What to Say at My Nans Funeral?

What to Say at My Nans Funeral

The passing of a nan is undoubtedly one of the saddest moments in life, especially if you had been very close throughout life. Today we are going to help you to What to Say at My Nans Funeral


Whether you had been next to each other for your whole adult life or you have separated when you were younger, your Nan is a unique figure in our life that helps us shape our minds and hearts. 


At her funeral, it is incredibly important to be able to share your exact feelings while celebrating her life at the same time. This can seem an impossible thing to do when you are still shaken by her sudden passing. 


This is why planning what to say at your Nans funeral is so important. Let’s have a look at the best options for you to match your personality, feelings, and emotions.


What to Say at My Nans Funeral

What to Say at My Nans Funeral. Poems 


Poems are a great choice if you are struggling to get some words out. There are thousands of poems out there, and you will be able to find one that can fit the emotion of the moment perfectly. 


These poems are written by famous authors that have gone through the same sorrow and were able to express these feelings in harmonious words. 


While you can do just as well, in the hard moments after your Grandmother’s passing, having to write a poem in such a short time can be extremely difficult.


Why Pick A Poem for Your Nans Funeral?


Consider This About Poems
When picking a poem for What to Say at My Nans Funeral I know that you will be offered the most popular and free poems, however, over 90% of people use these. Do you want to be the same or say some words that are unique and truly express the individual relationship you had with your Nan? Today I am giving you access to my download that contains over 250 poems and invaluable advice on eulogies. You can get immediate access for only $16.00. So just Click Here.


Here are a few reasons why we value poems as part of a eulogy in a funeral:



  • Express Your Sorrow



With thousands of options out there, you will be able to pick the perfect poem and let these words do the job for you. 


It might take time to find a poem that reflects the emotions of the moment, the life of your Nan, as well as your feelings. However, once you find the perfect one, you will know!



  • Be Close to Your Family



Poems can be used in celebrations of life and funerals as well as celebrations. If you are looking at picking a poem with another member of your family and remember your Nan together, that poem can bring back memories of your loving grandparent in you and the whole of your family in the next years.


What to Say at My Nans Funeral


  • Match the Funeral’s Mood



Each celebration of life is incredibly different, and not all of them need to be incredibly sad. Sometimes, it is possible to lift the atmosphere of a funeral just by adding a kind word or stanza. 


In fact, if you would instead express with your family the happy moments you shared with your Nan rather than the sorrow you might feel at the moment, a poem can help you find the words that you might be struggling to find in such a tough moment.



  • Help You Express A Concept with Only A Few Words



Once you get started speaking about your Nan, you might want to talk about her for hours. 


However, when you are called to express your love for her in just a few words, you might want to rely on poetry as this can condense all of your feelings, fears, and love in a few, incredibly harmonic stanzas.


What to Say at My Nans Funeral. Write Your Own eulogy


Writing your own eulogy is a great way to add a personal touch to your speech during your Grandmother’s funeral. It can be tough to do, but it is definitely helpful if you have not been trained to speak in front of an audience. 


However, even if you have, don’t underestimate the emotion and feelings of the moment, which can make your eulogy much more difficult. 


In this case, crafting a speech can be extremely helpful, and you can make it as personal as you need it to be by adding stories, feelings, and thoughts.


What to Say at My Nans Funeral

Why Write Your Own Eulogy?


These are just a few things that might make you decide to write a eulogy for your Nans funeral.



  • It Can Help You During A Hard Moment.



Even if you have been giving presentations at work and you are used to speaking in front of people, improvising at your Nans funeral can be extremely difficult. 


If this happens, you might regret not having said something that was important for you or that could have helped us make it through such a hard moment. 


This is why, even if it can take quite some time if you are not an expert writer, it is always worth jotting down some ideas or points of what you are going to include in your eulogy.



  • Can Help You Express What You Have Been Struggling to Say



If you have been having trouble expressing your sorrow for the loss of your Nan or you just want to say that you miss her, writing a eulogy can help you. 


In fact, different people might not be as comfortable expressing feelings or thoughts, especially in front of others. 


This is why writing a eulogy in private and including all the details you would like to share with others can help you when you have to read out loud your eulogy.



  • You Can Offer and Ask for Emotional Help from Your Family and Friends.



As we have seen, some people struggle more than others to express their feelings. It does not mean that they are okay or not as sad as you might be. 


At a funeral, it is easy to forget that others might be going through the sorrow as yours, but by opening up to your family and friends, you might get the help you had been in need of. 


While reading your eulogy, you can address others, or let them know that you understand their sorrow, and even offer help if they might need it.


Insert an Anecdote in Your Eulogy


Inserting an anecdote is one of the best ways to add a personal touch to your eulogy. It has an incredible number of benefits, including passing on some teachings that your Nan had shared with you when you were younger or share a story about her life that meant a lot for you. 


For friends and further family members, these stories might help them create a better connection with your Nan. 


For the closest members of your family or lifelong friends, such anecdotes can leave them with a beautiful memory of the loving person that your Nan had been. 


Lastly, with an anecdote, you will be able to lift the mood of the funeral and celebrate the beautiful life your Nan had lived and the great person she had been instead of focusing on the passing.


Why Insert an Anecdote in Your Eulogy?


Here are only a few of the reasons why we suggest adding an anecdote to your eulogy:



  • It Can Help Pass on Teaching You Received from Your Nan



Nans are important figures in our lives both when we were younger as well as now. The lessons that they have passed on to ours throughout the years are endless, and we dearly carry them with us. 


Adding an anecdote to your eulogy about teaching or story that your Grandmother had shared with you and had become important for you over time can help you pass on her lessons to others.


What to Say at My Nans Funeral



  • Share Aspects of Her Life That Others Might Not Know About



While you might have been with your Nan all your life, some other members of your family or friends in the audience might not have known her as well as you did. What’s better than waving her goodbye by sharing a story with others? 


You could speak about one particular habit that makes you think of her or a certain way of speaking she had. It will definitely help your audience feel like they had known her much better and appreciate her life just as much as you do.



  • Leave A Great Memory of Your Nan



Some people in the audience you are speaking to might not have been in touch with your Nan for a long time. And they are now reunited to say goodbye to her. 


If you are looking at leaving a long-lasting memory of her, adding an anecdote to your eulogy will allow them to know her better, remember a particular thing that they loved about her, or connect better on an emotional level. Don’t underestimate the power of a story!




The passing of your Nan is undoubtedly one of the most difficult experiences you will live in your whole lifetime. While finding something to say at her funeral can be incredibly difficult, there are ways to make this task much easier. 


In fact, there is nothing worse than feeling like you hadn’t said enough, or you hadn’t expressed it well. 


Finding a poem, writing a eulogy, or telling a story about your Nan can help you express your feelings clearly and thoroughly and ultimately celebrate the life of your loving Nan. 


Lastly, don’t forget that you are reunited with all your friends and family to celebrate your Nans life, which does not have to be a sad moment necessarily. Lighting the moment up with a story or quote can make the whole audience feel better.


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