The Best Remembrance Poems

The Best Remembrance Poems

Choosing Remembrance Poems For A Funeral can be time wasting at this difficult time.

You have almost certainly come across lots of free remembrance poems. But before you opt for a free poem think about this.

They are the most commonly used. Let’s face it that’s why they are free.

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There are over 250 remembrance poems to choose from and use some special and different words for you to say the right words. But also contains much more.

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Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Remembrance Poems.

Remembrance poems form a beautiful way of paying tribute to the deceased and remember who they were.

They also help in the healing process by comforting the people left behind using their soothing words.

There are very many remembrance poems, we have only selected the best among them here at the Holy Bookshop. Feel free to go through them. Click Here.

remembrance poems

Once done, you can also opt to personalize your selection by inserting the name of the deceased. This will make the poem highly attractive and draw much attention from the audience, as it makes it look like the poem was specifically written for the deceased.

Choosing the best remembrance poems

Much as you have been provided with a list of some of the best poems, narrowing your search to one single poem might still require some input.

You want a poem that communicates all your feelings, while at the same time honouring the deceased at a single shot. This is where we suggest the possibility of engaging more than one poem if it pleases you.

Even so, follow the guidelines below.

Consider the deceased. What values did they hold dear? What songs did they like? How was their way of life generally? Was there a specific poem, verse, phrase or saying they liked?

What was their personality? Did they live a will behind, and if so, could it be that they already selected a poem, or did they write how they wish to be remembered?

Finding answers to such questions usually help a person in narrowing the search from the perspective of the theme of the poem.


remembrance poems

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Consider your emotions. Remember you also want a poem that has the ability to connect with your feelings and those of an audience that might come across it. Is the poem able to draw your thoughts clearly and precisely? Can it create an image of what you are imagining, that of the life of the deceased?

Basically, if in your search, you meet a poem that combines the above two points, then consider your search done. For the memory of a loved one requires a look into their lives and how it impacted yours, at the time they were alive, and now that they are gone.


When are Remembrance Poems used?

These poems become ideal under 2 circumstances,
• During funeral– they can be written in funeral programs, and in the varying funeral services, perhaps at the morgue, in church, at the deceased’s home, or by the graveside.

• During memorial services- they are a nice way of carrying on somebody’s legacy during memorial services, which are usually held at venues agreed upon by the family members.

• As a dedication to the deceased’s loved ones.

• On funeral and memorial stationery- this includes obituaries, funeral and memorial programs and flowers, gravestones, sympathy, memorial, and condolence cards.

The poems can be read out by either a family member (the deceased’s kid, or spouse or parent), a friend, a colleague or even a pastor in charge of the memorial service.

So as you make the preparations, once you have selected the poem, and have decided who you wish to read them out, communicate promptly.

Let them know and confirm the role they have to play. If they are not willing or able, you can look for a replacement. Go ahead and send them a copy of the poem so that they can practice reciting or reading it to ensure excellent execution.

Remembrance Poems and children.

Since even reading a poem is a time-consuming, factor this in, to ensure it is given enough time in your program, and that the person reading it knows the allocated time so they do not go overboard.

Where children have been appointed to read out poems, try to go for the shorter ones, which they can quickly brush over before they get bored. Kids also have minimal concentration spun, and the chances of going through a long poem to the end, without messing up are minimal.

But in situations where the poem is being sent out, time isn’t anything to be thought over. Simply send out the poem and let the reader go at their pace.

Another unique way of going about the remembrance poems is by printing and framing them up. This can be used as a wall hanging perhaps at the deceased’s workplace or home. It will be a constant reminder for generations to come.

Other than poems, more remarkable ways of remembering loved ones include,
• The most basic one is to reminisce about the sweet moments, those that bring you smiles.
• Planting trees.
• By writing them songs or books.
• Naming a newborn after them.

remembrance poems

Types of remembrance poems

There are religious and non-religious remembrance poems.
Religious types revolve around one’s faith, and will, therefore, be a good fit for people of that specific religion, otherwise, it would appear as an insult if read to people of a differing religion.

These poems usually convey strong Godly messages, which tend to have more impact as would otherwise be seen by Christians, whose worlds revolve around God.

Non-religious types are free for use by people of all walks of faith and can be personalized to befit an individual’s religious beliefs with ease.

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There are long and short remembrance poems.

The short remembrance poems can be easily subjected to a multiple of uses to include being used in gravestones, obituaries, funeral and memorial programs, funeral and memorial flowers, thank you notes, condolence and sympathy cards, among other uses.

Based on your relationship with the deceased, they are classified as.
Remembrance poems for father
Remembrance poems for mother
Remembrance poems for brother
Remembrance poems for sister
Remembrance poems for uncle
Remembrance poems for auntie
Remembrance poems for grandma
Remembrance poems for grandpa
Remembrance poems for a dear friend
Remembrance poems for a colleague

Who is best suited to use remembrance poems?
Owing to the fact that they are meant to celebrate lives, remembrance poems can be used by everyone, ranging from children to adults, to the elderly.

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