Why Are Funeral Poems So Important?

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We have all been in the extremely difficult situation of having to say goodbye to a loved one. Especially if the deceased was an important figure in our lives, a funeral can take a big toll on our physical and mental wellbeing. 


It is not uncommon to be lacking the right word to express our feelings of being overwhelmed by the many tasks that a funeral involves. 


While this is completely normal, a funeral poem can offer the help you were missing. By finding the right one, you will be able to express your feelings with clarity and find or offer necessary support to your family. 


There are many kinds of funeral poems and they can be used on various occasions to celebrate the life of a loved one. If you were not sure whether you wanted to use one during a funeral, read about the benefits it can bring in such a hard moment.


What Are Funeral Poems?


Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep


funeral poems are verses and stanzas composed by a famous author who, most likely, experienced a situation just as hard as yours. 


The difference is that they could spend time to master the words that are needed to express such an important feeling.


You might have a different kind of expertise and still go through the passing of a loved one, so there is no need to feel obliged to come up with such words yourself. 


Instead, you will be able to borrow verses and quotes that describe your situation and the personality of the deceased the best.


Moreover, in this way, you can choose delicate, sad, or uplifting poems that can offer support to your family, as they will be able to reflect their own feelings in it. 


On What Occasions Is A Memorial Poem Appropriate?


One of the most widely known uses of a funeral poem if a funeral function or celebration of life. However, their uses don’t end here. 


There are several occasions in which you might wish to remember a loved one and his or her personality and achievements.


Funeral & Eulogy


Especially if you were close to the deceased, you will be asked to offer a eulogy during a funeral. If you are looking for the perfect poem for this kind of function you will want to find one that reminds others of the personality of the deceased one. 


The mood and theme of the poem are particularly important in this case because, while it should reflect the traits of the deceased, it can stray too far from the atmosphere of the function.


Moreover, the length of the poem can be determined by the allotted time you have and what the main message that you are trying to communicate is.


Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of entrusting a poem to express your feelings. If you have been in charge of managing the function and you were a close relative or friend of the deceased, you might be going through an incredibly hard time. 


While you are trying to express your emotions, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the situation. In this case, just let a poem do the job for you.


Anniversary and Commemorations


At the anniversary of your late relative’s death or birthday, you might wish to remember their achievements and personality. 


However, this occasion doesn’t have to necessarily be a sad one, but it can also only aim at commemorating the happy memories you shared.


In this case, a poem can recall the habits and traits of the deceased, without failing to uplift the mood of your audience. 


Since who is listening can relate to the words you are enunciating, this is a great way to celebrate once more extraordinary life.


Why Are Funeral Poems So Important


Family Gatherings


During family gatherings, reunions and dinner parties, it is not uncommon to take a minute to remember a common figure that has passed away. 


On this occasion, everybody can be missing the deceased, but it can take strength to stand up and honor their life. 


If you are aiming to create a happy image of a dear uncle, nan, or parent in your audience’s mind, a poem can help you through this process. 


Many poems aim at celebrating life and at remembering that death is not necessarily the end, but it could be the start of something great. They can also be used in non-religious functions to offer a sunnier point of view on a hard moment.


Why Are Funeral Poems So Important?


funeral poems can have many uses and they are sometimes underestimated. If you could not manage to come up with your own words, you don’t need to worry. 


But if you are reluctant to let somebody else express your feeling for you, have a look at the personal benefits that you can experience by letting a famous author help you out.


To Remember the Deceased


A funeral poem’s main objective is to help you remember the deceased. It does not necessarily have to focus on the moment of death or grief but can be of great support when struggling to find the right way to express such a complex feeling. 


As we have seen you can remember life on various occasions and use different poems that remind you of your loved one. 


Moreover, you could be aiming at touching the souls of other relatives gathered at the function. If you have shared memories, they will be able to relate to your verses.


To Celebrate A Life


While a funeral can be an extremely sad moment for friends and relatives, don’t forget that ultimately you are all gathered to celebrate life, not death. 


If the deceased was a happy person with a witty personality, you will want to remember him or her in that way. 


In this case, use a poem to express your gratitude and the happiness of having shared treasured moments with your beloved auntie or mother. 


While this can be extremely personal, using a poem to express your feelings can help you maintain a firmer voice during the eulogy.


Why Are Funeral Poems So Important


To Pass on Important Teachings


We can all think of something that we know because we were taught about it by a passed loved one. 


If particular teaching or suggestion from that person helped you out in a tough moment, you might wish to pass it on to others. This can also be a way to add a special touch to your eulogy and carry on important teaching. 


For other relatives in the audience that were not extremely close with the deceased, sharing a particular anecdote or piece of advice can help them to get to know more about the amazing person that he or she was.


To Celebrate Achievements and Accomplishments


A funeral poem can help redirect your and your audience’s thoughts towards the achievements of the deceased. 


Instead of focusing on the sad event, everybody can appreciate the accomplishment attained by your passed friend or relative.


If you are enunciating your poem during a small function, private occasion, or to the closest members of the family, this can also help the audience realize what amazing heritage and family she or he has left behind. 


It can also be easier to express your words though a poem, as you can bring in examples and anecdotes through the use of metaphors.


To Bring Family, Relatives, And Friends Together


While you might be going through an extremely hard time and you are trying to process the grief, don’t forget that other members of the family are probably feeling in similar ways. 


Don’t blame yourself for have not noticed that, but it is great to open up and offer support to those who need it the most.


Moreover, in the same way, that it could have been challenging for you to open up to an audience, your relatives can be even more reserved. 


However, don’t forget that anybody might need help and support during such a touching moment and, by expressing your empathy through your poem, you might be helping them carrying the weight of the moment.


To Help You Get Through the Grief


Everybody deals in different ways when facing the loss of a loved one. It can be completely understandable if you decide to live the moment on your own, but this might make your grieving process and sorrow last longer than needed.


In fact, reaching out to the people that are closest to you and opening up to them can be extremely therapeutic, especially in such moments. 


However, not everybody feels at ease to speak about their feelings with or in front of others. This is perfectly acceptable but confiding your fear and sorrow in a poem can be helpful. 


By associating beautiful and uplifting verses to your loved one, you might be able to leave behind the grief and remember their life in its fullest. 


Lastly, it functions as a funeral or commemoration, enunciating a poem can help us let go of some of the sadness we feel.


Why Are Funeral Poems So Important


Are There Unique Poems I Can Use? Yes. Just Click Here


Now that you know how important it can be to pick a poem that fits your taste, express your feelings and reflects the nature of your deceased loved one, everything left to do is to find the right one.


This can be a very intimidating process, especially if you are not an expert in literature or poetry, Moreover, we have all been in the position of browsing thousands of poem pages over the internet and not being able to find the right one.


This is understandable because to commemorate the life of such an important person, we are not willing to settle for a standard poem. If you have been looking around for the perfect verse without results, have a look at these dedicated collections.


They are incredibly easy to browse by author name, poem title, and even by the first verse of the composition. 


Such collections can help you save precious time, especially if the death of your dear relative befell suddenly. Here you can find the perfect poem that fits the theme you had in mind and, more importantly, the right mood.




Funeral poems can be incredibly important to help us let go of feelings of grieving and eventually see the beauty of the life of our loved ones who passed away. 


They can reflect the personality traits, teachings, and habits of the deceased and have the power to bring the whole family closer together. It does not have to be hard to find the right one if you know where to look.


And remember that, if you need any support, we and our collection of funeral problems will be there to help you through this hard moment.


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