What to Say at My Mums Funeral?

I am going to help answer your question What to Say at My Mums Funeral? And first of all my thoughts are with you. The passing of your mum is undeniably one the hardest moments of your life, and you can feel like there are no words to express how you feel or to say all the things you had always wanted to say to your mum. 


However, at her funeral, you will need to stand up in front of all of your family and friends and comfort them. Let them know that you feel as they do and express your feelings about the passing of your mum. 


While this can be incredibly hard, there is nothing worse than leaving your mum’s funeral, thinking that you could have said a little more, or you could have said it a bit better. 


For how hard writing a speech might seem to you know, there are some things to include that can help you leave the funeral with the confidence that you have said everything to the best of your abilities. 


What to Say at My Mums Funeral?

Let’s have a look at what to include in your speech to What to Say at My Mums Funeral?


How Do I Write A Speech for My Mum’s Funeral?


Consider This About Poems
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If your mum has just passed away unexpectedly, the chances are that you will be heartbroken and grieving while having to go through the many tasks involved with planning a funeral, gathering your family, and supporting her friends. 


However, one of the most important things you should be thinking right now is the speech you will say at her funeral. It is an incredible opportunity to say to her, and her family and friends, the things that you might have failed to mention during her life. 


Express your gratitude towards her and remember her inheritance and habits. Here are a few things that your speech should include.


Add A Poem


Funeral poems are often written by professional authors and poets that have most likely gone through exactly what you are going through right now. 


And they have dedicated their lives to creating touching words that truly express the hard feelings that such moments might bring on. 


If you are not an expert writer, finding a poem that can help you say what you had been struggling to say is the best way to touch the hearts and minds of your audience.


With the large availability of verses and stanzas out there for you to choose from, there is definitely one poem that can describe the life and personality of your mum. 


Finding the perfect moment can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to look, but depending on the poem you pick, you will be able to shape the mood of the funeral. 


Compilations and books are available online, and most times, the poems are organized by author, title, and even subject to make the task easier.


What to say at my mums funeral

What Poems Can I Include in What to Say at My Mums Funeral?


If you have been struggling to find the right poem for your mum’s funeral, check out the following ones. 


Even if they are not exactly what you had in mind, they are a great starting point for your research. They can also give you an idea of the variety of verses that have been written and of the power that these verses can have.



  • She Walks in Beauty


Written by George Gordon, Lord Byron this poem was designed during the early 1800s. While it might seem old, it is still as moving, touching, and actual as it was back then. 


If you are looking at portraying the beauty of your late mother or expressing all of your feelings, these harmonious verses contain everything you might have wanted to say.



  • Richer Than Gold


If you are looking for a poem that is an excellent addition to your speech while being compact and easy to read, these verses written by Strickland Gillilan can really help you express your gratitude towards your mum. 


This poem can easily fit in any funeral speech and contains an important message in just a few verses. 



  • Wonderful Mother


If you want to focus your speech around expressing how lucky you feel to have had such a great mother, this short poem by Patrick O’Reilly is an excellent addition to your speech. It can be recited in only a minute, but it really expresses much more than that.



  • The Watcher


If you are using your speech to celebrate the inheritance and the life lived by your mother, this touching poem by Margaret Widdemer is the ultimate celebration of the love a mother can have for her children and family.


While these are only a few ideas for poems to add to your mum’s funeral speech, you could also decide to include a poem that speaks about love as well as a poem that better represents your mother’s life.


Add an Anecdote


While you might be sharing loving memories of your mum with your siblings or dad, other people in the audience might not have been as familiar with her. 


Sharing an anecdote or short story can help your family and friends see her under a different light or make them feel like they knew her a little better.


Moreover, if you have picked your anecdote wisely, the whole loving, caring, and sunny personality of your mum can be greatly portrayed through a short tale of a moment shared that has become extremely important to you.


what to say at my mums funeral

Add A Little Note for Her


Even if during your speech, you are mainly addressing your audience, nothing stops you from adding a short note for your mother. 


If there was something that you were meant to say to her during her life and you never got the chance to, this is the right moment. Moreover, your family and friends can feel as if they had said the same words to her too, which can bring comfort to their souls.


A note can only express your love for her or anything you might have wanted to say. While you can keep this short, you will leave her funeral with the confidence that there is nothing left untold between the two of you. It can be a great relief during such a touch moment.


Set the Funeral’s Mood


Remember that, while your mum’s funeral can be an incredibly sad event, you are all gathered to celebrate the life of your late mother. 


The best way to do so is to adapt to the mood of the funeral to your mum’s personality. And leave your family and friends with the memory of a joyous and uplifting celebration. 


Moreover, while you might have been greatly affected by your loss, don’t forget that reaching out and speaking openly to your family and friends can truly help overcome the pain of such loss.


Use the words you have picked to create an uplifting mood during the celebration, especially if your mum had been a strong, sunny person. 


Instead of focusing on her death, celebrate the inheritance, teachings, and incredible family that she had created during her time on Earth.




Ultimately, the best speech is the one that comes from the heart. If you have found this article because your mum has recently passed away, we would like to let you know that you are not alone and we are here to help you if you need a little extra encouragement to find the right words to say at her funeral.


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Following the death of my Mother, I decided to make this website. I found it difficult at the time to express the correct words to say at the service. However, I stumbled across an immediate download (available here) that enabled me to find truly memorable words.

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