The Best Sympathy Poems To Use At A Funeral.

What to Say at My Mums Funeral?

Selecting Sympathy Poems on first look appears to be an easy task. There are all of the popular Sympathy Poems that are used day after day. From the research we have carried out we believe that people are now looking for something different to use at a funeral.

They are looking for words that are unique, memorable and express our feelings by using carefully selected words. We have made available to you over 250 sympathy poems in which to choose from and is available right now on an instant download. Just Click Here and get a whopping 60% discount.

The importance of sympathy poems in consoling and helping the people around us mourn the loss of a loved one cannot be stressed enough. They are very helpful in finding the appropriate words to say to make them feel better and count on us for any support during the grieving period.

That you have sympathy, simply spells out that they are not alone, someone out there understands their pain, someone out there still cares, and that God still loves them as is shown with religious sympathy poems.


My Story


Following the death of my mum, it dawned on me that people who mourn the death of a dear one need love and support for the following reasons:

 Death makes an individual feel lost. One never knows whether to hold on because moving on will be disrespectful to the deceased, or to move on because the deceased would have wished to see them happy. Knowing the way to go is confusing.
But with the help of those around you, one can strike the balance, as they will be able to see the need to continue leaving while at the same time see the values picked up from the deceased’s life.

 Death sparks a series of emotions in us. So much goes on as one tries to come to terms with this kind of loss. The brain is busy digesting the loss while throwing in pictures of what was and what would be with the deceased. To be able to come out, a push is needed, one that will make a person share how they feel.

At one point an individual might feel angry or shocked, then again comes to face pain and sadness of the loss. By talking to someone, the burden tends to lessen, the reason why you need to be there physically for someone grieving.

The commonly known emotional reactions, known as the 5 stages of grief, are listed herein. It is important to learn them, in that way you can easily observe a person suffering from any of them and be able to help accordingly.


A person who has lost a loved one may not be able to accept this fact in the beginning. They might even experience nightmares imagining the deceased will be there when they wake up from sleep.


You know someone might have probably lost a parent while you are still lucky to have your own. They might be angry at you for being so lucky, at life for being so picky, at death for being so ruthless, at God for not loving them enough, and at themselves for not being able to do anything to prevent their loved one from dying.


The moment a person realizes that the deceased is actually no more, the pain that comes in is unexplainable. The body might even get numb. A person will need great support to be able to come out of this victoriously.


There is this feeling which comes, of one not having done their best to prevent the deceased from dying. There seems to be windows opening of the things which should have been done differently to reverse the situation.


Finally, no matter how short or how long it takes, one will come to terms with the reality of their loss. No one should be hurried into doing this, or be told that they need to be strong for those around them. People should be allowed, or even encouraged, to grief as they desire, for it is the only way through which they will eventually learn to let go.

 Death causes a disruption of normal routines. During this time, eating or sleeping normally, which is very crucial for the body, becomes an issue. Some either underdo or overdo them. The bereaved, young or old, need constant support to be able to eat and sleep. Where necessary, even sleeping pills may be subscribed by a physician, amongst other things that can only be observed when you are there to offer support.


Does it affect sleep?


Some people experience nightmares when sleeping, which is very uncomfortable. Children more so will even wish not to be left alone, feeling scared that death might come for them as they sleep, they would rather sleep with you in your room.

 Getting over the death of a dear one takes time. Yes, that you see someone looking strong doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. Sometimes the society compels people to behave normally even when they are not.

Behind the curtains, a person may still be in immense pain, which naturally takes time to fade, especially if they had a very close relationship with the deceased. People need to be checked on from time to time and to be encouraged much until they are back to their normal selves.

There are various categories of sympathy poems, hence the need to limit them to the best and make your work easier as you look for the ones best suited to help a loved one. We at the Holy Bookshop went through the highs and lows in doing in-depth research to provide you with the 10 best sympathy poems for each of the following categories.

Non-religious sympathy poems

Not all the times are mourning Christians, and it is respectful to obey this when we mourn with them. The non-religious sympathy poems were found to be the best for that role. They have come to be trusted to highly deliver messages of comfort and consolation regardless of one’s faith.

Religious sympathy poems

Religious sympathy poems collected here were found to be the best-loved by Christians who talk about their effectivity in bringing out the assurance of God’s love to people who have lost a dear one. The poems are equally good in jumpstarting a session of prayer whenever the bereaved are feeling low.

The 10 best sympathy poems for each of the categories mentioned above were carefully selected by The Holy bookshop and will not disappoint you in sympathizing with someone who is experiencing loss. These are words of comfort, but let them naturally grieve even as you assure them of love and support as required.

Short and long sympathy poems

Both categories are still ideal for comforting a person who has lost a loved one. The choice is at your discretion for the Holy Bookshop has availed these sympathy poems in both categories.

Other than using the sympathy poems to console those who are mourning the loss of a loved one, the following can also be done to make their burden lesser.

Being physically there-
Of course, you might not actually fill up the shoe of the deceased but your presence means the bereaved still have people who care for them hence they shouldn’t give up. It means they have someone they can tell the pain they are feeling and how the whole situation is affecting them.

Performing their chores-
This especially works where there are kids to be taken care of. Step in and do things like laundry, cooking, cleaning the house, and making sure the kids are bathed, showered, and have eaten. Also, make it a point to ensure everyone involved gets some rest and eats as is required.

Talking about the deceased-
This helps in the healing process. It helps the bereaved to shift their focus from seeing the pain caused by death to seeing the lessons learned from the life of the deceased.
Support groups-
You can do a search for the support groups of people who are suffering a similar loss and encourage those you know to join. They will be able to get tips on how people are dealing with grief and the things they can do as they learn to live a life without the deceased.

Counseling therapy-

This applies where you realize someone is adversely affected by losing a loved one. Professional counselors can help steer them back to normal better than any ordinary person. It is called for should you realize that a person only finds calm in things like addictive drugs or alcohol following the loss of a dear one.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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