Why Do People Use The Same Funeral Poems

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Losing a loved one is inarguably one of the most painful experiences of life. And when that unfortunate eventuality does come to pass, you always end up struggling to find the right way to bid farewell to your deceased loved one.

Finding the right words for a eulogy is hard. However, it is only natural since most people tend to shut their hearts and minds off in the face of grief and agony that death brings with it. So, at a point in life, when you don’t really know how to process your own loss, how can you write a great sendoff eulogy for your late loved one? 

This is where funeral poems come in – they are the perfect way of giving your late loved one a beautiful and heart-felt parting gift. They help you process and express your grief, celebrate your deceased loved one, express the bond you shared with them, and provide you with some much-needed catharsis that helps you deal with your inexplicable loss. So, let’s look at what exactly are funeral poems.


What Are Funeral Poems?


funeral poems are words written in verses and stanzas that succinctly describe the excruciating pain and sorrow one undergoes upon losing a loved one. These poems are usually well-known verses written by famous poets. 

These types of funeral poems usually have a running religious theme that helps assure friends and family members of the beloved that death is not final, and they will eventually be reunited with their loved one. You could also opt for your own words written in verse-form that describe your feelings of loss, celebrate the life of the deceased, and the love you have for them.

Whether written by a famous poet or by a loved one, a well-written funeral poem is a heartening piece of poetry that will provide some needed support and catharsis to you and your late loved ones’ friends and family.


Why Do People Use The Same Funeral Poems


When are they used?


Funeral poems are usually read out as part of the eulogy written for the deceased, but you could also include a small funeral poem in the funeral card, recite it during the funeral procession or during the flower-placing ceremony, or have it written as the epitaph on the gravestone of your loved one. 

Healing from and dealing with the pain you will feel over the loss of a loved one is definitely not going to be an easy or linear journey to head out on. On some days, the sorrow over their passing will be unbearably hard, and you will miss them intensely, while on other days, it might be a little easier to manage. 

A sincere and affecting funeral poem written in honor of your late loved one will act as your companion on days when it feels like life is too hard and unmanageable without them. It will help you find your way through your unfathomable grief and loss.  

Now that you know what funeral poems are and what a vital role they can play in your attempt to deal with your pain over your loved one’s passing, it’s time to look at why people generally opt for the same funeral poems over and over again.


Why Do People Use the Same Funeral Poems?


Funeral poems are a great and common way to express your grief in your eulogy and to let the world know just how much the deceased soul mattered to you. You must have been to your fair share of funerals where people read out funeral poems for their late loved ones. 

However, at these funerals, you must have noticed that people often stick to the same, famous funeral poems. These are usually the ones written by famous poets and touch on the topic of the utter grief one feels upon the loss of a loved one. Only once in a blue moon do you come across a funeral poem that stands out because of its originality. So, why do people use the same funeral poems

So, let’s explore 6 common reasons that prompt people to choose famous verses written by renowned poets as funeral poems for their deceased loved ones. 


Why Do People Use The Same Funeral Poems

1. These Are the Most Popular Poems and For Good Reason


Common poems are some of the most popularly known poems written on the theme of the sheer anguish felt after losing a loved one. They perfectly and succinctly describe the pain that you feel after such a colossal and inexplicable loss. You instantly relate to the anguish penned by the poet and the themes of death and loss that they explore in the poem. Reciting such a poem allows you to let the funeral members know your exact feelings. 

Some of these poems also have a running religious theme that explores the impermanence of death and how it’s not eternal. They inspire and give hope to the loved ones of the late individual by assuring them that there is life after death, and they will surely meet their deceased loved ones again in a better place. You need that infectious hope to latch on to in such a difficult time, which is why most people strongly relate to the context of these poems and opt to recite them at funerals. 


2. They Want the Best Funeral Poem for Their Late Loved One


Naturally, people want the best of the best when it comes to expressing their love and appreciation for their late loved ones. You would want to choose the best way to bid farewell to your deceased loved one and since these poems are the most popular ones, it stands to reason that there must be something universally attractive about them to have such a status – at least, that’s how most people think. 

So, they opt for the most popular funeral poems available. However, popularity does not always guarantee high standards, so make sure to be careful when choosing a poem to dedicate to your deceased loved one.


3. These Poems Can Be Conveniently Found Online 


A huge reason why most people opt for the same famous funeral poems is that these poems are readily available online. You simply have to enter “funeral poems” into your Google search bar and within a second, you will find a multitude of options of some of the most famous poems available online. Plus, it does not hurt that these poems are available free of cost

4. They Fear Experimentation


A lot of people find comfort in the known and have a fear of experimentation. So, it goes without saying that such people would opt for a well-known, acceptable, and appreciated funeral poem over an obscure and unique one – despite how well-written it is. 

You want to recite something that people will relate to and you don’t want to go for a poem that will have people questioning your judgment and lack of sensitivity, especially not at your loved one’s funeral. So, you stick to the safest bet – a well-known funeral poem that has no chances of letting you astray.


5. They Don’t Have Access to Other Options


Another factor is that you are already dealing with such a huge loss that you simply don’t have the energy or resources to scour through thousands of poems available online to find one that perfectly fits the personality of your deceased loved one or acts as the perfect tribute for them. Also, it is incredibly hard to find unique and original funeral poems online since the internet is chock-full of famous funeral poems. So, you go for the most readily available option out there. 


6. They Could Not Find the Right Poem


Finding the right funeral poem can be an overwhelming task, especially when you are already dealing with the crushing and excruciating loss of your loved one. It’s akin to finding a needle in a haystack – you expect to spend a huge chunk of your time and energy on finding a poem that resonates with you and perfectly sums up your relationship with the deceased. 

There is a high likelihood that even after all the hassle and time spent on trying to find the perfect poem, you will come up empty-handed. This is why people prefer to stick to famous funeral poems that they can recite at their loved one’s funeral without having to worry about finding the right one.


Why Do People Use The Same Funeral Poems


Where Can I Find an Original Funeral Poem?


Even though there is nothing essentially wrong in choosing a famous funeral poem to recite at your loved one’s funeral, we think it’s definitely better to prepare a sendoff poem for them that is original and personal. 

So, if you are on the lookout for an original and unique funeral poem that will act as the perfect way to pay homage to your loved one, simply Click Here and gain immediate access and receive a 60% discount. We have a varied collection of unique and poignant funeral poems that perfectly capture the essence of your loss and pain. 

We hope you are able to find the right funeral poem to pay tribute to your late loved one. 


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