When Should Funeral Poems Be Used

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Poetry is a huge part of our tradition – it has played an important part in formulating our collective culture by being the voice of millions of people and varied generations. It has the power to open up the deepest, most hidden recesses of our minds.

It is the perfect means of expressing our emotions. An engrossing and earnest poem can thaw even the coldest of hearts and heal the broken ones. 

So many varied emotions can be perfectly expressed via poetry, including the grief one feels at the loss of a loved one. Some world-renowned poets such as Edgar Allan Poe, W.H Auden, and Maya Angelou have written some of the most brilliant poems on the passing of a loved one. Such poems are often known as funeral poems.   

Poems and verses written for funerals can bring the family and friends of the deceased some much-needed comfort in such a difficult and unimaginably upsetting time. Some funeral poems can be quite moving, while others can be surprisingly funny – the important bit is that all of them provide you with some needed catharsis and are the perfect, sweetest way of paying tribute to your loved one.

So, let’s dive into the powerful, healing world of funeral poems.


What is a Funeral Poem?


As the name suggests, a funeral poem is a set of verses or stanzas written as a tribute or eulogy to a deceased loved one. funeral poems could be poems written by famous poets that perfectly describe the situation and feelings one has to deal with upon such a huge loss.

They could also be your own creations written as dedications to the personalities or the life events of the deceased. 

They are heartrending, delicate, or uplifting poems that offer comfort and support to the family and friends of the deceased. They are the perfect means of describing your feelings to those who matter to you.

You can use funeral poems to let your loved ones know exactly how you want the deceased to be remembered by adding specific anecdotes from their life into the poem. 

Healing and dealing with your grief is definitely not a linear and easy process; you are going to face many ups and downs when dealing with your loss.

Some days are going to be harder than others, so you need the right type of funeral poem to accompany you on your journey, and there are a lot of varied types of funeral poems that can fulfill that purpose.


When Should Funeral Poems Be Used

Types of Funeral Poems


There is a whole host of ways to approach funeral poetry. Here are the most common types of funeral poems.


Religious Poems


As the name suggests, religious funeral poems have an overtly religious theme. The concept of the afterlife plays a huge role in almost all religions, and religious funeral poems clearly reflect that concept.

They comprise of consoling verses that urge the deceased loved ones to be patient since they are eventually going to be reunited. Some religious poems also describe the noble and religious virtues of the departed soul.


Personalized Poems


These types of poems usually have poignant details and vivid imagery that wonderfully describe the life of your deceased loved one. These poems are meant to be powerful and utterly sweet tributes paid to the sort of life they led. They highlight the way that you want people to remember them. 


Famous Funeral Poems


The poems that fall under this category are a group of poems that people repeatedly choose to be part of their eulogies. These are all beautiful poems that perfectly sum up the feelings of grief and loss that one experiences upon losing a loved one. 


Long Poems


Sometimes, you simply have a lot of emotions and thoughts that you want to unload off your chest.  You want the whole world to know how wonderful and special your deceased loved one was to you, and you want to share your history with the ones present at the funeral. That’s where long poems come in; they are a lovely gesture that symbolizes your love for the departed individual. 


Short Poems


A short funeral poem is usually a stanza or two stanzas long. Short poems are quite effective thanks to how poignantly beautiful and succinct they are. However, it can be a bit difficult to choose a short poem – after all, it’s really hard to choose just one stanza that succinctly catches the essence of your feelings for the departed soul.


Witty, Anecdotal Poems


Humor is not always a good idea for funerals. However, when done right, it can actually end up being quite cathartic. A witty, anecdotal poem about your departed loved one can just be the perfect tribute to add to your eulogy. You could choose a famous witty poem that perfectly fits their personality, or you could write one on your own and add anecdotes from their life to give it a personal touch.


Importance of Funeral Poems


Funeral poems can be an important part of your grieving process; they provide you with the perfect catharsis to deal with your huge, incomprehensible loss. Let’s look at some of the main objectives of funeral poems that highlight their importance.


Remembering the Departed


The main objective of a funeral poem is to help you honor and remember the departed soul. It’s a great way to express the complex feelings of grief and disbelief that comes with such a huge loss. You can use a poem that reminds you deeply of your deceased loved one. 


Celebrating the Life of the Deceased


When Should Funeral Poems Be Used


While funerals are painfully sad for the relatives and friends of the dead, it’s important to remember that they are about celebrating the life that your loved one led while they were alive. Funeral poems can help you remember the departed soul as they were; you can choose a poem that perfectly reflects their personality and highlights the kind of life they led. 


Passing on Important Life Lessons


You can use funeral poems to pass on a particular suggestion or teaching that your late dead one would always voice. It’s a sweet way of giving tribute to them – it will allow you to pass on their teachings and keep them alive. It will also help people remember the deceased the way you want them to be remembered.


Celebrating the Accomplishments and Achievements of the Departed


You can also use a funeral poem to remember everything that your late loved one achieved in their life – you can celebrate all of their accomplishments via your poem. This will highlight the heritage that the deceased has left behind and helped you celebrate them and carry their name forward instead of thinking of their death.  


Sharing of Grief with Family and Friends 


While you might be focused on your grief after the passing of your loved one, a funeral poem will allow you to experience a moment of shared grief with the other people that the deceased left behind – their closest family, friends, and relatives. A good funeral poem will allow everyone present to feel a shared sense of loss and will give them the catharsis that they might need in such a tough and trying time.


Dealing with the Pain of the Loss


Everyone has different ways of dealing with loss and pain felt by the death of a loved one. In such a trying time, it’s often hard for people to reach out to those closest to them. Using a funeral poem to express your grief will let your loved ones know exactly how you are feeling and will also help you to deal with your loss.

Allowing yourself to feel the verses of your chosen funeral poem will also help you find yourself through the grieving process.


Appropriate Occasions for a Funeral Poem


Funeral poems aren’t just meant to be used on funerals, they can be recited on various other occasions as well. So, let’s look at some of the occasions most suited for reciting a funeral poem. 


Eulogy & Funeral 


If the departed soul was someone close to you, there’s a high chance that you would be asked to deliver their eulogy. So, the best thing you could do to make your eulogy as poignant and heartwarming as possible is to opt for a funeral poem that touches on the life of the deceased. 

You can decide the theme and overall mood of the poem as you see fit – it could be something that further celebrates and highlights the deceased soul’s life. 


When Should Funeral Poems Be Used

Anniversaries and Birthdays


Another appropriate time for a funeral poem is at the death anniversary or birthday of your loved one. A funeral poem doesn’t necessarily have to be sad; after all, the main idea is to celebrate the departed soul. So, you can opt for a funeral poem that perfectly highlights the character traits or achievements of the departed soul. You could also opt for an anecdotal poem that celebrates their life.

A poem at such an occasion will help you fondly remember you’re late loved one and deal with the pain in a healthy way. It’s also a nice way for the closest family members and friends of the deceased person to feel closer to each other and share a memorable experience while celebrating their loved one.


Family Gatherings


Family gatherings, dinner parties, and reunions are also great occasions for you to remember your departed loved one. It takes a lot of courage and strength to honor the deceased in such a moment when everyone present at the occasion is bound to be missing them. 

A good funeral poem will help you express your feelings as well as the collective feelings of your audience. It will create a shared atmosphere of empathy and will help you all remember the deceased individual in a pleasant and fond way. You could choose a poem that highlights how death is not the end of things or general poems that have a sunnier outlook on life. 


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Now that you know how crucial it is to choose a funeral poem that reflects the personality of your late loved one and highlights your feelings, all that’s left to do is find one poem that truly reflects the kind of person your loved one was.

Finding the right poem for your departed loved one can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are not well-versed in poetry and don’t know where to look for such poems.

Moreover, the digital age provides us with so many options nowadays that it can get even more overwhelming to sift through a thousand similar-sounding poems just to land on the perfect one. You need a poem that feels just right since you want your send-off to be perfect. 

So, let us help you find the right poem for your loved one’s funeral. Let us help you remember them the way you want them to be remembered. You can browse through our website and go through our dedicated collections of poems. These collections will help you save precious time, particularly if your loved one passed away suddenly.

With us, you can find the perfect poem that hits all the right marks and helps you reflect your feelings over your loss. So, if you need any help dealing with your loss, need some emotional support during this tough time, or want help to write the perfect tribute and sendoff to your departed loved one, just review our collection of poems.

We hope you find the perfect funeral poem that helps you deal with your loss. 


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