these poems to illustrate the importance of the deceased and bring out the lessons learnt from their passing on.
 On funeral flowers. The poems can be printed out and used with the funeral flowers to ad up comforting messages to the aesthetic values of the flowers.
 With funeral programs. The poems can be creatively used in funeral programs to indirectly console a mourning audience and assure them that everything will be fine.
 On headstones and gravestones. Engraving these poems on the headstones and gravestones ensures the messages conveyed are permanently stored for anyone who visits the deceased’s grave to read.
 Eulogies and funeral speeches. You can pick up one no-religious funeral poem and use it as a basis for writing down a eulogy for the deceased. The only thing left will be to pick up an occasion on the deceased’s life and link it up to the poem to bring out the message of the eulogy.
 On sympathy and condolence notes. These poems will be very helpful where one is not sure about the deceased’s faith yet they want to use the funeral poems to offer messages of comfort and consolation to those left behind.
 On thank you note. The poems can be used to say thank you for the immense support received during the period of grief. One poem can be picked and universally sent to everyone as you won’t have to worry about each individual’s faith.
 During a memorial or funeral services. The poems can be read out during these services which are usually conducted in venues chosen by the family.

Step by step guide on how to prepare for the reading of non-religious funeral poems.

It is wise to make preparations to ensure that an individual does adequate preparation for a proper reading of these poems.
• Go through the poem in silence first to understand it, could be two to three times
• Graduate to reading the poem aloud like you would do it to a crowd.
• Read the poem in front of a mirror to help you gather the courage to face a crowd. You can then read in front of a person to seek their opinions as to how you sound. As you read, make time for facial contact with your audience to make the experience conversation like.
• Look for a backup plan, of someone who can do the reading just in case you are not able to do it yourself on the D-day
• On things to carry as you read the poem, a handkerchief and a bottle of water will do, all of which might become handy in case you tear down or need to moisturize your throat.

In conclusion.

These verses can still be altered to make them religious should you find it fit.
In the spirit of togetherness in times of grief, the Holy Bookshop wishes to offer assistance through our collection of these very inspiring and comforting non-religious funeral poems, which range from the most popular to the very best. We understand the difficulties caused by grief, but worry not for the pain will lessen as time goes by.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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