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The best Modern funeral poems to use at a funeral.
Poems can be used to turn moods during funerals from sombre to celebratory and happy. Modern funeral poems will serve this role superbly.

The use of poems in funerals rolls back to the historical Greeks and Roman, evident from the writing of the likes of Ovid or Propertius who deployed the elegiac style and couplet lines in composing the funeral poems.
Callimachus, a perfect example of the ancient Roman poem, written by Callimachus himself for his beloved Lesbia, deeply expressing his emotions and feelings.

The English poets then furthered this elegiac style of writing funeral poems, but with a more sorrowful tone. For instance, Thomas Gray, an English poet in this era, wrote a famous unreal poem, ‘Eulogy Written In A Country Courtyard’, which motivated more poets to adopt the elegiac style of writing funeral poems.

This was followed by the romantic period, which adopted the lyrical style of writing funeral poems. It was perceived to be better in naturally expressing one’s emotions.


The evolution of Funeral Poems

funeral poems have since evolved to a level where people try to write them for themselves to have that personal touch. Their role has however not changed- they are still used to express what we feel following the death of a loved one and bidding farewell to the souls of the departed.

There are a number of excellent modern funeral poems to choose from like is the case of the ones assembled here at the Holy Bookshop.

Writing one’s own funeral poem has gained popularity and currently the route preferred by some. We are glad to offer assistance should find this an alternative to our sweet modern funeral poems.


Religious and Non-religious modern funeral poems


Not everyone is a believer, and with the current humanity trend, everyone needs to be equally treated, hence the need for availing both religious and non-religious modern funeral poems.

The religious modern funeral poems listed by us here are very effective for the Christian funeral services held anywhere, be it in church, morgue, graveside, or the home of the deceased. They are a nice way of convening the presence of God in our midst, and will still comfort and console mourners while beseeching God to accept the soul of the deceased.

The non-religious poems are used for the secular or civic funeral services, which are normally held anywhere deemed appropriate by the family. They may be accompanied by songs or readings from preferred books. We at the Holy Bookshop have a collection of poignant non-religious modern funeral poems to select from.


Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

The decision as to which one to use between the two is done by the family of the deceased based on their traditional or religious practices, with the main point of focus being what the deceased stood for. Doing otherwise is quite a dishonor as is regarded by society.

There are cases where the deceased leaves a will behind regarding the type of service they want, hymns, prayers, readings, and poems too, religious or otherwise. The people left behind ought to honor these wishes.

Short and long modern funeral poems


Whether long or short, modern funeral poems are still written by great poets, who articulately use words to capture our emotions or feelings during such trying times. These poems also voice what would have been the thoughts of the deceased too.

These poems, regardless of the length chosen, can be used on other funeral stationeries like sympathy notes, thank you notes, funeral flowers, obituaries, eulogies, and gravestones. We sure have a wide variety of short and long modern funeral poems suitable for all occasions.

The short modern funeral poems stand out, however, owing to their requiring little space and time to incorporate and will be highly suitable where you wish to have a child read out the poem amidst the service. They will be done before they start tensing and sweating.

One can also combine more than one poem, long or short, or both, in service, and further be creative by engaging different relations to the deceased read out each one of them.
Selecting between these poems can be challenging, so one ought to select that which connects to their feelings.

We have further broken down these modern funeral poems to the following categories.

Modern funeral poems for dad
Modern funeral poems for mum
Modern funeral poems for son
Modern funeral poems for daughter
Modern funeral poems for brother
Modern funeral poems for sister
Modern funeral poems for auntie
Modern funeral poems for uncle
Modern funeral poems for grandma
Modern funeral poems for grandpa
Modern funeral poems for niece
Modern funeral poems for nephew
Modern funeral poems for cousin
Modern funeral poems for a friend
Modern funeral poems for a colleague


How to choose the best modern funeral poem

The most popular modern funeral poems- these ones top the list and easy to pick on because of how they are commonly used. It is a natural human tendency to lean towards subjects that have been proven by others as fit.

These poems are settled from this point of view. We can go a step further by personalizing them by adding the name of the deceased or altering the gender in question as may be appropriate.
Unique modern funeral poems- this is where the challenge lies. You want to try something lovable, yet not tested by many. How then, do you go about this?


The personality of the deceased- it is time to get personal on this level. Is there a phrase, movie, song, verse or saying that was loved by the deceased? Look out for a poem that is able to connect to the personality of the deceased. Maybe they were humorous, then it is time for the happy or funny themed modern funeral poems.
Your own message- as the person in search of a funeral poem, you must be having something you wish to communicate to the mourners, that innermost feeling. The best poem is that which is capable of capturing your emotions.

How to write a modern funeral poem


The reason this stands is due to its ability to capture the relationship one had with the deceased on a personal level. This looks like an uphill task just by the thought of it, but the real case is far different from the imagination. You will realize that the moment you start, the words will just ooze naturally.

What’s more, you don’t have to go by a predetermined style of writing, rhyming the words as you proceed, making several dictionary checks- all you gotta do is obey and express your innermost feelings.
Writing a modern funeral poem is a beautiful chance to remember your loved one on a personal level, following the things that happened in real-time when they were still alive. It is a nice way of carrying forth their memories.

Drafting the poem– this involves writing down ideas that could become your reference points in the poem. It involves taking a walk through the memory lanes, of the hard and sweet times shared, and the lessons learned thereafter. You might want to consult with others who were close with the deceased to further get up close and candid.

Expressions and sayings– not just any, but those that were popularly used by the deceased. This really personalizes the poem. You can also include quotes, songs, or even Bible verses which they commonly used as referrals in their daily activities.

The deceased’s milestones– everyone has that which they are best remembered for, the young and the elderly alike. What was that outstanding thing that the deceased did in awe? In writing the poem, brushing through these accomplishments makes the poem a celebratory one, making people see the life of the deceased as having been lived to its fullest.

The vacuum left by their demise- what is that thing that no one else can do like the deceased used to? Simply capture it at this juncture. What was that unique thing to which their departure leaves a permanent mark? Talking about this makes people see the pain left by the death of your loved one, giving them reasons to further mourn their demise.

Putting everything together– at this point, you have everything needed to do the entire poem. Elaborate where necessary but try to be brief to enable you to capture everything. Your writing does not have to follow a certain style or look like someone else’s’- do it your way. You are free to solicit the help of friends or family to incorporate the right wording.

Proofreading– once done with the writing, go through the poem to ensure it conveys the intended message and feelings. You can let someone else do this too so that you are absolutely sure about the entire poem. Where the need is, make corrections.


Roles played by modern funeral poems


A way of celebrating the life of the deceased- in the middle of mourning, we are sometimes carried away and forget to give the audience to things that matter like how well the deceased lived their lives. These poems are a nice way of doing this.
The poems shift the point of focus by giving people the view of a life well-lived, owing to those little meaningful moments which were shared with them. Trust the poems at the Holy Bookshop to perfectly perform this role.

Assist in the healing process- a basic step towards healing from grief is by being able to talk about the deceased in a free manner. By being able to read these poems, an individual gets the courage to go through this step by following the experiences of people who were once there, and later gained the courage to write it down.

The poems also have words that are able to soothe the souls of mourners. The reason we turn to poems on another note is that of their ability to silently talk to us without necessarily having the human presence attached. They are like the silent whisper that we so long for during those moments that we just want to be alone in the middle of mourning.

They will comfort and console– we all want someone to assure us that things will be alright after the death of someone so dear. These modern funeral poems have been written by people who in one way or another, were affected by this similar scenario. Just knowing that someone sailed through is inspiration enough that it is a passing storm, and the sun shall shine once again, all we need is time.

Poets also use words to connect to our hearts by telling us what we wish to hear at this point. These poems talk of the reality around death as a mere natural happening which all of us shall succumb to, further telling us to make use of now, the time to live is now.


Communicating with the deceased- the death of a loved one leaves us with questions. What if we did something differently, would they have stayed a little longer? What if they were given a little more time, how much more would we have done together? And just how will life be now that they are no longer here with us?

We often believe that the answers to these questions are best answered by the players, the deceased for that matter. These poems offer a nice channel for directing these questions to the deceased much as we are not able to get real-time answers. We get satisfaction from believing that they have heard us in their new world, they are perceived to be omnipresent as they have acquired the spiritual form.

Modern Funeral Poems

going by their name, are not done based on the traditional rules revolving around poetry. They are done based on the modern writing style. We at the Holy Bookshop have an exclusive list of these poems to choose from.
We hope that they go a long way in easing the pain caused by the loss of a dear one. It is the least we can do as our human gesture of helping the people around us feel better.

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