What to Say at My Grandad’s Funeral?

The passing of a grandad is among the most painful situations you might have to go through during your lifetime. Planning your speech for such an event can be extremely hard, especially if the death of your grandad happened suddenly or unexpectedly. So, let’s answer your question: What to Say at My Grandad’s Funeral?


However, thinking about what you are going to say at its funeral can be of great help in many ways. 


While it can help you to bring out feelings that you might have been struggling to bring out, planning your eulogy can also help you face the strong emotions that you will feel when you have to stand up in front of an audience. 


What you are going to include in such a speech is entirely up to you, but here we wanted to include a collection of ideas that can help you express your feelings in the best way you can. 


What to Say at My Grandad’s Funeral?

What to Say at My Grandad’s Funeral? Let’s have a look at how to create a touching speech that truly expresses what you feel. 


How to Write A Eulogy for Your Grandad’s Funeral?


The sudden death of your grandad is a moment of deep grief and sadness. 


Moreover, among the many tasks that come with it such as planning the funeral, sending out notices and condolences, being close and supporting your family, you will also have to plan out the speech you are going to say at his funeral. 


This can seem like a hard task and most of the time it truly is. You also might know that there is nothing worse of leaving the funeral with the feeling that you hadn’t really expressed your feelings or that there was something else you had wanted to say. 


This is why it is important to think in advance about your eulogy. Let’s have a look at what you should include for a touching and authentic speech.


Add Anecdotes


Anecdotes are little stories or the tales of moments that you had shared with your grandad in the past. These can seem a given to you since you had lived them in the first person. 


However, you should keep in mind that often some of the people in the audience at your grandad’s funeral can be ex schoolmates or friends that hadn’t seen your dad in a long time. 


While some of their memories might have faded with time, adding an anecdote to your speech can truly bring back a positive image of your grandad’s life and personality. 


Also, if in the audience there are people that were not as close as you were with your grandad, a little story can make them feel like they had known him better and leave them with a great image of the person your grandad had been.


What to Say at My Grandad’s Funeral?

Add Verses or A Poem


If you are not an expert writer or poet, it can be extremely difficult to write sentences that truly express your feelings in tough situations such as the passing of a grandad


That is why taking inspirations from famous authors or poets can really help you to find the words that seemed to be elusive while you are trying to write down your speech.


Moreover, if the passing of your grandad happened suddenly, you might not have had the time to sit down and think for hours about what you are going to say. This is why adding a poem can be of great help. 


Verses and poems are written by authors that have gone through exactly the same situation as yours. Not only they truly understand the hard feelings that can come with it, but they are also trained to be able to portray those feelings in meaningful, yet harmonious words.


If you have been struggling to get the right words out, adding a poem to your speech or eulogy can truly help you to touch the hearts and minds of your audience. Alternatively, you could even try and write a poem yourself. 


This can help you direct your speech directly to your grandad and you can say to him all the things you might have wanted to say while he was still among us, but you couldn’t.


Ideas for Poems for Your Grandad’s Funeral


Consider This About Poems
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Depending on the poem you pick, you could be aiming at moving your audience, touch the hearts of the people around you or even lift the mood if the funeral. 


If you are not an expert about literature or poems, the following ones are a good starting point for research and can help you pick the style of your speech.



  • Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep



Written by Mary Elizabeth Frye in the 1930s. This can seem like an old poem, but it is still as moving and actual as it was when it was written. 


This is one of the most famous poems used in funerals, eulogies, and celebrations of life alike. Aside from being incredibly touching, this poem is also comforting and uplifting.





If you are looking at conveying many of the feelings you might be experiencing right now in a poem, this is the one for you. 


These verses were written by an unknown author express gratitude towards the teaching and lessons our grandad left us better than any other poem.



  • He Is Gone 



This touching poem written by David Harkins is one of the most famous poems for funerals out there. 


Aside from being incredibly touching, it also includes and expresses all the feelings of grief, gratitude, and acknowledgment you might be experiencing right now.


What to Say at My Grandad’s Funeral?

Add A Teaching or Quote from Your Grandad That Is Dear to You


Grandads are incredibly important figures in our lifetimes, and they are often able to shape our personalities and characters throughout our lifetimes. 


If you are looking at sharing with your family and friends the reasons why your grandad was such an important figure in your life, adding a quote or teaching that he might have passed on to you during his lifetime can really bring this message forward. 

Remember that often the inheritance that our dear ones left us is the one thing that remains with us and future generations for entire lifetimes.


A funeral speech, in this case, becomes an important moment to share this heritage with the people around you and even carry one an important message through future generations. 


Don’t miss out on the chance of showing to everybody how wise and knowledgeable your grandad had been.


Use Your Speech to Set the Funeral’s Mood


Funerals are not events to celebrate somebody’s death, but, instead, to celebrate their life. While you might be experiencing one of the toughest moments of your entire lifetime, you don’t want to say goodbye to your grandad in a too sad or full of sorrow celebration. 


This is why you could be using your speech to portray a beautiful, positive, and uplifting image that will stay with the people in your audience forever. 


While this might be incredibly hard, remembering the happiest moments you had shared with your grandad can help everybody feel closer and even a little less sad.




We truly understand how difficult it can be for you the task of having to write a speech for your grandad’s funeral, especially if you are still struggling to metabolize his sudden passing. 


However, it is your responsibility to portray the best image of your grandad to your audience and let him know the things you had always wanted to say to him. 


If you need a little more help with your eulogy, drop us a message and we will be able to help you.



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