Using Appropriate Funeral Poems For Nan.

What to Say at My Nans Funeral

Our nans are referred to by lots of other different names such as  Nanny, Granny, Grandma, Nanna or even Gran. They are like our second mothers after our mums, always showering us with love and pampering us even in a way that our own mothers wouldn’t do. Their love has no boundaries. Because of the special place they occupy in our hearts, funeral Poems for Nan should be able to capture this immense love that we have for them.



Funeral Poems For Nan.


Funeral Poems for nan


A search on the internet, from the top-ranking websites, will initially offer maybe ten or more free poems. You will see the following :

  1. She Is Gone. David Harkins
  2. Nanny. Laura White
  3. My Grandmother. Victoria Payne
  4. Do Not Stand at My Grave & Weep. Mary Fry

Those are just four examples. That’s all well and good, however, let me tell you something that I personally find distasteful. All of the free poems that you are offered are used by over 90% of the world’s population. Every time I go to a Funeral I hear the same old popular Funeral Poems For Nan.

Surely you want to be different from the rest? Don’t you want to say words that truly express that unique, special and individual relationship you had with your Nan? I know I did and that is the reason I started this website. (You can read My Story Here)

I had a desire to help people like you use some special words to express at your Nans funeral. I wanted people to say words that would be memorable and would truly impress.


What did I do?

It took me a long time, several years, in fact, but during that time carrying out all of the research and digging deep on the internet I found little gems of funeral poems that were just there, hidden away and never used. They were crying out to be discovered by someone like me to discover.

So, what I did over those years was put together an ebook that included OVER 250 Funeral Poems. All of those little gems can be adapted for every occasion no matter what the situation e.g Poems for mother, father, brother, sister and so no.


I went one step further.


But, I wasn’t finished there. From my own personal experience, I know that when losing someone close one can be asked to deliver a eulogy. The two seem to go hand in hand. So, I included within that book a section that dealt with and would help people all matters relating to eulogies. Like how to write a eulogy and even how to deliver the same in a confident and impressive way.


What are your options?

I believe you have two options.

The first is you can take the easy way out, save some time and use one of the popular poems that every Tom Dick and Harry use or spend a little time, having downloaded my book and use some words that truly express your thoughts and feelings following the passing of your nan.

It is up to you. I don’t really care which option you select. But, at least I know that I did try to help you.


Funeral Poems for Nan can be categorized in the following:


Long funeral poems for Nanna and Short funeral poems for Nanna

Regardless of the length chosen, these poems will still show the love we had for nanna and be a source of comfort for those left behind. It is a matter of personal choice, besides the space available for use of the poem, something which can also be tabled and discussed by the family.


Religious funeral poems for Nan and Non-religious funeral poems for Nan.


Funeral poems for nan


Believers have a tradition of adhering to Christianity in all aspects of life, poetry included. These poems honor the presence of God as per Christian values and principles and will be highly regarded in Christian funerals compared to any ordinary poems.

Well again, not everyone is a Christian, or highly attached to Christianity. It is for this reason that we have a sweet collection of non-religious funeral poems for nanna.

In most cases, the decision as to whether you choose religious or non-religious poems is made based on the family’s spiritual background, especially the preference of the deceased nanny. It would only be fair to honor their beliefs as the last form of respect accorded to them.


The poems are theme based as follows


Happy funeral poems for Nan
Funny funeral poems for Nan
Celebratory funeral poems for Nan
Special funeral poems for Nanna
Bereavement poems for Nanna
Remembrance poems for Nanna
Sympathy funeral poems for Nanna
Condolence funeral poems for Nanna
Thank you funeral poems for Nanna


What would Nan like?


Take the best shot by going for what your nanna would love. Where they funny? What was their favorite music, quote, saying or verse? You can further include these in the poem to personalize the poem on a higher level.

Another angle of approach in the selection of funeral poems for nana involves a look at the anticipated audience. Being that they are family or close friends, you probably know what is likely to draw their attention the most. Go for a poem that they will instantly connect to.

A keen look into poems indicates that there are poems that revolve more around death and its causes. We don’t recommend such. They will add to your misery and sadness. Try and go for poems that bring light into darkness.

Those that give people the reason to see life as having been fulfilled and giving us hope to soldier on until the end of times. Luckily though, we have done some filtering for you and have provided a list of some of the most magnificent funeral poems for Nanny.


How to use the funeral poems for a nanny


During funeral services- they may, therefore, be used in morgues, churches, homes of the deceased nanny, by the graveside, or where the family decides to have the funeral or memorial service conducted.


Depending on the family’s preference and available time, you can have more than one funeral poem for nanny read out during the service.


When can Funeral Poems be used?

funeral poems for nan


In memorial services– these may be conducted immediately upon death or much later as per the family’s wish. Regardless, there are a number of beautiful memorial poems, long or short which can be used.

On funeral flowers– some people don’t want to do plain funeral flowers and decide to be creative by attaching some printed funeral poems to them. This makes them highly personal, showing how much the nanny was loved and appreciated.

On gravestones– the use of poems on gravestones has gained popularity, a deviation from the norm of simply engraving the deceased’s name, date of birth and that of death. There will always be a message to read for anyone who visits the gravesides years down, a sure way of keeping their legacy strong.

With sympathy cards and notes– perhaps it’s a friend, colleague or you simply wish to console a fellow relative for the loss of a Nanny. Attaching poems relieves of the hustle of having to look for appropriate words of comfort.

With condolence cards and notes– this is just a nice way of showing the bereaved how much they are cared for, and an assurance that they can count on us. It is also an easy way of getting them to talk about their feelings regarding the loss of their nanny.

In obituaries– specifically death notices, which are published on online websites and popularly in newspapers. You will, however, enquire to find out how much extra amounts you will pay based on the length of the funeral poem for Nan selected. Obituaries which are free and require us to queue as we wait for their publishing has nothing much to think about other than the availability of space for it, and the date- whether it will still be valid.

In funeral programs– funeral programs are used during funeral services and may sometimes be taken away as keepsakes by people in attendance. They should be well done for that matter. Select a nice funeral poem for Nanna for use in the funeral program.

The love a nanna and her grandchildren have for each other is a special type of love. Our funeral poems for nanna are just but a symbol of this bond. Hoping you have found a nice piece, it is time to prepare accordingly for its delivery. If it is someone else who will read it out, alert them on time so that you are sure it is well done.


How to help a child cope with the death of a Nan
In a nutshell.


Grieving children need support from either their parents or adults around them. It is also advisable to enroll assistance from another grandparent to help them understand and cope. Below are some of the things that can be done.

Their questions- answer them as much as you can, there are some that you might not have answers to, let them know that you do not have answers to everything, politely though. Curiosity regarding death by children is quite natural, just simplify your explanations to a level they can easily grasp.

Where your child has no question or doesn’t feel like talking, let them be. Give them their space and let them learn how to manage their emotions. Engage your child when they are ready to talk.

Use of the word “death”- for one reason or another, people tend to distance themselves from using this word when indeed they are supposed to be using it. You might be surprised to learn just how much your kid already knows about death, so they will only seek a little clarification once in a while.

They come across such terms in movies, storybooks, shows, or even during discussions with their fellas. So you will realize that in most cases, they already know about it, only that they haven’t experienced grief until someone close like their Nan succumbs.


Careful guidance will be needed


Avoid the use of popular phrases like “gone to sleep”, or “lost”, so that they understand the reality of the situation. It would be a terrible blow much later if they are to discover that you lied to them regarding the death of their Nanna, remember they won’t be forever young.

You can employ some of our funeral poems for a nanny to help you break down the meaning and what follows the death of their Nan. Further engagement even entails having the kids read out some of our beautiful memorial poems for a nanny during the funeral and memorial services

Being honest about death- we all know how death is a natural process in life that we will all face one day, just not now. Break this down in a way that the child understands. They will react differently owing to the shock caused by this, allow them to grief if that be the case.

Let honesty prevail in explaining the emotions that they will see people go through like crying and the pain being felt. It is natural for human beings to react in certain ways to things that cause them discomfort like death.



Are you grieving too?


It is perfectly okay to cry in front of your child, even if you need to protect them. You will be showing them the other side of life where people get hurt and let out their emotions, which is quite natural. You don’t have to hide in the closet to let go.

By talking to them how you yourself feel. You will show them a channel of opening up and sharing with you how they feel. If a grown-up can do this, why not a small person like he is.

Caring for them physically- the young ones too may be affected by things like the inability to fall asleep, eat well, clean up or have rest. It is your duty to ensure they do some of these things. Perhaps it is time you took them out for their favorite meal or took a trip to some holiday destination to relieve them of the tension caused by the death of a loved one.


Give them time


Giving them time to understand death- children might not necessarily understand your explanations as per the first instance, some will however do. This understanding is basically controlled by age- quite grown children will grasp faster than their young counterparts.

Do not get disturbed by being repeatedly asked the same question as they struggle with processing the information, instead attend to them whenever they need your explanations. This could happen even months after when you are now comfortable that things are fine.

Grieving time- learning to cope with the death of a relative takes a varying time or each of us, and so is the case even with the young ones. They might appear nonchalant over the death of their granny at some point as you find them disturbed by things like faulty bicycles. Just make sure you are there when they feel the blow.

Sometimes the death of their nanny may make them sad or guilty that perhaps if they had been well behaved, then she wouldn’t have died. They may also become fearful of the night, that they can die while sleeping. These are just examples of the way they might emotionally react to the death of their nanny, needing your support to sail through.


Try not to put ant pressure on them


Do not force your child to be alright just because you feel it’s the right thing to do. Let them grieve the death of their own nanny according to their pace. There is no time frame for grieving.
Should they attend the funeral?


Most people feel that it is not right for children to attend their grandma’s funeral that they may be traumatized. The truth is, their attendance aids big time in the healing process. Their seeing their nanny’s burial makes them see the reality of the situation hence they learn to accept a life without the nanna.

But if your child is highly emotional and likely to be saddened by seeing other mourners cry over the loss, you might reconsider this decision and let them stay behind. You know better your child’s personality and what they can handle.

For the children who are able to attend, you can make the service memorable by having them participate through reading their deceased grandmas one or two of our carefully selected funeral poems for Nanny.

My final thoughts

I just want to say that my thoughts are with you and I hope that I have been able to help you in some way. If you opt for one of my little gem of a Funeral Poem I bet you will receive compliments on the words used and get a handshake, slap on the back or maybe even a hug.

Michael Grover

Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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