What Is The Purpose Of Poems About Death?

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What Is The Purpose Of Poems About Death? Good question. Well, grief is a result of the love that we feel we ought to share, but the people have been snatched away, so we have to hold it back. It is the feeling that perhaps fate should have accorded a few moments together so that we can wrap up all we got to do, and let the people go while leaving us satisfied. This are the messages found in poems about death.


Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep 

Death is natural once in a lifetime event, in which there is no turning back. It marks the end of a person’s life. It is the thought of not seeing them walk by us physically which makes it quite difficult to anticipate. It is from imagining that until we too die, we will never meet again, which makes it difficult to handle the loss of a loved one.

Poems about death are meant to express our feelings and thoughts revolving around this painful circumstance. The words come out loudly talking of the worst and the best we think about the deceased, and imaginations of a future without them.
Where do we use poems about death?

At a funeral service– this can be held either at the home of the deceased, in church, in school, at a funeral home, or perhaps at the graveside.
Together with funeral stationeries- they can be attached to obituaries, funeral programs, condolence notes, sympathy cards, or attached to funeral flowers.


Are they specific?

Death is an occurrence that can befall both the young and the elderly alike. For that matter, funeral poems about death tend to revolve around the same theme of sorrow, condolence, and comfort and will be used all around. They can be read by kids and adults in the same capacity. Owing to this free nature, these poems can also be used by both religious and non-religious people.
You will come across several poems, some directed to specific members of the family, or friends and colleagues, others just general. You can, however, personalize them so that they suit your preference.

You do not necessarily have to recite or read them out, you could also go ahead and transform them into lyrics, this way, memorizing them becomes much easier.
Do they help one to cope with the death of a loved one?

Yes, they do!

They carry such weighty messages as indicated below, which act as cushioning to the bereaved, making the burden and pain seem a whole lot less.

They bring about comfort- by referring to death as a natural occurrence, these poems tend to make someone believe that they are a victim of a natural circumstance that affects all on this earth, so they tend to be at ease with the sorrowful situation.

They make you hopeful- they translate the image of an afterlife, which we all such experience once we die and transform into the spirit world. One, therefore, tends to ride over the current situation, that all is not lost, for they hope to meet with the departed one more time once they met on the other side of the world.
They make you celebrate the life of the departed- it is believed that facing death isn’t an ordinary task, it can only be done by the bold and strong, thereby creating the belief that the departed is a hero, who courageously faced death. They are perceived to be winners.


Why are they important?


These poems further take this chance to express the life of the departed as one that was lived to its full purpose, and that maybe it was the right time for them to find rest from this tiresome world.
They help mourners express themselves easily amidst the pain. They are usually chosen by the bereaved to help them tell the audience what they are going through via selected and easy to go through wordings.
Are poems about death enough to help you cope with the loss of a loved one?

Even though they play a key role in making death seem lighter, sometimes poems about death are not all you need to feel okay. We have tried and selected the best here at the Holy bookshop, which we trust will go a long way in offering you the comfort you seek.

You can also try to cope with the loss through the steps indicated below.

Let the emotions flow freely. Do not suppress the feelings brought about by the loss, if you wish, just cry. Usually, it is natural to get mixed up in emotions, not knowing what to do, let nature flow. But try not to keep to yourself or stay sad for too long as this might lead to depression, or probably develop addictions to things like drugs and alcohol.


Take care of yourself

Remember to eat, sleep and clean up even when going through pain. This ensures you stay healthy and in good shape regardless of the pain being felt. You can try to formulate a pattern for conducting your activities so that none is forgotten.

Share what you are going through to the people you trust. Sometimes a problem shared is half solved. Be free with telling them what you feel and allow them to offer consolation, support, and comfort.

You can also write down what you feel to help you overcome emotions, it is a way of letting go. You can perhaps also write a poem or song just do something creative towards bringing out those thoughts trapped within you.

You will always come across painful reminders about your departed loved ones, perhaps dates like birthdays and anniversaries. You can arrange to have people around you when such days come by, as they will give the much-needed comfort during such moments.

Share out the treasured memories of you and the departed. It can be a beautiful step towards healing. You could also involve yourself in an activity that they loved to do too to honor their memories.
Should you feel overwhelmed by the loss, however, it is recommended that you seek help from professional counselors.

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