What to Say at My Dad’s Funeral?

You asked the question What to Say at My Dad’s Funeral? and I am going to help you with that. But, first of all, my thoughts are with you.

Fathers are extremely important people. As his child, your dad was the one who showed you what a positive male role model was, and all the other important things about being a good man.

 Your dad showed you what it meant to be a great father and husband/partner, to work hard, and to always believe in your ability. He also probably taught you other great things like how to properly cast a fishing pole or change a tire. 


Therefore, you must write some touching and positive words about your father. Somebody as great as he deserves to be remembered, and in this article, we will show you a few good ways of remembering a wonderful dad.


What to Say at My Dad’s Funeral?

What to Say at My Dad’s Funeral? Tell A Positive Story


You probably have lots of great stories to tell about your father. You might think of a funny moment that you and your father shared, an important lesson he taught you, or a hardship he overcame to come out on top. 


Begin your story by writing down a few great moments that make you proud of your dad. Once you have a few good ideas, think about them for a little while and choose two or three good ones to tell. 


Think of all the details and write them down if necessary. Painting a clear picture will help take the person you are speaking with off the funeral and to the setting of your story. 


Funerals are tough. Sometimes, knowing what to say can make the experience a lot easier. Plus, you will have a positive conversation starter that might even lead to a smile from a grieving family member or friend. 


Why Tell A Positive Story at Your Dad’s Funeral? 


  • You Can Lift the Mood


Funerals are one of the worst experiences we will have. More often than not, grieving family members would not mind the chance to smile or even have a laugh if appropriate. 


It is a tough time for them and celebrating the life of your dad by telling a good, positive story can help make the grieving process slightly better. Plus, it keeps the memory of your father alive and well.


  • You Can Teach A Lesson


Perhaps your dad taught you something important that you took with you in life. Now is an excellent opportunity to put what your dad taught you into story form and spread it to all of his family and friends. 


Perhaps your dad was a sports fan and knew what it meant to be a team player. Perhaps he was a photographer and knew what it took to get that perfect shot, no matter how long it took. 


Maybe he was a fisherman and understood that some days you’d have great catches and other days you’d get nothing more than a rusty tin can. Celebrate his knowledge with a good story.


  • You Can Show What A Great Person He Was


Was your dad the guy who always gave money to charities? Was he the one who always cheered the loudest for the home team? Was he the one who always helped a neighbor no matter what? 


Telling stories like these about your dad to celebrate his life and point out what a special person he was. You can show how giving, supportive, or helpful he was through a good story.


What to Say at My Dad’s Funeral?

What to Say at My Dad’s Funeral? Write A Eulogy


Consider This About Poems
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Writing a eulogy need not be a stressful experience. You simply have to make it respectful and concise. It also helps to have the events you talk about in chronological order so everybody can follow it easily.


Remember, it’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to be a little nervous about public speaking. It’s important to remember the day is about your dad, and everybody else there feels saddened by his passing. Your friends and family will be glad you said such kind words, so have faith!


When you compose a eulogy, aim for these four essential parts:


  • Give a brief history of your dad’s life. 
  • Talk about his achievements and hobbies. 
  • Talk about his family and friends. 
  • Talk about a few of his favorite memories. 


 Most eulogies last about 5-10 minutes, but you can do whatever you think is appropriate. Don’t try to make it sound formal or fancy-write from your heart. 


Why Write A Eulogy? 


Here are a few reasons to write a eulogy:


  • You Can Tell Your Father’s Story


Your dad lived a full and fantastic life, and now is the chance for you to tell it! You can proudly talk about all the beautiful things your dad did while he worked, went to church, raised his kids, and took care of his spouse. 


A good order to follow when writing could be childhood, high school, college or uni, work, marriage and kids, and your experiences with your dad. You might finish up with his golden years, discussing hobbies he enjoyed in retirement.


  • You Can Make Others Smile


Everyone will be crying or in a somber mood. Telling everybody about the great things your father did while he was alive will be an excellent way to help everyone feel just a little happier. 


It will remind everybody that the funeral is meant to be a remembrance of life, despite the passing of a loved one.


  • You Celebrate His Life


Your dad did amazing things when he was alive. Don’t let those great memories go to waste. Let everybody know how much you love your dad and how grateful you are for everything he did. 


after all, your goal now is to keep his memory alive and pass along his teachings to younger generations.


What to Say at My Dad’s Funeral?

Give an Appropriate Reading


If you are not big on writing, there is no need to fret. You can find readings that reflect how much you love your dad and how much you treasure being his son or daughter. 


Why Do an Appropriate Reading? 


Below are some reasons why doing a reading is a good idea. 


  • You Can Celebrate Your Dad’s Interests


Was your dad always telling jokes? Consider telling a few of his favorites if he was a funny guy. If your dad was big into literature, you might read a passage from his favorite novel. If you like, you can also find appropriate poetry that reflects how you feel and read that.


  • You Can Honor His Faith


No matter what religion your father followed, there are words from varying religious texts that can help you and your family work through the grieving process. 


These passages can be comforting in times of sadness and may bring hope to the grieving family and friends that they will be reunited with their loved one someday.


  • The Words Are Gracefully Said


You do not have to be William Shakespeare to write a proper eulogy. All that matters is that your words are kind, positive, and respectful to your father. However, some of us do not feel comfortable writing a eulogy. 


Hence, reading is an excellent way to gracefully and concisely say how you feel without stumbling over words or always wondering if you said the right thing.


What to Say at My Dad’s Funeral? Conclusion


It is not going to be easy to talk to everyone when it is time to say goodbye. However, having a few ideas in mind can help you work through this difficult time. 


Remember, nobody is going to critique you harshly so long as the words you say are positive and respectful. Use this day to celebrate your amazing father and his accomplishments, rejoicing in what he gave to the world.

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